behind the scenes – the rio book edit

The cool little video clip above by maestro Pete Longworth really is the way it is around my loft right now. Creative juices flowing the way they SHOULD always flow but rarely do. Along with doing my own work, my number one priority, is  to mentor those who seek to marry art, craft, and daily life into one holistic experience. Check this clip out. It is where we are right now with my RIO edit and with the overall mood of Burn. Pete shot this straight up , no staging, fast edit. We are going to do more behind the scenes video to show you when it seems either entertaining or educational or both. Stay tuned.

Music By: Peter Goetz

My place right now. Saturday afternoon and Janet is cleaning for me. Steady stream of collaborators requires high maintenance, lots of cold beer and an open mind. Everybody here is helping me. Eva Kunz flew here from Italy to coordinate printing, Susan Welchman editor on RIO for NatGeo  came up to add some of my latest work to her mix, Chris Bradley, Creative Director of RGA who caught a cab here from across the river, and Kaya Berne one of my digital assistants came up from Virginia where she lives and our connections are on Skype. A few Burnians are dropping by. If you are in the hood come on over. Better bring some beer or wine though because honestly we are busy. We even forgot to eat for two days last week.





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  • Hell yeah! Watched this clip yesterday while home sick with a cold – it’s good for what ails you!

  • “to marry art, craft, and daily life into one holistic experience” …yeah that’s the way to go… great clip

  • The mood is great.. really really good vibes all around, everybody’s having a great time.. AND WORK IS GETTING DONE!!!

    Great to see Pete’s video above on a huge TV screen at the loft, if somebody told me just a month ago I’d have said they’re crazy..

    Put up some more pics:

    Morning everybody.. totally jet lagged :)

  • Love what’s going on there, Love the music, Love the light, love this short video. Simply LOVE.
    Thanks Pete

    PS: Do not love European freezing time…
    PS1: …Love South American weather!

  • Music, dancing, beautiful women…and pizza. Sort of the way I’d always imagined the loft to be.


  • Fun video. Great times. If you want a bit of environmental perspective, here’s a few snapshots I took in the neighborhood the other day. First walking around I’d done in over a month. It was painful, but felt great nonetheless.

  • Masterpiece.
    It should be named, volcano & the circus
    The house of positive energy where the Rio book arise.
    I am sending you good vibrations guys…
    from frozen couch

  • That was just awesome!!!

  • That was very, very cool. Cheers to all.

  • Eva,

    So cool to see your photos!
    Magnum darkroom. Wow!

  • Oh, and so, so glad to see someone chronicling life in the magical little island of 425! Go Pete!

  • Pete, that was just so cool! Well done.

    And <a href=";this is for you. Cheers, amigo!

  • Gee Pete, you should think about doin’ this for a living. :)

    Great little film.

  • Eva, thank you for sharing your photos, you must be stoked right now! (jet-lag be damned!)

  • you people are awesome:))

    Eva! thanks for sharing- so great!

  • ALL

    stop by ….yes, i shoulda told you earlier, but i am not really throwing a party…i am inviting you over…a working party!! anyway, i would love to see the hard core Burn locals….Panos, Mike, Diego arriving late for the party…or early for the next!

  • I can feel the energy, the beams of magic. All this is highly inspiring and so healthy for a creative mind. Lovely video, such a lovely happy positive vibe to it.

  • Eva…
    thank you for the great images, I really, really appreciate this stuff. Don’t forget to pull out the M7 with some BW film.

  • Eva, thanks for the pics… have a grand time there!

  • Dang would love to jump on a plane and come over and help! But I think my seriously pregnant and currently stressed at her job wife would think otherwise. Count me there in spirit though!

    All the best,


  • Pete
    great stuff!!!

    heres something that made me smile today…

  • Thanks Pete.. Since the first time, I watched this video, Im fullfilling you with praises about your way to capture those moments.Loved it
    Thanks to Eva, kaya,Chris, Janet..for keeping the order, the mood, the suppot to have the creative process flowing,pieces to help everything works fine and progressing
    Susan who must be watching close and giving good opinions ..what hard task would be hers with so many amazing photos along David’s two-three years of Rio assignment
    And David..thanks for keep firing up and making this book so memorable already. WE’re so anxious, excited and proud. That you know. All the good vibes to everyone there
    ps)I cant believe i’ll miss this Burn gathering..Eva,Panos, Mike, Diego,… !

  • fun video ……. pete ……. cheers

  • Nice and great video!
    It´s a pity I´m in Spain. I could take you some spanish red wine to do the edition funnier…;-)
    Wishing to see that book finished…


    it seems that your wife has been pregnant for most of the life of Burn…good work Charles, we are watching your family grow…..congratulations in advance!!


    the mood around here is very much like the mood we had going when we started Burn…remember?


    we are having our coffee and talking about you…your kindness…your humanity…thank you for being just you….a treasure…

    cheers, hugs, david

  • DAH, I think that everyone is talking about ROBERTA and her kindness everywhere and anywhere…
    From Canada all the way to new Zealand!!!!
    to say at least!
    Roberts is DA TRU SPRIT !!!

