Skype is NOT sponsoring this story…


SKYPE  is NOT sponsoring this story…

Yet Burn could probably not exist without Skype…No joke…Many of my relationships are virtual , on Skype…Including a very special relationship with Kaya Berne (above),  who attends university classes a few hundred miles from me and yet gets all my e-mail and workshop and some Burn stuff done simply by Skype and text messaging. For example, we just finished selecting some portfolios for my upcoming workshop in Sydney in May. This is after my  RIO opening at the ACP  and the BURN 02  show.

Imants Krumins, who I have never met in person, and I have a Skype only relationship that has led to Imants heading up a special young photographers presentation during the upcoming HeadOn Photo Festival that envelopes all mentioned above and 140 other shows all during the month of May.

Most importantly, my morning coffee is often shared with my mother by Skype since she is all the way out in Colorado.  Diego Orlando and I MUST have Skype to make Burn as did Anton Kusters and I prior in the first two years….and right NOW my entire RIO book is being produced over Skype!! yes, of course, I have real people like Diego Orlando and Eva-Maria Kunz now in Italy and on top of production and I will go to watch the presses roll, but without Skype the whole RIO book production would not exist…even today I will be looking at fonts interplayed with design for the slipcase for the interactive “book” over Skype…the picture above really does say it all…my fireside chats often really are virtual yet with very real results.

Point is, Skype SHOULD sponsor us!!

In all seriousness, YOU should sponsor us. In fact you do. WE are free to create the most interesting things  if you support us. If we are free, then you are free. Come up with a great story idea and we will run it til it stops.  Look at what we do because we have no strings. You make it possible for our Emerging Photographer Fund  to award photographers cash grants. You make it possible for Burn 01 and 02 and upcoming 03 in print. We make these quality books, printed in Italy, and with no production cost spared as limited edition books because you support them.

Snapshot to the future: New Burn books are coming. New workshops based in my New York loft with a variety of teachers. With the assembled talents here, Burn will make stuff. Books. Movies. Whatever. If we do not know how to do it, you do. The work published here also comes from you. So in fact you are supporting you.

I try my best to make all of this so called virtual world “real”. Hence our print agenda and workshops. I also try to get “out there” as much as I can to photo fests, exhibitions, galleries, etc, so I have a pretty good idea of what is going on. My close friends tell me I am often too accessible, yet I can remember as a young photographer so appreciating a moment with someone with a bit more experience than I. Pay back, pay forward.

Many thanks to all of you for your support of ideas, comments, writing, photography, and funding. Oh by the way, you might be thinking we are expanding to expand. Nope. Small boutique forever here on Burn. Promise. Trying not to grow. I do not want a job.

This is a whole new world for me. Making real friends, doing real things, from online resources that would heretofore have seemed “unreal ” for me. What about you? Is the virtual world now your real world? Was Marshall McLuhan even more right than he knew?




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  • Tom you are the best!
    glad i met u in person in Seattle at Charles’s studio!
    im honored!

  • EMCD – thanks for sharing that. I think I’d seen most of it before (you’d posted it somewhere or on y our website?,) but the new intro is amazing. Can you share how that was done? (moving around the contact sheet)…

    above, an exhibit is mentioned. where? when? is there an opening?


  • Mtomaly,

    I hope not, that would be a bit sad hehe.

  • Eva; I’m glad it all working for you! :-) I’ve been following the Weston A Price guidelines pretty much. Basically it is just a way of eating the way our early ancestors did; Tons of greens and making stocks, broths etc.

    It’s funny how different things work for different people. One of the friends who has supported me through all this is Buddhist; and was a Buddhist nun for 8-years. Now (still a Buddhist) she is making meat based stocks, soups etc. Last time I came back from a hunt I brought her a heap of deer feet, bones for stock (at her request). Now that’s a real change of mind-set! Still it’s all horses for courses!

    Sydney; I remember you mentioning your “previous life”. I’m also doing it to save money too. It is allowing me to shoot local everyday stories (the ones I want to pursue). It is allowing me to mix with new interesting good people. And in reality will allow me to keep shooting for the mere fact that I hopefully won’t be pushing up daisies sooner than need be! :-)

    Not trying to be evangelical but here is what has worked (so far) for me.

