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  • Love this image, David. Especially as I see a very good friend of mine in it. Brings a smile to my face today.


  • Nice. I know the emphasis at Burn is photo essays but I love these single frames just as much (especially if they’re yours).

  • David,

    How nice to see your new picture!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Familiar faces…I feel like I am there…

    The Circle of Life…the loop…what a composition !

    Viva !!!

  • thats a real wow photo.
    love it.

  • pure harvey, no?

    thanks for the upload — you really oughta make more of an effort to post your own work here more often :-)

  • Nice. M9 & 35mm?

  • Intimacy to the left of me, intimacy to the right, here I am smack in the middle of …..

  • mmmmmm…
    circles of light…

  • Agee with Sean. A very nice capture of a moment (three moments?) in one frame, and even more fun seeing those I recognize in it.


  • Mark W: according to EXIF, it was GF1 & 20mm

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “The whisperers”…

  • DAH – Please email me asap – Need to know if you will have time to meet in January or February to talk about my project and making a book for it – and when will you be free

    Thank you! Sorry I haven’t been on here much lately, too much being neglected, many wonderful new works being posted – I’ve been busy shooting and studying.

  • DQ…

    i have wondered if that was a good idea, but will post more work ….as long as i am mostly publishing the work of others, i guess my own occasionally is ok…the irony of all of this is that now i see , even for me, Burn being THE place to show work…funny how life works out…


    yes, the GF1 with the 20 is my camera of choice these days…


    will email you soonest….

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Don’t hesitate to call for help…we might be miles away…But I will call all the civilians
    In the area to assist.
    Please, listen to your inner soul…you know better…

    May the spirits of strength and health…be with you…!

  • ***DAH***

    Hope you get some zzzz’s and feel better soon.

    I held off yesterday, as there wasn’t an appropriate opening. I think he has expanded his reach though, and it is a good thought.

    Sending virtual soup :)

  • Classic Harvey! Perfect timing, brilliantly framed, romantic and provocative!

    I am sorry to hear you are so sick. I hope you are not alone David, and are drinking a lot of water.

  • Oh David! I didn’t realize you weren’t feeling well – I hope you get the rest you need and are up on your feet in no time!

    I’ll talk to you again soon, Get well.

  • i love how it breaks the picture plane and you get pulled into the moment.

  • I don’t know how I missed this one? NIce shot…she looks like my friend Erika from Madrid.


  • Looks like the Spanish version of Cheers. Warm, inviting. The couple on the right are the very definition of being in the moment.

  • thats andrea on the far right, no?
    she’s just taken the joop class..,263&bandwidth=high

    on flash and portable light.. i think people over-complicate the process.. it’s easy if the intended result is known.. too easy to get blown away by options and alternatives.

  • David Bowen…

    Thanks for that! Inspirational. Watched half, then had to go shoot. Work. Will watch the rest later.


  • it is.. i love the simple way his story is laid bare..
    a recent time which could not be more different from the shape of things today.. while also similar.

    got my copy of BURN01 today..
    thanks to all involved..
    did not expect a name credit for the thumbnail photo..
    broke the spin of it almost instantly upon tucking in..
    just as is needs to be :ø)


  • “Artists…absolutely on any subject is always talking drivel. Including moi.”


    yea, people do tend to over complicate light..strobe is a mystery to many…including the biggest names in the biz…i have taught several who probably would appreciate that i not kiss and tell…at least not here…but buy me a beer and i will tell all… :)

    good that you have Burn 01…no more copies left in the U.S. ..except the small stash in my house…anyway, none for sale …i think Diego has a few copies in Europe which will go to Paris Photo where he will probably give them away to attractive women he sees walking down the street…Diego bad boy..

    needless to say we had phenomenal sales with just basically one online outlet…here…and a bookstore in Milan..too bad they are gone actually because we have now been invited to make presentations all over the place and now we have nothing to present…well better to run out than to have a bunch of books in a warehouse or in my attic…so it is rare already…one gallery in the U.S. wants a copy signed by all, but that might be hard to pull off…we will try for a limited edition of 5 signed copies…we are very pleased we resisted the temptation to go the Blurb route although that would have been a whole lot easier….took a chance investment wise and it worked…to my surprise….Thodoris among others pushed us this way…

    ok running..hope we can skype this week

    cheers, david

  • I found this discussion/conversation, about the differences between Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, by Antonin Kratochvil (with Michael Persson) via The Click website

    Very interesting and thought-provoking, I thought.


