I took this picture the day after Christmas . I was playing dominos with my mother, when I noticed the light hitting just right on her wedding day picture. A very small simply framed b&w shot from a random off the street commercial photographer in San Francisco where my parents were married without ceremony as my father went off to war. Not an unusual set of circumstances for a couple of Iowa farm kids who fell in love in high school and took what came their way. I was born in San Francisco two years after this 1942 picture.

For 59 years these two had the most amazing relationship. For real. Alan and Maryanna met at Moville High School. She fell in love with  him because he was tall, handsome AND he had a car she says.  Oh yes, their parents became friends too, lived nearby, had same life. So how many reasons do you need?

My father passed right in this house on Christmas day 2000, family gathered to say goodbye, about a year after my mom and I got into this now 12 year old super competitive dominos marathon. We keep score. In detail. She is 6 games up after all this time. We are a game playing family, with me losing most games most of the time. I travel the world. Lots of adventure. Yet hanging here, with family, is THE  place to be. I have never missed a Christmas at home,  often leaving “important” assignments to do so.

Right after I took this shot, my mom said “Oh David, you had better move that picture out of the light. It might fade”.

I don’t think so mom, I don’t think so.

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  • Lovely photo and story, David; Happy New Year to you, family and all Burnians.


  • a civilian-mass audience

    Good morning from Grecolandia…

    I guess we are all in…2012 is here…”now what?”

    Let me tell you:

    NOW…EVERYTHING…we are responsible to do our best…
    and yes…we will count too…
    Now,we know…that WE CAN DO MIRACLES…
    my BURNIANS…not even the sky is the limit…
    say Thank you
    Be Humble
    Be YOU…

    I do love YOU ALLLLLLLLLL…together we can do it…BURN,BURN…BURN MTF*S

    P.S my true friends

  • David…

    First of all a very Happy New Year to you and all your family.
    On the subject of AUTHORSHIP is it necessary for those of us still searching to try and recognize what will make our work stand out as OUR’S…like a professional runner or cyclist who knows that once the road starts getting steep he is either at an advantange or his or her flaws will become apparent. Or maybe relax and just create work that is close to our hearts and it will naturally come through if we have chased what really is of Significance to us.

  • Akaky…

    Sending you a big hug and I’m sure we are all missing your crazy words!! Hope you’re getting better :)!

  • MW…

    I’ve just noticed your comment on the fractured foot!! Hope it’s healing well, I also once fractured a couple of bones in my usual left foot. Take it easy and use it as little as possible until it’s fixed. The bones in feet are like little jigsaws puzzles once one is fucked it fucks all the others.

  • my sweet little niece has a State of Colorado official legal Medical Marijuana card…she broke her arm and well a result of doctors orders….she gave me a clinically wrapped “brownie” last night….i took two bites…my 92 year old mother had to revive me joke…some things never change!! yes, a VERY happy new year


  • I had one of those, brownies, on Xmas Day, unsuspectingly. No Mom to revive, I will keep….. Drifting in and out, thru 2012!

    Happy New Year, BURN!

  • Ahhhh.. the joys of being a mom.. kids will be kids will be kids.. no matter how old ;)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    how come…nobody gives me any “brownie”…what do I do wrong…hmmm?:)))

    EVA…Viva…hugs to ALL my Italian people!!!

    2012 is here to stay
    BURNING around the Uninerse
    oh,ohh…what can I say?

    BURN is home …and you can stay
    Peace,Love and Photography
    keep shooting

    BURN is rocking night and day
    hope you are all doing good
    what can I say…ohhhh,ohhh
    to be continued…


    P.S…I will be back

  • Damn it was hard to wake up in 2012…my older body , like an old file from a broken hard drive needed some special software to be recovered…geez

  • Happy new Year!
    Cali Meds the best!!!

  • My original Wasilla blog is now an archival blog – still up and available to be read, but I won’t be adding anymore to it.

    Here is my new blog:

    I just put up a post that sort of explains why I made a new blog and named it Logbook. It is at the top right now, but should anyone come to this at later time and be curious, here is the direct link:

    I will make at least one more post today, maybe two. Tomorrow, because I finally have this new format, I will finally begin to blog my experience at the David Alan Harvey loft workshop in Brooklyn. Even though it is late, this might interest to some of you.

  • I might add that there is nothing in the sidebar yet. I had publicly stated that I would launch this blog today, but when I sat down to do it I ran into all kinds of complications and did not have time to work on the sidebar. I will.

  • Bill, it looks awesome and slick… looking forward to your logs… have a great year…

  • If you haven’t laughed out loud for the first day of the year, this might help:

  • Bill..

    looking forward to read your loft roundup.. will pass by the new blog when home!

  • Ross..

    reading backwards.. must wait looking at pics.. but so you did it? Cool!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I am still reading…

    FROSTY give me some time…I am between chickens,reading BURN…laundry…
    but I will come over to your new home…which looks very pro…by the way…
    I have ouzo…

    EVA…oime…you are still out there…safe travels…

    MW…wishing best recovery…

    BURNIANS…I will be back…requesting reports…2012 is here…be ready,I am only getting needier

    VIVA BURN !!!

