who is this?


if you have Skyped with this person you may not play….if not, you may guess who this is…honor system please….first correct answer receives my slightly used Timbuk2 messenger bag with camera insert adaptation…ok, ready set go!!

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  • Apologies, the link concerns the experiences of photojournalist Meridith Kohut at the NYC Fotoworks portfolio review. Good photographs and interview.


    Martin the bag is yours….you guess or you saw the name ? when i published this picture, i could not see the name clearly on the Skype bar on my screen and was in a hurry…coulda shopped it out of course…Martin, the one thing you must know is that once we have one of these bag winners, we never hear from them again…like Herve who was a regular commentator, won the photo caption contest, got a brand new bag, and disappeared into the ether…send me your address, and i will send the bag as per promised…use it in good spirit in your travels and please return…

    cheers, david

  • Lee Why would I use my real name and links to me if I wanted to remain anonymous?

  • David I am glad to be of service in reducing your bag load,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Damn….
    I’m late to the party…
    Never would have guessed Imants…..
    Congrats Martin!
    YOU are the lucky one…..
    To have a DAH bag,
    what an absolute TREASURE!!!!!!!

  • Sorry Imants I think I was confusing you with Akaky.

  • damn, i love this game….but i just got up….so, as always, im too late to the party

    that is totally Imants!….:)))

    now Michael K!!!!!!!! ;))))))))))))))……unfortunately, i still look like a teen ;)))…much to my dismay though i wish i had the regal beard of a stone workEr! :))))))

    Imants: LOVE the kids portraits of their beloved instructor! :))))))

  • Seeing that David has outed me, now! some of you young pups will start respecting your elders and get on with producing work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….. by the way the young “whipper snapper” next door doesn’t do my IT work for me.

    Have fun

  • pardon for the non-sequitor (or is it simply appropos of nothing?)…

    does anyone remember or have the link to the cafe press Burn sweatshirt/t-shirt? I am in need of a few Christmas presents and tried every combination there to find it, to no avail.

    I think it was on cafe press, anyway….no matter – looking for the black zippered one..


    Hope all are well. Been crazy with the job that supports the passion and the family…now back for a bit…

    good light,

  • I dont know who the hell he is; I’m just wondering what he’s doing with my beard

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Hmm…I still can’t see the name …on the Skype screen…:(…
    I need new reading glasses…
    Well, bravo to MARTIN…yes,please do return…I can’t keep calling our “misplaced”
    BURNIANS…I have to focus :)

    IMANTS, when I see your eyes…oime…these eyes…:)
    You … definitely have a vision!

    AKAKY…don’t worry,mate…pure Photoshop…:))))

  • Imants; sorry for mistaking you for Moses. It’s just that you both have worked with stone… :-)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Thank you ANDREWB and THOMAS…
    BURN store is a good idea…for Christmas…
    Hmmm…I just wish my Greek wallet to follow…good ideas…

    ROSSY…I see stones coming your way…:)))))))
    But you are all AUSSIES after all…!

  • Ah Civi; not me I’m afraid! New Zealand is we’re their more refined and cultured cousins! :-)

  • We also can’t spell and don’t see typo’s… :-(

  • I was watching a news programme the other night and they showed a clip about photojournalist Nick Danziger who had just spent 5-weeks photographing the All Blacks (our national rugby team).

    What struck me was that if you had 5-weeks “unprecedented access” you would come up with better photos. To me; they seemed pretty cliché, safe and ordinary. I just can’t get over the fact that they should have been much stronger? Very newspaper style. Then again; maybe the Rugby Union wanted “safe” photos?

    Maybe I’m wrong, but if they weren’t “the All Blacks” would they be thought of as interesting? I suppose that gets us back to the rock photography debate about famous musicians etc.

    But watching that (3 minute) clip made me wonder what the resulting photos would look like if they were by David, Allard etc. I’d be interested in anybody’s thoughts, cos maybe I’m being a bit harsh?


  • Ross don’t the union boys get in enough trouble……. our league boys do.

  • Danziger got it wrong about the not noticed part is is just that the team is so focused on what they are required to do is that they ignored him, he simply didn’t matter. I just spent 3 months teaching art in a top union school here on field and during the season it is just focus focus. After the event that is another story…….

  • “Danziger got it wrong about the not noticed part”

    That’s sorta my feeling too. But if they are so focussed it should have made his job easier; and resulted in stronger photos. Too me; they are really just a bunch of record shots (albeit nice ones) and if the subject wasn’t the AB’s then you wouldn’t really look twice. Hence my reference to (some) examples of rock photography.

  • Take the example of Carter looking around and smiling; I look at it and say “And your point is…..?”

  • Or more simply; as David says “Is it a picture? Or is it a photograph?”

  • Herve Left? I have been out of the loop too long!

