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  • Just picked up in the news a couple words: Avedon and 5,5 million €… seems there’s been an auction at Christie’s and DAH is right after all, prints are the way to go (to become rich or get broke):

    Justin, no, haven’t seen what LBM is up to, must check it out…

  • ha – you´re right ..
    good to see a chunk of new stuff at once..

    s´all gudindahood..

  • 5.5 mil?
    Money pouring back into photography..
    Recession over.. No more global warming..
    It is indeed a brand new day ;)

  • PANOS:

    I think “confusion” is too polite a word for describing the impact of computer glitches and trying to do too much. I’m in it right now, but confused I’m not! :-)

    DAVID B:

    I hear what you are saying. Cost is a big problem with this. Any half decent Final Cut skilled editor is going to want money. I asked a young guy just starting out a couple of weeks ago and the first thing he wanted to know was if I have funding. Of course I understand that he needs to make some money. It’s just a shame I don’t have any to pay him.

    I see that me trying to work on video editing while I have too much going on already would be a recipe for disaster and computer glitches galore!

  • justin
    i would certainly recommend a couple of solid days in pajamas and a perhaps a bottle to get to grips with it..+

    i´ve never had money for anything i´ve done, so it´s been an easy choice..

  • While we are speaking of computers and their foibles, can anyone recommend a 500mb external hard drive? I’m in the market for one right now.

  • i´ve never had money for anything i´ve done, so it´s been an easy choice..
    laughing…join the club ;)

  • Akaky…go b&h and choose the cheapest…buy two of those and duplicate….and then life is good…

  • Initials……… stuff up under your real name, apologise by using initials then free to revert back to business as usual ………… pretty sad stuff

  • the above is an example of wait for it…………..

  • My friend gave me RA’s book Portraits printed in 2002; it has a great design. Opens up from the left and right, printed on one continuous paper that is like a light cardboard, folded to form pages instead of cut apart. And it has a box it slides into. The portraits remind me of Diane Arbor. Two of my favorites are of the two drifters. Really nice gift to receive. Who else here has this book?

  • Akaky, not sure about the capacity (mb?) you posted you needed but my favorite back up system so far is the GSafe. It has duplicate drives. If you lose one you have it on the other and you replace the bad one and you are set to go. It is pricy. $400+ but so far has been my most faithful. I like its flexibility with just replacing drives when they are full.

  • Blink and delete most of the stuff on our drives is useless drivel

  • “Blink and delete most of the stuff on our drives is useless drivel”

    Ain’t that the truth… The more memory you have; the more crap you keep…

  • Ross what’s the feeling in NZ about the miners?

  • Pretty down about it all. News reports on the hour, every hour. The poisonous (& explosive) gas levels are still too high to send in rescuers; but the Army are spark proofing a robot to send in.

    They are also boring a 6-inch shaft down to roughly where they think the explosion occurred so they can lower down cameras and gas sensors.

    29 miners are trapped, but no one knows whether they are alive or not. Pretty sobering stuff…

  • I guess we are are in the fading hope stage

  • Yesterday they said that they thought there had been a “secondary incident” but didn’t elaborate. One 17 year old miner was on his first ever shift.

  • Imants.. Classic .. Ain’t it…
    But I definitely agree.. pretty sad:(

  • Talking about behaviors and sad manipulation:(

  • Panos I guess their expectations are for others to apologise………. weird!

  • ALL…

    the confusion on story pub date has a simple explanation…date “published” on any story is actually the date when the story was created for our system…so i could make it “sticky” to the home page today, but the word “published” refers to its creation order for me to sequence the stories the way if felt they should be sequenced (not the pictures in the story , but the stories themselves) i had to trick out the dates so that some would be on top and others would be towards the bottom even though the dates “published” do not match…in other words, i cannot just “drag and drop” stories…most recent time date wise is always going to be on top unless i trick the date and make it go to the bottom…get it?? smiling…

    we are going to do something different from now on..stories which i feel are more works in progress will now be in that category and will replace “selected photographs” as soon as Anton can rewrite the program….for now they are in “selected photographs” which has been kind of a dead section….so works in progress will include essays that i do not feel belong on the top but are worthy of critique by this audience and of course singles as well…

    stories which are labeled “essays” will only get in this spot IF they have not been published elsewhere…so if you see a story on top, you will know it is exclusive to Burn unless labeled otherwise…so , i think we will now double the payment for exclusive stories and ask for stories gratis which are works in progress….

    in other words, we will now pay $1000. for stories which appear in Burn before publication elsewhere….

    we will ask for a 5 day exclusive after which the story may be picked up in other media…we realize many sites will just steal the story…but as time goes on and cooperation between serious entities increases , we feel the honor system will prevail as it does today in the top print houses…

    this is yet another gutsy move on our part ….we keep waiting for the big publishers to follow our far they have not…shame shame on them is all i can say….actually they cannot afford it…really….too much overhead tied up in things other than production….they will catch up of course…but it is always the little guys who must prod the big guys….anyway, this is our role for the moment…

    the above does not serve as an official announcement, but is a statement of intent…i will announce officially in my next Dialogue post coming soonest..


