Sydney Photo Fest

We are working around the clock to make this happen. This being an exhibit of the recently photographed ONE NIGHT IN RIO and the book/portfolio to launch simultaneous.  I will probably be here in my NY loft night and day for three weeks . Sequencing, choosing paper stock, size, interplay between photos etc etc.

The RIO book/portfolio is going to be unique. Unbound, unfettered, interactive. The limited edition will have an archival print and comes in a hand crafted box made in Rio. Finely printed by the best in Italy. For those of you interested in the special edition of this  book please contact me directly:

If you are anywhere near Australia in May or have been thinking of an Australia adventure, now is the time. The HeadOn Photo Festival is going to be buzzing. There are  many great exhibitions including a very special exhibition of BURN 02. Our very own Imants Krummins is going to be mounting a small exhibition of his students in Sydney. I will be doing a one week photo essay class at Bondi Beach. Anyway, check it all out. We will keep you updated on additions to this program.


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  • Charles P. and Bryan H. – Happy Birthday!

    John Gladdy, glad to hear an update… wishing you all the best!!!

  • Charles, congratulations and happy birthday.

    John G., best to you.

  • ok ok ok ok ok ok
    im “convinced”….
    did someone said “historic times”???????????
    well…cant miss that right?
    wait for me…i’ll be in NYC (newark airport) this monday 4pm!
    Any good Samaritans wanna give a poor city boy a ride for a fee???
    and a kiss? maybe?
    keep it up ya’ll
    im all alone and heavily armed!

  • Charles
    Congrats! And her name is Leica! Love!
    Lots of healing prayers to you and your heart…
    Stay strong!

  • Glad you’re back, John G. Get strong and most of all, please may your vision return to its former sharpness.

    Panos – I would come and pick you up, but I can’t afford the gas.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    AKAKY…my apologies,I missed the 100…:)

    be strong …as our JOHNYG…I am low in BURNIANS…everyone counts…:)))

    MR.JOHN VINK…happy birthday…can you please,bring some cake too…I am a hungry Greek:)

    I know…I can’t remember where my reading glasses are…BUT I remember birthdays…!!!
    BRAVO to me!!!

    P.S…nope,I am cheating…FB area helps me out!!!

    I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLL…EVA,are you crossing the amazing waters?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTY…hug my cat…thanks!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oime…GLENN happy birthday too…
    and the same apply to YOU
    bring a cake …or two:))))))))

  • Thank you Civi… Will a mango be OK?

  • David, thanks very much for the invite to see the wall. Your gracious hospitality is always appreciated.

    All, as someone who has followed “One Night in Rio,” it was great to see a much more expansive presentation of the project. There are many great photos that are, to my knowledge, as yet unseen. You have a lot to look forward to. Of course we expect the highest level of photography from David Alan Harvey, but what I am impressed way above and beyond by the fantastic amount of creative energy involved in the project. It’s palpable. I’m not up to writing anything very original right now, so it’s a pick and choose among hokey metaphors… I guess I’ll go with like a surfer catching a wave. Harvey’s caught a tsunami sized wave of creativity and he’s riding it with aplomb. I think you will be pleasantly, and deeply, surprised by some of the directions he is taking with this thing. Those who want to see the final forms have a lot to look forward to.

  • Panos, if you don’t find a ride, I’d suggest the $15 express bus from Newark to Grand Central. If I’m stuck flying in or out of Newark, I take that regardless. It costs about that much to drive out there and back in a car.

  • OKAY!!!

    So, I’m in the big huge apple.. and my journey has started with a bang and the next bang was right behind the corner.

    First thing we did, along with Zun Lee who is in town also, was going to the opening of Alec Soth’s ‘Broken Manual’ show.. for those in NYC, go see it!

    Then, after having down some work, gotten some coffee.. James Nachtwey and his assistant George made it to the loft, he came to see THE WALL right before leaving for Bangkok.

    He looked at the wall, sat down with a beer and the dummy of ‘One Night In Rio’ and his first words were:

    I LOVE IT!! This is f***ing GREAT! This will make history!