  • Yea Ross the images are a bit detached in nature

  • No! Herve chilling somewhere in Thailand!
    He’ll be back when he finds an Internet cafe..

  • I wonder what he has in his tucker bag?

  • Hervé is in Phnom Penh. He ran away with my tripod this morning…

    Ross here are some rugby pics (1999 World Cup in France): http://johnvink.com/story.php?title=France_Rugbyland

  • John,

    Say hi to Herve from us. And remind him to show more photos from his trip. Thanks for the link, I have not seen this series of photos before.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked”
    thank you…I have promised that I will try harder…:)

    Please, return ASAP the tripod…
    We don’t know…what these Magnum People are capable of…:)))))))))))))))

  • But I want a DAH bag (she whined)…I am addicted to your Tweets…the only ones I have come direct to my phone…always make me smile.

  • KARIE…

    well, folks who show up in my new york loft for an event or Burn gathering have a pretty good chance of walking out with a bag of their choice…

  • hmmmmmm…friends and enemies??

  • DAH…

    Saw that yesterday. Can’t tell which book he was trying to push back on the lower shelf. Is it a Richard Prince book? Not one of yours right? ;}

  • The scales are falling from my eyes…thought the square-shouldered, weight-throwing hipster emerging Burnians (blasting away) would have looked more like this:


    Need to re-think assumptions, and tendency toward generalizations – ahhh, New Year resolution.


    just never heard anyone refer to “enemies” before with regard to a published book…very odd…and a very calculating man in every way as is proven in this film…


    ahhh yes, we do have SOME emerging photogs here over 50…exceptions…me included!! most of our demographic is however 17-35 (seems like you are in the exception category yourself!!)…look at that picture under the dialogue post about Bruce Davidson…that will show you the young folks who listen to every word from our sage Imants…

  • like Herve who was a regular commentator, won the photo caption contest, got a brand new bag, and disappeared into the ether…

    Oh ye man of little faith….. :-)

    David, as our good friends are reminding you, I am in Cambodia, I do keep my little facebook page reasonably updated (with nice pictures), and I even took the pain not even 2 weeks ago, to reply to a post from panos and send at the same time my greetings to all in these very pages.Which included you, of course. You missed it, but you are excused for this little oversight.

    Thanks John for the tripod. The bungee to tie it on the bike was a real collector though, and must have done Sahel back and forth…. At the very least! :-)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I like him…
    I might not agree with his point of view…
    but if he feels like this…not much to do about it…
    Father said…”be up there…not down there”…yeap,everything starts at home…
    “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”
     African Proverb

  • a civilian-mass audience

    It seems to me…you are coming from a different perspective type of family…
    You probably didn’t have a “calculator” in your home…:)))))))))))))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    WHAT not to HERVE !!!!!

  • What an interestingly odd little video….but here’s what makes it even odder for me…

    Over the thanksgiving holiday, we were at my in-law’s home, in the small town where she grew up. I had some time to kill one afternoon, and went downtown to wander a bit. I stopped inthe bookstore, a newer place, although not a national chain, and even better because they have used books as well, and sought out the photography and art sections.

    The photography section had perhaps only 2 or 3 shelves, and as I was looking the ones facing me at eye level were all technical how-to kinds of things….and on the shelf below were the Mgnum book with the 911 photos, Steve McCurry’s The Unguarded Moment, and a collection (forget which one) of various FSA works – all sitting back-out so you couldn’t see them. so I rearranged the shelves, putting the magnum and McCurry book up one shelf, cover facing out, witht he techhie books all together on the shelf below. ;)

    Guess I have become a curator of bookstores as well!

  • I am late, I am late …

    So it is Imants?

    And I thought and hoped that DAH had finally found the person he mistook me for at the beginning :)
    Imants certainly appears like the man I imagined DAH expected me to look like.
    (is that proper English? Oh well)

    What not to love, right Civi?!

    Hugs from Frankfurt …
    Cooking hearts right now …

  • Lassal! Cooking hearts! Have you gotten many responses to your request for recipes? Still haven’t found local kine one but keeping my eye out this holiday season.

  • Andrew B. You have been all over the map of late. You seem to be having a lovely time. Enjoyed your holiday photo of your boy and his friend.

  • Hello Lee…

    yes, was out for a bit, but all the recent posts and images were from the same little city – the Tex-mex place, our friend’s daugher playing to embarrass Alex…now back to a (snowy) Lexington and attending robotics tournaments and photo talks…

    No real photographs, but many fun snapshots….

  • David; What a wierd little video. I’m still trying to work out whether he was being serious, or just seriously taking the piss out of the viewers?

    John V; Thanks for the link, here’s a few I took one afternoon a while ago. Only on FB cos I’m sorting out my new site.


  • Lee, Marcin,
    let me try to write you an email tomorrow.

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