  • a civilian-mass audience

    Don’t look for BURN 01 …I have all the copies…

    Thank you to All the photophilosophers, to All the Civilians, the silent readers,
    Thank you to the Donors…and the silents …
    Thank you…because you know that your credit card was the limit, your paycheck was returned,
    Your wife your husband didn’t have any vacation break…for quite some time,
    Your kids didn’t go to the theatre…your pets had only leftovers
    But all of you …you know that you had to support BURN…

    Out in the woods…BURNING my footprint…
    Dammnit…what not to love!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Was over the limit…oime…

    Why I cannot read proof…why my Academians?
    Why MR.HARVEY almost Burned his footprint too?
    Why some of you have problem with the editing but not with the lighting…?

    Don’t BURN your brains…some questions are better left unanswered…
    Back into the woods…

    Love you all

  • David – I’m glad the smoke detector saved you. I often wondered how effective they would be with me.. I occasionally sleep through multiple alarms, and other times the sound of a cat puking in the room is enough to wake me with a jump. Odd thing the mind is.

  • Jason, what you need is a smoke detector than makes the noise of a cat puking. What’s not to love.

  • Mike that’s a hilarious concept!

  • have just frayed the spin of BURN01 a little more and there is a great deal going on, besides photos.. the photographer bios.. word from bobus n akaky.. definitely layers.. surprises.
    on exclusivity, i’ll keep an eye on ebay for the first copies to show.. mine will be tattered and unsaleable.. yet one of only a handful in northern europe.. arrived via mother-friend in the N-gland.
    anyway.. burn01 makes me want to shoot more film.. 2 years of the other is numbing me.

    flash was a mystery after shooting daylight exclusively for 6 or 7 years.. clunking around with a stoopid metz 45 till i woke up… then photographing in virtual pitch black for more than a decade i seem to have a handle on things.. yet still.. it is just simple things..

    simplify the world and the world becomes simpler and all that. it’s just light after all..

    i had a student last year spent a fortune on blitz.. and i think.. can you have more expensive light and cheaper light?
    well.. no..

    for me it goes..
    get a “bubble” of focus around the subject, rather than wait for auto or try to quickly manual focus.. underrate the flash slightly to soften..
    handhold to bring depth..
    then forget the view-finder, (if it’s very dark and you know your lens well), wedge the beer in a pocket (cargo pants or baggy shorts work), and do a two handed dance around where you find yourself..

    it would be great to buy you a beer harvey..
    i mean to say, i’ve kipped in yer pad, smoked with the panos and MW there..
    interrupted yer studio pal pete, (at a possibly inopportune moment), and hugged you twice, each on different continents..
    yet a simple beer in an anonymous location..?
    paris 2011 at the chocolate confectionery AGM..? i doubt :o)

    i’m excited about work at the moment, yet am not going to show any new work from norway until i have shown work from the last life.. shooting daily now.. in the right place and situation to blend real life and metaphor..
    3 years in norway has given me a handle, and i have an angle.. another one or two years and it may be done.
    skype would be good anytime.

  • mike R
    just seen on the facebook interweb.
    more antonin..
    not watched it yet so it may be daft as chocolate boots..
    maybe not though..

  • .. and via glenn, again on facebbook..
    somethings have not changed..

