photo boy

This was by far my best photo job. Ever. Both Magnum and NatGeo pale by comparison. The Virginia Beach Photo Service. We sold tourists pictures in little telescopic plastic viewers. 2 for $2. , 6 for $5. Deal. I was 19 in this shot. This job helped me learn to talk to strangers. This shot was the lead picture we showed to NatGeo editors this morning for my Outer Banks story coming up in June.Why this shot for NG? Because this is a personal journey. I fell in love with this shore as a young man. Because of my work I have been able to live imaginable fantasy times ten, and get a Phd of life on each project, and being blessed with being able to have as a life instrument my little Leica, I have chosen to come back to these shores as my home. Not my retirement home. Photographers only retire when they die. Just my home. My feel good spot. No matter where I am in the world I fantasize my front porch. Smells right. OBX , come see me…

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  • That was the winning shot? :)
    So this means that you have 2 stories back to back in NG
    Rio in May and OBX in June….WOW! can you say BURNing!!!!


    OBX is in June , and i am not sure about RIO in terms of exact month…but yes back to back stories….been working on both on and off for the last two years…i do not necessarily recommend trying to do two stories simultaneous as i have in this case, yet who would want to turn down either??

  • Hi Dave,

    Gee, you look just like you did in Mexico a few years back….

    Ok, several years back!

    tyler vance

  • I sit in my feel good spot right now, looking at the picture of your feel good spot. I am always taking pictures, here, too, just as you are there – very different than yours, of course, because mine is just a quiet little place in the trees where moose and frogs wonder through, young people grow from little children and even a baby and then grandchildren appear and wonder through the same places.

    Anyway, this is a great picture of a picture, set in the environment of your feel good spot going way back, much farther than I go in mine, and an excellent lead to your story. It draws me in, makes me want to see the story asap.

    As you so often to, you inspire me with this picture, and you frustrate me. Inspire, because when I look at this and read about your project, I know that right now I have the images for a project on my feel good spot, all taken right here, over 30 years, in or very near to my feel good spot. Frustrate, because it is another one of the many such situations and how does one ever get to them all?

    Inspiration must prevail over frustration!

  • “…irony that these columns are coming home. Would make a good tie rack.”

    Aw, c’mon, David, who are you kidding, how often do you actually wear a tie? Twice a year?


    great to see your name here…please connect w me on FB or email or whatever…


    not even twice a year…but just because that award would make a good tie rack doesn’t mean i actually have to wear a tie…

  • Nice one Dave…My first photo job was taking pictures of tourists sitting on a giant latex salt water crocodile…nothing makes you get over your self more by approaching absolute strangers , on holiday, having a great time and ask them for money


    exactly…it took me awhile, and i am still not comfortable talking to strangers, but i have learned how to do it…definitely does not come natural to me…

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