  • travel day all day…will try to catch up with all comments tomorrow…Bill Frostfrog, i am your biggest blog fan…silent but a fan……

    to DC all week and to work on Outer Banks selection of pics for NatGeo…this will be hard, this is my home….also the jump from rio to outer banks a big one as well….

    for 2012 here on Burn , there will be some changes…i mean who wants to do the SAME thing year after year…not me…anyway, all good…will try to shake things up…get some blood flowing in this crowd…Burn can never be a “thing” , Burn must only represent an “idea”…or a multiplicity of ideas….Burn means SOMETHING will happen, Burn does not have to mean a “specific” will happen…Burn is moving energy…fire…flame…torch…passion….

    big love for this audience….we have done so so much together…wanna do more…

    hugs, david

  • i mean who wants to do the SAME thing year after year…

    exactly! lets make some noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I am in…I wanna do more…I wanna evolve…

    BURN the tent down…BURN some cameras…BURN some brain cells

    Wake up dammnit…REVOLUTION…

  • Oh Yes!!
    I was in las vegas with my daughter, seeing dj (from the black eyed peas)
    Great concert and he gave shout outs to BRAZIL!!!
    Brazil was in the house!!!!! :)
    I think he too, is enamored with Brazil..
    GREAT night..
    exciting times…

  • viva Las Vegaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss!!!!!!!

  • Bill, love the new Logbook: looks good, Haik.


  • Speaking of which – I am certain all you who have visited here before have taken note of the new, very classy, blog banner. This is the work of Haik Mesropian, a graphic and web designer who works with David Alan Harvey on Burn Magazine and his recent Rio Book.

    Thank you, Haik!

  • WENDY …. blasted speakers playing BEP ….. …….. drove the neighbours crazy …happy new yr ……

  • Hey Bill (Frostfrog)

    Can you please email me. I looked for an email for you on your site but did not see one.


  • I have made my first, long-overdue post on my experience taking the Loft workshop:

    I anticipate maybe six posts, total. Possibly seven, possibly five. Perhaps 8. Certainly more than four. I got carried away, and will try to keep them a bit more brief. I might not succeed at this.

    Pete – it’s done. And thank you for the reminder. I will be sure to get my address in there.

  • “…Burn is moving energy…fire…flame…torch…passion….” ~ DAH

    YES.. isn’t that the reason why we’re all here?

    (Civi, thanks.. Bill, thanks too!)

  • Dear mr. frostfrog,
    what kind of point and shoot do you own?
    i figured you saying youre poor and all, you might not own a leica.
    i like your pictures colors.
    figured too that when the shredding occurs, i would like to see the colors be true.
    blog… exciting.

  • PANOS…

    thanks for the shout out for Haik…the man is a prince…and with the most beautiful family as well…his work on Burn is going to evolve w new creative imperatives…translation: he is going to work even harder!! …he is now on our staff list anyway, but is about to move up….

    thanks Haik

    cheers, david

  • RIO vs. OBX.. must feel like two sides of a coin.. both part of a whole, but on the opposite poles.. curious to know what NatGeo thinks..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    YES,YES…HAIK…I told you about HAIK…DA MAN…

    He saved my computer almost 3 years ago…oh,yeah…the same computer…
    he kept civi alive…
    Greek home always open for HAIK and his family…

    and MY BURNIANS…don’t forget …civilian’s home is OPEN for all of you…don’t worry about the economy…
    I kept olives and feta cheese…next to my chickens…hmmm…not sure about ouzo though :)))

    Spread the LOVE, spread the BURN…let’s EVOLVE …

    hiii…MR.HARVEY can a Greek civilian move up too?…:)))))))))))))))))))))


  • a civilian-mass audience

    January 3, 2012 at 4:36 am
    “…Burn is moving energy…fire…flame…torch…passion….” ~ DAH

    YES.. isn’t that the reason why we’re all here?”
    Thank you EVA…!!!

    Hola !

  • a civilian-mass audience

    welcome home MY GRACIE…have you seen KATIE FONSECA…I was looking with ROSSY some time ago…
    I missed her so much
    GRACIE…THANK YOU,THANK YOU…I will never forget…

    your civi

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS…how can you write with… i-phone…”this thing” doesn’t want to cooperate …:()

    oime…I know…blame the i-phone now…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    JARED congratulations…!!!

    Yes,our JARED just got married …RUTH(a new BURNIAN)…may the spirits of Everything be with them…

    BRAVO and VIVA!!!

  • “for 2012 here on Burn , there will be some changes…”

    YES! change is good…keeps you on your toes in a good way…or it can make you bitter if you don’t accept it.


    I just finished reading your first post about the loft. Such a good read! keep them coming!!!

  • hi civi,

    ive missed the nightshift… but as we move along to new horizons, you always go back to what you know…
    popcorn, ouzo, diet coke, and the key in the planter and your couch…my dear civi… your couch…

    happy new year to you and yours…

    photographically speaking for me, nothing’s new… but on another aspect… 2012 is MY YEAR.
    i hope it would be yours too…. here’s to another year of beauty and fortune!!!

  • What You Didn’t Know About The War

  • “I put my brain under the pillow ehen I shoot. I shoot with my heart and my stomach.” ~ Anders Petersen


    here I think you can find an answer for the question about authorship you asked the other day.. and I might be wrong, but I think DAH’s thoughts are very similar on the subject, not only the sentences above, but also the next ones Petersen says in the interview..

  • And clicking around, here’s more to explore:

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