    Well, sitting in the room, watching the two, listening to them and seeing the smile on Nachtwey’s face leafing through the dummy, over and over again.. and seeing David’s serious face.. that was something.

    I know this book will rock, I knew it when it was in the making, and I’m most happy I could witness this true and spontaneous ‘I LOVE IT’. Coming from a photographer of the caliber of James Nachtwey, that’s really something..

    Gonna put up some pics later.. gotta go out and get some work done.. and do some basic shopping.. David is a great guest, but we DO need some paper towels and few more things :)

    (David.. if you read this: THANK YOU!)

  • Eva don’t forget toilette PAPER too.. I’m always paranoid when it gets to toilette paper!! Por favor??
    See u in couple days!!!

    THANK YOU… Your idea make sense!!!

  • Eva
    In NYC!
    Oh my!
    Oh to be on the east coast!
    Have a wonderful time!
    And yes,
    Photos please!

  • More photos EVA!!!
    Oh….and try to go to the ICP where they have the “Magnum contact sheets” if it’s not in your plans already.
    They also have other really great exhibitions including “weegee”!

    Well…since everybody is showing off ;-))) I can say I was also there last week :)
    Saw the amazing wall, drank a beer and talked to THE MAN!
    Thank you for your time and hospitality David! even if brief I meant a lot to me. Your advise is resonating in my head.

  • It meant….is what I tried to say…not I meant….

  • Eva..
    Like we said and repeated so many times..all of us were so happy when we knew you’d make time to go to New York, to check the work being done and the progress of it , to support the way you can and to help with so many things in so many levels even when you can’t..cause you are so connected to this work, you know David, you feel the mood and atmosphere that built this amazing body of work, you are sensitve to meanings and intentions , you lay on honesty to assume your opinions and to give your best when you believe on something and someone. We’re lucky to have you in our side, specially cause you care ..even with paper towels and operational functional details. And thanks for the report Eva and please take David’s care.
    What a night..David, Soth, Nachtwey..

    That’s history on the wall!!

    I only knew that you’ve been there in Ny loft now..hope you had a crazy but inspiring time there (what seems to be the case)

    Im looking forward for your reports from Monday on..Wish I was there for the book with David and all those spetacular burnians, but it’s being quite exciting to read the reports and to check the photos

  • Eva…

    An evening with DAH and Natchwey sounds amazing, you surely must be floating high very high and deeply inspired!!!!
    Burn Eva BURN!!!!

  • Panos…

    Can’t wait to see your view of New York and the loft!!

  • Roberta,

    I’m quiet by nature ;-) I felt like I would be showing off but since others started sharing then I said why not :) I would also share. I did not take any photos. Did not feel right somehow.

    My time there was of course inspiring…brief but inspiring. It was a combination of things. I did not want to take to much of David’s time and also my wife was waiting for me.

    It was nice to see Candy in person….since I had seen her only through David’s photos.

    So yes….I’m grateful to have been there and of course….last but not least the WALL!
    After everything that happened over in RIO as it was unfolding to see it with my own eyes was most rewarding!

  • Paul here is the video from last spring/summer when the Loft became my “home” for a while…!!!!
    click movie link below….(shaky hands;)


    i bet you, very few here (if any) seen the Kibbutz completely EMPTY…and so serene…
    well then, thats my chance to share this Unique wxperience with you…click link above

  • Given the fact that I only recently finished dropping in frequent links here to a blog series I was doing – namely the Loft workshop, I feel a little hesitant to announce another series, but…

    The movie, Big Miracle, was released nationwide today. Probably everyone knows that it is very loosely based on the October, 1988, rescue attempt to free three gray whales that got stuck in the ice near Point Barrow. As it happens, I was the first media person of any kind to photograph those whales and mine were the first still photos to go out into the world, anywhere that there were newspapers with AP or UPI access.

    In real life, the description the studio uses to describe their main male lead, John Krasinski, describes me and no one else – except that Drew Barrymore was never my ex and I was not anxious to get out of the north.