  • Yesterday, Anton Kusters got the opportunity to give a talk about his Yakuza Project at TEDxEutropolis in Belgium.
    I was so lucky to attend it:

  • Love the pup jumping through Michelle’s arms! Great mood to the video, Pete – I added it to DEVELOP Tube and put it in the DAH album for all to enjoy. Love how so many are pulling together for Rio – just as it should be!

  • DAH,

    Ha! And come the due date first of May (or whenever Leica arrives) that will be the last heard of pregnancy from me in this lifetime! I promise! We are done!

    Best of luck with the edit. Really looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. Sounding like a new paradigm. Inspiring.


  • Charles, is Leica a girl or boy’s name?

  • It is very exiting following this project. Can’t wait to see the book.

    I’d love to hear more opinions on “Leningrad” however.

  • David, you are just having too much fun! Pete, great job as always – and you are looking good in MK’s portrait. Eva – thanks for the pix – surprised and pleased to see Zun there again. Roberta – always good to see comments from you. I wish I could get someone of your nature, as well as all those who work with David, to assist me with my work – but I don’t think it will ever happen. It makes me feel good, though, just to know you drop in on my blog now and then.

    Speaking of which, I have gone back 23 years and am now trying to blog one of the strangest experiences of my life. It is taking me at least five times as long to do anything as I had anticipated, because I am not exactly well organized, I no longer have a good scanner and so I must round up this old work, piece by piece and then instead of scanning, take a digital photo of each black and white negative, one by one, invert and adjust them. In my mind, this should all happen fairly quickly, but in practice it is slow. It is crazy.

    It really makes me wish I had good people helping me, too. Anyway, I won’t have much time for anything else until I get this done, so I will pop in now and then to see what is going on, but this will probably be my last comment for awhile – except maybe I will still add a worthless comment on new essays, as that has become my practice.

    Take care, all…

  • Bill, I went to your site just this morning to see if I could find archived story on your experience with the whales… I was thrilled to discover this new updated series! Looking forward to the rest!


  • Bill, excellent news! Looking forward to see more of your amazing work on whaling…

  • David :)) I was there barely two days but remember well, all the time. It’s the kind of creative energy, process and group of individuals I search for but rarely find. I know you know how lucky you are amigo. There was the Left Bank, the Greenwich folk scene and Burn.

  • David,Panos and Bill…almost speechless, the words that I have left now, they aspire one unique incumbency:thanks for those lines, those gifts..You know that they mean a lot and represent part of the reason I keep following you, respecting you, looking up to you. And specially you David..I owe you so much..If it wasnt you,Im afraid my days would be less exciting and surprising , less passionate,less surrounded by these wonderful people I pleasingly began to have contact by you..humanity and kindness are the minimum expected, the only right way to deal with that :)
    Charles…All the best for you, your family and this new princess Leica(what a name) coming along soon.Hope to see all the family in vacation at Rio’s beaches

  • So at some point this afternoon we remembered that perhaps we should get some food, for sure you won’t get fat having out with David!

    Mike Loyd Young has joined the ranks, great to meet Erica and Preston who dropped by earlier today, Kaya who has been doing a great job had to leave, and just before Super Bowl Chris Anderson showed up and took a very throughout look at the wall, before sitting down with the dummy and taking a deep dive into it.. his words were:

    “This is totally cool, David, totally cool.. it really works man, it becomes a work of art.. it’s super exciting, really cool man!”

    Needless to say that David had a serious face again, just like after James Nachtwey’s words.. hearing the spontaneous appreciation for the labor of passion and work so close to your heart from your colleagues is a special thing.. and needless to say that I was grinning from ear to ear :)

    There are some more pictures added to the album here:

    Thanks for all your comments, it’s great to feel your participation and interest!

  • Dang.. that should be ‘hanging’ and not having, and ‘love’ not work! Sheesh..

  • Eva..thanks to’re doing a great report by text and by photos, when I assume you must be busy with many printings matters.It creates so significant proximity for us; who even far , are caring and following and setting the bars high on expectations,cause we trust what you all been developing there..and of course Nachtwey, Chris Anderson opinions reinforce the cause and match exactly what we are feeling now (I mean…for what I’ve been reading , it seems many will agree with me) Thanks Eva..glad you’re there.And hopefully someone is constantly remembering about the item coffee for the shopping list… David’s fuel

  • Thanks for the pictures Eva. Keep them coming.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    That’s what I call Reporting!!!!!!!!!…EVA,VIVA…you do report!!!
    BRAVO! and thank you!

    I am back from the mountains…time to check you ALL out…

    keep the fire on…!!!
    What not to LOVE!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “TREASURE the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your good health has vanished.”
    Og Mandino


  • Nice Place, nice people and pizza… and good red wine (you should try “nero d’avola” by firriato winehouse) :D salute!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    yeahhh…GAETANO…hey,yo,hey ,yo…VIVA MY PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTY…we are just 15.000 miles away…I am always next to YOU…!!!

    ACADEMIANS…?…are you there ?”:)

    JOHNYG…and all BURN Fighters…we are next to YOU too…!!!

    oime…RRR= ROBERTA,RIO,RENATA = REAL,RAW,ROCK…am I Rong ?:)))))))hiiii…
    civi plays with English words;)

    I LOVE U ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLl…am I Rong?:)))))))))))))))))))

  • Thanks for the write-up, Eva. It was lovely to meet you.

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