My House Right Now Outer Banks 9:24pm


Two things going on here. First , this crew got my archive from a garage in Washington, loaded it into a super size uHaul truck and got it to here tonight. We unload in the morning. Second thing, I just wanted to test the iPhone email system direct to Burn. I want to do some fast posts from various locations as I did on Riobook. Spontaneity. I am often either in interesting places or with folks in the biz who may interest you and the technology allows for instant communication. Of course I will not post every two minutes. But just as with Instagram  (my favorite place to publish) I do not “go anywhere” to take my phone shots. I rarely go more than 15 feet away from wherever I am to take a phone picture.

Why is my old old old Magazine Photographer of the Year trophy on the dashboard of my truck? Egocentric behavior syndrome? No , it just fell out of a tattered cardboard box today as I was moving boxes stored for years down to my Carolina home. I never displayed “awards”. I only cared about the pictures. The University of Missouri columns bronzed as here , I do not care about. The school yes, I am an alum. The award yes, I had a good year. So it is irony beyond irony that these columns are coming home. Would make a good tie rack.

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