Sydney Photo Fest

We are working around the clock to make this happen. This being an exhibit of the recently photographed ONE NIGHT IN RIO and the book/portfolio to launch simultaneous.  I will probably be here in my NY loft night and day for three weeks . Sequencing, choosing paper stock, size, interplay between photos etc etc.

The RIO book/portfolio is going to be unique. Unbound, unfettered, interactive. The limited edition will have an archival print and comes in a hand crafted box made in Rio. Finely printed by the best in Italy. For those of you interested in the special edition of this  book please contact me directly:

If you are anywhere near Australia in May or have been thinking of an Australia adventure, now is the time. The HeadOn Photo Festival is going to be buzzing. There are  many great exhibitions including a very special exhibition of BURN 02. Our very own Imants Krummins is going to be mounting a small exhibition of his students in Sydney. I will be doing a one week photo essay class at Bondi Beach. Anyway, check it all out. We will keep you updated on additions to this program.


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  • Justin, check your email!
    big hug

  • Our very own BURNIAN , Michael A Shapiro started something cool…check here…

  • It’s been two long years without heading out into the local sierra. I don’t feel exactly desperate to go back there and I have absolutely no intention of going unaccompanied and it will certainly will be a hassle with my long standing perpertual injury. But I’m highly curious to find out how I would or will approach it photographically. I don’t use a tripod anymore, I like grain, I don’t shoot in color anymore and my two years off work absolutely immersed in photography and Burn have changed me as a photographer. I’m convinced the journey back will be a lot more about me than any previous photographic rural excursions and best of all I’m under absolutely no pressure to produce work for others. It’s all about me myself the landscape and I.

  • Very cool, Michael. I hope you get the funds.

  • AKAKY…

    I don’t know what you think about natural remedies or medicaments in general, but do have a look into CURCUMIN.. best is ask a doctor or do a search online, I’m sure you can find the stuff in the States.. if you do, just check the real composition of the pills.. there are those less expensive, but you need to take more of them, and also that there’s nothing added that you don’t need. If you want or need more info, just send me an email: eva dot mbk at gmail dot com


    I am following your blog since quite a while, and I really like those little stories around you. The loft story is really great! I wished I could tell stories so good as you. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    Last Friday, I learned that taking pictures can be a real relief. I asked my dentist, if I may take pictures, while she was working. I had a hole in a tooth, and there was a medical teeth cleansing. Taking the pictures, while something really uncomfortable happens, however makes the whole thing easier to handle.

    I’m waiting for the dentist to release the pictures, then I would link them here, too :)

  • Very cool about the fest!!


    come over when you can….all on the wall…your kind of thing believe me…text and we will set up a time

  • Erica..

    I missed the opening of your show in Bologna, was driving through the city just the day before.. how long will it be up? I’ll try to stop by when I drive through later in February..

  • the dentist released the pictures
    remove “show”, if you want to look at single pictures.

    had the camera prefocussed, and, well it really helped to distract me from what happened. :)

  • Thomas…

    I was cringing the entire show. So I suppose that means it was powerful! Love the shot with the blue light in your mouth.

  • hi burnians

    i’m doing some homework now: Gordon Lafleur, Michael A Shapiro, Imants Krumins – wich is kind of a thriller- and Head On Festival, of course.


  • Thomas….sweet!!!
    nice job!

  • Thomas..

    nice addidion to your self portrait series! Brrrrrrr!!


    talking about brrrrrrrr, it’s snowing, get the moon boots out!

  • addidion??? whre’s my braincell, yooohoooo??

  • Talking about shows.. I hope this one tours Europe:

    “It is foolish to change the vector of chaos. You shouldn’t try to control it, but fall into it. An artist cannot be nourished by self-will. Curiousity melts you down to the size of the lens’ opening-so you can slip into the unknown. «No one’s gone that far before» is the singular compliment for the insatiable imagination. It’s not a sin to get lost. You should lose your way, just be sure to find a way to get back ! The return after all, is the most touching- like Breu¬ghal’s hunters coming back to the hearth, or Rembrant’s prodigal son returning home. That is the heart of it all, at the end. But it starts, of course, with the feet!” -Gueorgui Pinkhassov