    Tom; Re; “In many ways, BURN seems an exception to the net norm. It has evolved into a true community that spans both the virtual and real worlds”

    I feel a lot of this happens because people are actually producing work. If it wasn’t for Bob and Imants I know my farm work wouldn’t be turning out the way it has to date. The main revelation to me (that has been prompted by David and Burn in general) is that the everyday stories are (in my eyes) still the best! I don’t feel the need to travel to the exotic locales; I’m finding satisfaction attempting to find the interesting in the everyday…..

  • Tom – book…oy…yes, I hope so, after develop is launched will think about it

    gordon – merci

    eva – no, I don’t have any idea and you didn’t tell me :) but really that is one of the best kinds of response anyone can hope for

    micael – isn’t burn beautiful?

    dq – yes, the dark light work is on exhibit now in Italy, and may travel a bit after the 15th, details still being sorted. but here is the outline of the exhibit: Curated by Laura De Marco and Erica McDonald, the photography exhibit Uncommon Intimacy features the works of the four American photographers Juliana Beasley, Amy Stein, Erica McDonald, Amy Touchette and opened 1/27/2012 during Arte Fiera OFF at Spazio Labo’ in Bologna, Italy. We are showing Last Stop. Rockaway, Stranded, the dark light of this nothing and The World famous *BOB* respectively.

  • Erica…

    That essay of yours still makes a big wow in my mind when I see it. It’s so very yours, it kind of has a life of it’s own, like classic novels and the great all time photographic essays. I hope one day I will create something of my own with the same amount of weight.

  • “The photograph came to symbolize my time in Sidney: ten years of always standing, watching and waiting and waiting on street corners for something magical to happen.”
    Trent Park on his image Summer Rain…

    10 years

  • I’ve been inspired to finally get Skype, as always, don’t know why I avoided it for so long. Just had a nice long conversation with Ross
    my skype user name is “gordon_lafleur”

    (to self) get back to work Gord, (self) OK

  • dq – forgot to answer you – the opening movement is achieved by animating a camera in after effects

    paul…that is very kind

    skype…sponsor burn!

  • First time I access Burn through a mobile phone: great gallery interface, even if Sean’s images deserve something more than ameger 3,7″ screen…

  • @ EVA:
    Thanks, I’m in France with an US keyboard, so you can imagine…
    French people have to hold the SHIFT button to dial a phone in Skype for example.
    Because, because they have 37 letters in their alphabet! 37!!! so they decide to put more emphasis in french accents than numbers… below the 4, is the ‘, below the 2 is é, etc… Maybe that’s why french are so complicated (laughing)

    A bientot (don’t know where is that bloody accent above “o”, once more…) :-)
    PS: Long life to Skype and to Shakespeare language!


    check it out..a photog i bet you never heard of, Bill Ray….Life Magazine regular…here with Hells Angels pics that never got published in the magazine…a few very interesting……

  • Awesome story!
    I stayed a bunch of times in a bed and breakfast next to the Hells Angels headquaters in the east village.
    The only thing I was told was to never sit on their wooden bench outside their building ;-)

  • The Hell’s Angel story was really interesting. And the caption on photo 32 added a dose of intrigue:

    “The girl kneeling by the jukebox is Ruthie and she’s the ‘old lady’ of Harvey, a Diablos member from San Bernardino. Harvey attends Angels’ meetings and rides with them but is not a member.

    DAH- is there something you’re not telling us?

    And seeing unpublished photos from W. Eugene Smith’s Country Doctor essay was a nice bonus.

  • wow………loved that B. Ray link about Hell’s Angels..
    San Bernandino baby…even scarier than those wonder its the Angels’ hometown

  • Yea, the Hell’s Angels thing was interesting. Must really suck though to do that kind of work and risk that kind of stomping and they choose not to publish it. Perils of the profession, eh.

    I got out for the first time in a long time, since my visit to the loft actually, and it took me awhile to remember how to be a photographer. Then it was a lot of fun.

    Funny thing though, for those of you into IPhone photography. I was lunching at a diner in the south Bronx, one in which most of the other patrons looked like they had either just gotten out of jail or were about to go in, and I noticed that everyone in the room was aware of my IPhone. I rarely take pictures with it and until I noticed how nervous everyone was about it, the thought hadn’t even occurred to me. I was just reading to kill time until my order was ready. But people were clearly moving out of the range of the camera phone. And once I noticed I fucked with them a little bit to make sure. There was no doubt. They wouldn’t have been any less aware of a giant Canon.