    In the movie, the Krasinski character gets a couple of video exclusives, with the blond reporter, most dramatically when some Minnesotans show up uninvited with a bubbler that will open up a breathing hole that was rapidly freezing over. No, it was not 70 or even 50 below but yes, all the lens media and all the print media save for my friend from UPI, who teamed up with me, were back in Barrow enjoying the warmth of Pepe’s North of the Border Mexican Restaurant when that exclusive was shot.

    But it was not a videographer who shot it. It was me, with my Canon F-1’s.

    So today I have begun a series to tell the story as I saw it. The movie began with a bowhead hunt, so I did too. I am not pasting in a link. For anyone interested, my name will get you there. I expect to be at this for close to a week, but I am beginning to feel like a nuisance with my series of series, so I make this posting about it and no more.

  • Put in some more pics.. finally had some food.. we’re still out of paper towels, BUT we’ve gotten some more work done, have one more helper, Kaya, and others are coming.. and I’ve been into a darkroom, which is kinda cool.. to me :)

    Will now go and read backwards..

  • Thank you, David, for the invite to see ‘Rio’. Absolutely, THE exhibition is taking place in the Loft….people coming from near and far to see this work…the book dummy is ‘rare air’ indeed. i left just after Eva and Zun came in…. Zun ended up with half my hamburger…we talked about having only five people in at a time, a lottery and a high entrance fee (joking)…met MW and looked at his interesting take on NYC…met Pete L, Chris and Richard too..I’m pretty sure James Nachtwey showed up shortly after I left…the Loft is a focal point, a happening place…David’s book dummy, the wall, the whole atmosphere, the place to be…that’s my report…over and out…

  • Eva!
    Magnum’s darkroom!
    Now I’m really jealous!
    Ciao Bella!

  • Doug , excellent report..
    i doubt if i can top that off….unless…
    unless.. i’ll be able to score some of the “life saving” Mary Jane elixir…
    lets see wa happens…2 more days to go back HOME!


    DAH asked me to tell you he answered you on the other post, he’s looking forward to see you!

  • Name of teenager exhibition Ardeo – it is Latin for “to burn passionately” has a nice reference to light and passion?………

  • I think we might have heard of this man before.. take a look, and if you’re there or can make it there, I promise you that after a week with Harvey (even though I did not take a workshop, it still was a workshop in a way), your mind will be awake and aware and expanded (and you’ll have lost some weight):

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ADMIN…I need assistance…

    which one is my aisle?

  • a civilian-mass audience




    I am speechless…humble yours …

  • a civilian-mass audience

    WE ARE ALL TOGETHER…and Thank you MY AMERICAN people…

    we are all humans…!!!

  • When one people is attacked, all peoples are attacked. On the 10th of February, the non-elected Greece Government adopted a hideous and destructive new austerity plan, passed by the parliament (199 MPs voted in favor, 101 against) on the 12th of February. The new austerity measures impose a 22% reduction in the minimum wage, which will remain frozen for the next three years; collective bargaining is simply abolished; 15000 public sector workers are laid off and 150000 jobs will be destroyed through non-renewal of contract…

    The people of Greece are bravely rising up against social terror policies. Demonstrations, as well as general strikes, become more and more frequent, despite the violent repression and the media’s deafening silence.

    The people of Greece need international solidarity and they are calling for our support

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    The EU governments are involved in this dictatorship, implementing measures which are in the same line in those in other countries. Greece is being used as a laboratory before applying these measures more generally. The situation is going to get even worse due to the new European Treaty project, which will impose the «golden rule» on our taxes.

    We refuse to sacrifice people for money, as done to the Greeks.

    Let’s regain the reins of our lives.

    Switch off your computer, join the mobilization!

    There will be demonstrations everywhere, in solidarity with the mobilization of the Greek people, on Saturday the 18th of February.

  • a civilian-mass audience


    it was a big night here(out in the streets)…YES,WE ARE ALL HUMANS …!!!

    let’s forget names,flags…agendas…
    LET’S EMBRACE OUR differences and LET”S CELEBRATE our Spirits…
    cause deep down …
    WE ARE ALL ONE…!!!

    P.S MR.HARVEY…thank you again…for giving me the opportunity …to roam free through the amazing
    BURNING aisles…your positive energy …back to you!

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