  • DAH,

    Fantastic announcement! “we keep waiting for the big publishers to follow our far they have not…shame shame on them is all i can say….actually they cannot afford it…really….too much overhead tied up in things other than production”

    (In my best Civilian Mass Audience voice) BURNIANS produce!

  • Panos,

    Thank you for the Magnum link for Burn01. Personal funds tied up a bit as of late, but was able to place an order tonight and am definitely looking forward to receiving my copy :-)

  • Outstanding News David – Looking forward to all details in new post – I like the works in progress idea as well.

    Justin, Panos – I think a while back David said all copies of Burn 01 were sold out in the US and a few copies still existed in Europe… Not sure how this applies to ordering a copy though?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Back from the mountains…and for one more time…

    BURN is making history …MR.HARVEY is making the future…and BURNIANS are making the difference…!!!

    P.S JUSTIN…I love your voice,mate…oime,I have a strong voice…:)))

  • Akaky, just bought one couple days ago, iomega prestige is the brand name, guess as good as any else… run out of space ’cause of scanning prints, huge .tif files…

    DAH, nice thinking both the exclusive and the work in progress bits…

  • .. maybe even ran…

  • Gordon, 519 and 602, very nice!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BURN is making history…
    MR.HARVEY is making the difference…
    …and BURNIANS are making the future…!!!

    EVA,VIVA…how is the baby BURNIAN…?

    And yes GORDON…cold outside…warm inside…!!!

    AKAKIE…you might need to ask IRL AKAKY…he has some brilliant ideas… :)))


  • Civi, thanks, the wee thingy is fine, 2 months old in two days :)

  • GORDON..

    your first snow of winter essay looks like something from a movie set….your friends have violins and accordions at a long dinner table with nice wine glasses and i am sure fine wine in them…come to my house and you will see pizza boxes and beer cans and somebody out on the porch with a beat up guitar…

  • a civilian-mass audience


    And EVA…engoy the wee thingy…

    And IMANTS…what not to Webenfreude…!!!

  • Jason,

    Panos posted a link a few days ago to the Magnum Store where (apparently) a few issues were still available. Keeping my fingers crossed – I have received an e-mailed order confirmation, but no shipping confirmation, yet.

  • David,

    Just read your post about how you’re treating “essays” and particularly that you’re paying photographers for their work – shaming larger more monied publications into perhaps someday doing the same instead of simply having photographers feel lucky for the exposure. I think the difference is that burn is led by a photographer and the other publications are led by publishers. You appreciate the current state of the industry from a different vantage point than does someone simply trying to sell ads to fill their pages.

    As I’ve said before, the time and effort you invest in burn is greatly appreciated. It is indeed making a difference.

    And what a great set of essays published on burn. I hope good things have come of it for the photographers you’ve chosen.


  • David

    Like a movie, it’s all an illusion. There are folding plastic Costco tables under those white tablecloths, homemade apple cider in those pottery class goblets, and those are fiddles, not violins, bashing out Celtic tunes. That is however a grand piano which takes up the bulk of Dave’s living room. I’ve only ever heard him play it once. Mostly he plays that Chinese off brand accordian which he got at a garage sale for $20.
    I’m looking forward to eating pizza, drinking a few beers, and playing a few tunes on your porch one of these days.
    I made those photos Saturday night. I was just having fun, trying to loosen up and taking advantage of digitals ability to explore the dark. It is looking like a winter wonderland movie set around here. Mostly it rains all winter. But a couple of times a year it looks like this. This is my backyard last night by moonlight.

  • Imants,

    You do realize that “webenfreude” roughly translates as “the pleasure of weaving”?


  • David – What an incentive! And it makes perfect sense to organize the essays like that…

    Gordon – your last image made me gasp!

    Civi – Thanks a million for sharing so much love…

  • JLW

    I a good way I hope!
    It is snowing again as I write this, much heavier this time. We’re in for a blizzard.

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