    Eventually I took a few pics with my regular camera. It wasn’t an uninteresting scene. Anyway, in the many back and forth about the camera phone here, the point was often made that it’s invisibility is a big asset. I’m not so sure that’s still the case. If so, it may not be for much longer.

    Lordy though, it was great to be outside again, to reconnect with the fact that I live in a big, interesting city. I even got to witness a subway hassle. A doo wop group and a mariachi band happened into the same subway car. Words were exchanged and it looked like there might be violence. Then a dangerous looking black guy got between them and, to everyone’s surprise, protected the Mexicans. Then he put his arms around them as they were getting off the subway and picked their pockets. It was like New York baby, welcome home.

    Maybe I’ll post something later if they don’t all totally suck.

  • Yes I also found the Hells Angels essay very interesting. It seems he really got imbedded with these guys and gals. The interesting thing would be to do an essay now and see who survived those crazy years.

  • MW…

    I can’t see your images!! iPad a and flash :(

  • Here is my personal best edit of a week at the Bing Bar at Sundance Film Festival last month shooting celebs and music. A mix of b&w and color, 32 pics. Would be interesting to see what people think.



  • Nice coverage Charles.

    (I like the wide angle distorted ones more than the telephoto ones, with 1, 5, 13, 27 and 28 working best for me…)

  • Hey Charles.
    Heres my two bits worth.

    LOVE. 1 and 4
    NICE. 8,9,10,12,13,23 and 32(not sure what this one has to do with the gig but sweet anyways)
    OK. 2,5,7(only because of cute girl),11,14,15(stronger than 14),17,18(ok if its all you have of
    them), 19,20,21,25,26,28,29

    WEAK 3,6,16,22(really?),24,27(25,26 and 28 stronger),30(gimmick),31

    Just my totally subjective selection after a couple of run throughs.
    Im guessing you needed to get that branding thing into a lot of it and that you also needed to have product shots of specific artists (both a pain in the arse)? All in all though it looks like you did a good job, and more to the point, had a blast.



  • Charles,

    Great stuff!
    I love that first shot…and then 3 and 4.
    23 is another awesome one.
    THose stand out for me but the rest are great as well.
    I think 4 is my absolute favorite.

  • Thanks for the breakdown John and Carlo. Will come in handy when putting together the final for the soon (hopefully) to be redesigned website. I will most likely combine with the previous years coverage. And I’m sure like anything if I go back through again (and again) it will change up.

    Oh, and #32 is actually what BING ended up asking for most from the last year – scenics of Park City itself so I spent a couple of mornings shooting such stuff and that one is the best of the bunch.




    Except for No. 4, which I agree is a great shot, I much prefer the color shots over all of the black and white. Somehow b+w in this context, when seen together with the color, makes everything look like it’s 35 years ago. The color work looks like now.

  • Just a better alternative to the p&s camera versatile great images for the net hassle loading and I can call Carlo as I shoot a photo of a mail order bride that I intend to introduce him to

  • Imants, wow, put that in iambic pentameter and you might have something timeless! Or even a Haiku might not be entirely bad.

  • Yea the 3 D version on a cube or Buckminster Fuller’s 4D timeframe

  • Charles, good stuff, but I agree with Sidney about the b/w.

  • All,

    I’ve got some great news to share…

    My first book was just named a finalist in the Best Photography Book Award category of the Pictures of the Year International (POYi) competition!!!

    Drinks on me!

  • Thodoris!
    What a great news!! Beetween Steve Mc Curry, Thomas Van Houtrye, two greats photographers are you in the middle with your book!
    Drinks on you, of course.

  • Imants, don’t forget I like BBW’s

  • Thodoris! CONGRATS!!! Ouzo on civi!


    Great!! very good news…i am very proud of you…..

    cheers, david

  • I second Carlo on Thodoris’ “goal”…:ouzo on civi !

  •, congratulations!

  • Awesome stuff Thodoris! :-)

  • Thank you all!

    And thank YOU David above all!

  • Uhm.. wait.. you mean that book that I have?? :)))

    Congrats, Thodoris!

  • David, please check your email…

    Eva, you’re the sweetest, thanks for your support!

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