    And talking about ‘slipping into the unknown’ and losing and finding ways.. I wonder if DAH is on the way there or on the way back…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…I see you …in white:)
    THOMAS is in Athens…and since he came over…snow and cold and winds…oime
    those Germans:)))Love u THOMAS!

    and what are the moon boots?:)..hmmm…


    colour goes with the lipstick.. no wait.. we’ve moved to umbrella, bikini and glasses…

  • CIVI,

    everybody tells me, I’m bringing the weather. Be it Romania, who got an Ice-Rain, or be in Greece getting Snow and freezing temperatures… hm, slowly I start believing this. And this maybe become a cold summer in Greece … ;-)


    facebook , the new art police finds Witkin inappropriate and offensive….!!!!??/

  • If I had a list of preferred photographers, he’d be among those at the very top, Jacob Aue Sobol:

  • Eva…

    Thank you for the Jacob Aue Sobol link. Love the intimicacy and the harsh light and I find it all highly inspiring.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    THOMAS…our everyday IceMAN !!!:)
    summer?…do I smell an extension? are you coming NW?

    EVA…yes,JACOB.A.S…another true BURNIAN…!!!

    Happy 1st of February …so many birthdays…hmmm…how did I end up doing the Birthday aisle?:)))))


  • a civilian-mass audience

    Please, BURNIANS report any…events,exhibitions,gallery openings,book publishing…
    recipes,tech questions…

    Come ON…Show me what u got…
    AKAKY and JOHNYG,not you.nope…you are on civilian’s break:)))
    sending good energy to YOU and to ALL of YOU…
    my BURNING Fighters!

  • WORDS OF WISDOM ( little too late ;)

    “A leader wiser than Mrs. Merkel would build a stronger European Union by helping her neighbors grow their way out of debt, not squeeze them to the breaking point. A wise leader would also remind German voters that the prosperity of their own export-dependent economy requires sustained demand in neighboring countries.”

  • Thank you, Thomas. Oh, that dental chair is miserable place! Quite the story there. And now you are spreading cold around. Here, it has warmed up tremendously – but still colder than all that cold you spread.

    Eva, thanks for the link.

  • CIVI : ))

    “Hello BURNIANS…I am working hard…I wanna make it to Sydney!!!”

  • CIVI : ))

    “Hello BURNIANS…I am working hard…I wanna make it to Sydney!!!”

    we are waiting for you Civi and getting ready… ouzo, red wine, olives, chickens, smoke and lots of photos… saying a special prayer… dancing and yes you can sing : )

    big hug

  • a civilian-mass audience

    SAMMY…oh,SAMMY…that’s all I need to hear

    …”we are waiting for you Civi”
    we are coming over…and since we are traveling light…is that right ,MR.HARVEY?:))))…
    you better have some ouzo and chickens ready…

    oh,about chickens…hmmm…I lost 5 chickens last night…yeap…due to extreme weather conditions…
    not like FROSTFROG’S everyday life BUT…oime…EVA ,MY EVA…you are so right
    I didn’t listen to YOU and now my chickens …paid my free high spirit attitude…:((( and THOMAS…I am not gonna blame you …BUT oime,I am civilian…I have to blame someone…:)

    as SAMMY says…Big Hugs filled with snowballs!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and since I am into the Birthday mode…here we are:

    BRYAN HARVEY and CHARLES PETERSON…will cry today…!
    silent tears…it happens to all of US…
    it’s their BIRTHDAY
    and they love it…
    let’s see …if they will bring something …on the table:))))))))))))

    the Partyyyy is ON…please,enjoy!

  • Civi..

    I am always right..

    unless I’m wrong ;)

    Well, at least your chicken didn’t go bad and are ready to be put in the freezer.. feathers and all..

    And just for info, John is ok and hanging in there, he better does!

    Off and out..

  • CIVI,

    just go on – I’m blamed for the weather, whereever I land – be it an icerain in Bucharest or the snow in Athens .. next week you’re safe – I’ll be in Bonn, but I’ll come back on the 13th of Feb. just right for the Valentine’s day ;-)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    THOMAS…you will be back on the 13th?…OH,NOOOOOOO…I better go out and buy the snow boots:))))))))
    can’t wait…;)

    EVA…chickens are going Upstairs…or maybe in my big pot of love…hm:)
    you are always almost right…Viva OUR EVA !!!