  • à propos photojournalism vs documentary photography, just finished reading a good book, “Witness in our time – working lives of documentary photographers” (

    good read with lots of little snippets of wisdom. from the product description:
    “Illustrated with a compelling image from each photographer, Witness in Our Time traces the recent history of social documentary photography in the words of twenty-two of the genre’s best photographers, editors, and curators, showing that the profession remains vital, innovative, and committed to social change. Featuring interviews with Hansel Mieth, Walter Rosenblum, Michelle Vignes, Wayne Miller, Peter Magubane, Matt Herron, Jill Freedman, Mary Ellen Mark, Earl Dotter, Eugene Richards, Susan Meiselas, Sebastião Salgado, Graciela Iturbide, Antonin Kratochvil, Donna Ferrato, Joseph Rodriguez, Dayanita Singh, Fazal Sheikh, Gifford Hampshire, Peter Howe, Colin Jacobson, and Ann Wilkes Tucker”

  • Yes Carsten; it’s a damn good book!

  • David (Bowen), thanks for the link, I’ll look soonest but will say thanks now, before things move on here. The Vimeo link looks good too. David Burnett, a founder member of Contact Press is a judge in next year’s World Press Photo. Hope he can handle the blood. He and his wife, Iris, have a delightful blog

    which, sometimes photography, sometimes family, sometimes rant, gently draws you in.

    Carsten, thanks for the book info. That’s a Sebastiao Salgado photograph on the cover.


  • Mike R – yes, he’s one of the photographers being interviewed in the book. I actually found the last part of the book particularly interesting – various editors & curators sharing their thoughts. Good stuff.

  • David,

    Great seeing you in Oaxaca. Helluva deal hearing my name called 5 minutes after arriving and turning around to see you sitting there with Marie, Michael, AJ, etc. Small damn world even though I wouldn’t want to paint it. As always, I enjoyed the chance to hang out and also get to know some of your students. I also really enjoyed seeing the fruits of their labor.

    I hope the current travels are going well. I’m now back in Austin and scrambling to keep pace with the treadmill of life – a tough transition after a week in Oaxaca with nothing but a couple of cameras. It was good while it lasted.

    I ordered Burn 01 as soon as I got back from the Magnum website. I hope I placed the order before they all disappeared. I really loved the magazine and would be bummed if I didn’t have one for the collection. As you said, I guess I better start paying attention.

    Travel well in the meantime and I hope our next encounter comes soon.

    Your amigo,


    it was totally a terrific surprise running into you in Oaxaca…remember it was Mexico where we met 3-4 years ago and well some good times had by some point when you have time , i would love to see what you shot down there…and of course waiting for the Austin hood book….please join me at the beach or back in new york when you are in town…always good repartee and laughter abound…i think you are paying attention….safe travels…

    cheers, david

  • carsten – just orderd it..
    currently on the last few pages of celine, journey to the end of the night.. kaboom. good timing..

    mike r.. cheers .. been subscribing to it for a while yet never quite got into it.. will look again :ø)

  • DAH

    re: damper carelessness – never again, okay, promise? (just in case you didn’t tell your mom)

  • MIKE R…

    thanks for putting me on to David Burnett’s blog…he and his wife Iris have been friends for many years, yet i did not know he was doing a blog…Burnett is a fine and way under rated photographer, but where he really shines is as a stand up comedian…i mean the boy is funny….

  • EMCD..

    yea, i would have felt so stupid dying that way…i had a friend who managed to kill himself on a simple camping trip by putting his coleman lantern inside the tent when it got a bit cold…while i grieved over the death of my friend, i also could not help but being a bit mad at him for doing such a silly thing….you guys woulda felt the same!!

    a fireman friend of mine who does repair work on my house told me however that it is a painless way to go…when they find victims of smoke inhalation, they find no signs of a struggle…victims just go to sleep and stay asleep…by the way, the smoke was so thick when i woke up that i could not see two feet and right before that i was having pleasant dreams…coulda just kept going and going, gone….only the slight annoyance (smoke alarm) in my subconscious broke the dream and suddenly i was up and in a panic…remember now this fire had been out for 5 hours…put out with water and the logs spread apart..i mean it seemed OUT…anyway, i will never close the damper again unless 24 hrs have passed..

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