    JOHNYG…whatever you want…whatever you need…WE ARE just a phone call away…

    BURNIANS…life is beautiful…enjoy! NOW!


  • a civilian-mass audience

    ok…I better sign off as Civi…not JOHNYG…hiiiihiii…ouzo,blame the ouzo…

  • @ ALL:

    So HEAD ON, is the channel that something is going on rather than Smoke Break. SO I post below something interesenting. Maybe you’ve seen in FaceBook already.

    33 ways to stay creative:

    Make lists.
    Carry a notebook everywhere.
    Try free writing.
    Get away from the computer.
    Be otherworldly.
    Quit beating yourself up.
    Take breaks.
    Sing in the shower.
    Drink coffee/tea.
    Know your roots.
    Listen to new music.
    Be open.
    Surround yourself with creative people.
    Get feedback.
    Don’t give up.
    Practice, practice, practice.
    Allow yourself to make mistakes.
    Go somewhere new.
    Watch foreign films.
    Count your blessings.
    Get lots of rest.
    Take risks.
    Break the rules.
    Do more of what makes you happy.
    Don’t force it.
    Read a page of the dictionary.
    Create a framework.
    Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect.
    Got an idea? Write it down.
    Clean your workspace.
    Have fun.
    Finish something.

    I’ll add 34th


  • Thank you Civi for the birthday wishes here and on Facebook! I really share with a Harvey!!?? A small world. That Aquarians rule! :):)

    Think once I drop off Felix this morning I’ll go for a birthday Banya (the Russian bath/spa here in town) for a long sweat. And then quiet dinner with Mascha tonight at a new restaurant that is getting raves. Forty eight….. feeling old. But with a baby girl on the way (Leica Patricia Peterson) I know that life is timeless.

  • apologies to all for just not being here in Burn comments…i can assure you that essays are coming as per normal etc , the EPF to be announced soonest, new web design coming, and Burn is always going to do something to rock the boat a bit…so all is just fine…better than fine….i just cannot be here because i am “on the wall” with Rio…steady stream of people coming by to look…Michael Webster (mw) last night w Richard Beaven and Chris Bradley…James Nachtwey shows up today, Danny Wilcox Frazier flies in today to see, Eva as well, Panos coming, Diego, Mike Young, crazy times, historic i guess…yes, feels so…and creating new models for this audience..yes, i am doing my thing, but it all rolls around to my thing becoming your thing….symbiotic…..ok, gotta go…back asap….oh i called John Gladdy, left a message, but have not heard back…got word he is fine….John we love you!!

    cheers, david



    Thank you all for your support and encouragement. I am pretty sure I have not earned it a lot of the time but it is most welcome.
    Currently, since redoing my eye surgery, I cannot see the screen or keyboard without strong reading glasses and most things out to about 10 feet are a blur.(Hence my absence here) But I am told this should improve.
    Needless to say I survived the, very minor, heart surgery yesterday…..Unfortunately… it didnt work…Oh well.. Next step is a bit more invasive (lasers through arteries and stuff) whatever! Bring it on I say.
    Does mean Im stuck in london for the forseeable future, which is a pain, Looks like loads of fun going on at the Kibbutz. Once again THANK YOU ALL it really does mean a lot.



  • Happy birthday CHARLES P. (check FB email- got the print)

    and also happy birthday BRYAN HARVEY too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • (Leica Patricia Peterson)


  • Hey DAH! Can I stop by next week to check out the RIO wall too?

    Would love to see it.



  • To go along with the list Patricio. here is a ‘list’ of things to say once creativity is flowing :)

  • Mtomalty
    Hey, I resemble those remarks (some of them anyway)

    I do tend to echo myself when photographing people “that’s good,that’s good”

  • David,

    The WALL must be so different by now from what I got to see!
    I’m still thinking about those guards (SWAT looking dudes)…..

  • Charles Petersen…

    A very happy birthday and congratulations and I love the name :)!

  • John Gladdy…

    Nice to hear you’re pretty safe and sound, Eva has been keeping me up to date on your latest hospital antics. Hurry up and get that heart strong and fit, would be great if we all could meet up somewhere again this summer.

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