october moonlight

_DGO0321photo by Diego Orlando

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  • I guess I will just have to cease posting……… zooms seem to be a ticket out of being a burnian

  • “I guess I will just have to cease posting……… zooms seem to be a ticket out of being a burnian”

    Nah Imants; horses for courses I say :-) “Fuck Zooms”… Zooms are for LAZY “pros”…is beginning to sound a bit too much like this…

  • Panos by a mazda zoom zoom………….

  • Yeah, Nachtwey always had a 16-35 zoom on his EOS cameras. Damn lazy pros.

  • And ya know, for some of us, the thing is that prime lenses cost upwards of $1400 apiece so whereas 24, 35, 50, 85 and 105mm primes would cost more than $7000, one can get a 24-105mm zoom for less than the cost of any one of them. Albeit inferior in speed and perhaps marginally inferior in other qualitative measures, the 24-105 mm zoom is still very nice 24, 35, 50, 85, and 105mm lenses. That was my decision with limited funds. The 35 prime for low light and most situations, the zoom for all else. Another reason is that I’ve often found myself in dust, sand, wind and rain storms and have more than once been burned by simply having to change lenses at the worst possible time.

    And something else you all haters don’t seem to consider is that just because you can twiddle the zoom doesn’t mean you have to. When I want to shoot 50, I put it on 50 and leave it there. Same thing for 85. It would be nice if they put a lock on the damn things, but still, it’s a something you can control.

  • Sounds more to me that someone is just trying to stir up an argument by taking a position and insulting others in the process. Kind of a theme for a certain person here.

    I agree with DAH in the fact that they are bigger and obvious, but there is a time for them obviously or there would not be hundreds of excellent award-winning photojournalists using them.

    But as many have intelligently pointed out, it is best to work with what you are comfortable with using. Obviously the short zooms can be replaced by using primes, but sometimes you need the 70-200. Again, depends on what you are shooting.

    I am always interested in how those who advocate pushing the envelope and breaking the traditional rules and ways of shooting (which is good), are usually the first to start spouting new “rules.”

  • I am always interested in how those who advocate pushing the envelope and breaking the traditional rules and ways of shooting (which is good), are usually the first to start spouting new “rules.”….sounds a bit presumptuous if not naive

  • “new rules”… Oh man do whatever the fuck u want .. I never implied that a prime would increase your talent or your photo quality… It usually works that way but not for anyone…

  • Is this just talk about zoom lenses and personal preference?!?!?
    did I miss something?
    sounds a little intense,
    all about lens preference?!?!?
    surely I missed something..

  • As a Pantagrualian, my advice is to approach photography with a certain jollity of mind, pickled in the scorn of fortune. But we say that about everything.

  • Wendy, looks like an overflow of testosterone.. happens every full moon or two ;))

  • Hello my name is Lee and I zoom.

  • EVA..
    oh YES!!!!
    zoom zoom…..

  • “sounds a bit presumptuous if not naive”

    funny, that is exactly how I interpret this statement:

    ” “Fuck Zooms”…
    Zooms are for LAZY “pros”…
    Great for a boring wedding, family portrait session, engagement photos , quincinieras, highschool sports and proms and uninspired extreme crapiness :)
    Stay away from zooms like fast food..
    Actually “zooms” are “fast food”..
    Bad taste, little of everything and nothing at all at the same time..
    Love us, honor us, respect us.. Stay away from zoom lenses..
    They are as bad as alcohol right before a ling distance trip..
    Zooms should be illegal”

    Lets include arrogant and boorish.

    BUT…. “do whatever the fuck u want”… exactly!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    If there is no soul…if there is no vision …in your photos…
    We,civilians will let you know…
    You might fool us once…
    You might fool us twice…
    But the judgEment day will come…whatever lens you might have…
    the j-day will come…sooner or later…:)))

    Cause…It’s all about photography and civility…!!!

    Can I dance now…???

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Your favorite place is the one…that you haven’t visited yet…

    Now,I am dancing…!!! I am Zorba the Greek…
    And I love you ALL…whatever lens …you might have…

  • Funny, I was going to go to a party at the Lofts on Friday night (was this when that was taken?) but got lazy and visited with some old friends from Seattle instead. I had a full day of driving to Long Island the next day and shooting a friend’s wedding that evening so didn’t want to BURN myself out. Oh well, next time…..:)

  • Sometimes I am shooting primes and wishing I had a zoom…. and sometimes I am shooting a zoom and wishing I had a prime. So it goes… to paraphrase a late 60’s hit song “just love the ‘lens’ you’re with!”

  • The best camera in the word is the one that is in your hand. Be it an iPhone or 8X10 view camera (OK, that one’s probably on a tripod!).

    This goes for lenses too, of course.

  • Michael k.. Totally agree..!
    Pete check google analytics now.. Maybe your grin will turn into a smile…
    Be happy.. I’m doing my beat to boost your numbers up..
    Once again I just got out of a court and this time things look kinda
    Positive.. But let me not jinx it
    Big hug y’all..

  • MW; Dunno; my 24mm 2.8AF cost 90 bucks (about US$70), mint condition! Occasionally (very occasionally!) I do find the odd bargain! :-)

    As for the model release discussion a little while ago; I decided to put the daughter (new mum) and her fiancee’s name on it as well just to be safe. All good; they’re happy too. :-) Cheers for the help.

    Actually; I had a really good shoot with them yesterday, probably some of the best results so far. It’s amazing how a good shoot can put a smile on your face when you’ve had a crap week! :-)

  • So what’s everyone shooting?

    Me? Yesterday, a shoot with a fsmily for a project. Probably 2-3 shoots with them over the weekend. Today? Invoices…. :-(

  • I seem to only find the moon worth shooting of late. And she has been magnificent.

  • Ross,

    What I’ve been shooting? The usual eviction issues: http://johnvink.com/news/
    I also nearly shot my computer (for real) on synchronisation issues…

  • /Users/wendyrwalter/Desktop/Still Time, SLO California 10:22:10.mov

    Its what I shot Fri night…
    first time with digital camera, shooting a friends band…..

    don’t know if link will work… testing….

  • ok… didn’t work….

    well for those of you on facebook, maybe this will work… If not, I tried… my technical skills are shining thru :)


  • I’m shooting…!!?? Am I really shooting..
    Or just listening to Sputhern Rock.. Exhausted and carefree?

  • Ross -Been travelling the last few weeks – http://glenncampbellspictures.com/blog/ – -Have you edited down that girl story yet? there were some winners there mate.

  • Wow, Glenn, fantastic stuff.

  • Glenn
    great work….
    love the water shot….

  • What am I shooting? Meatballs and furniture.

  • ROSS…

    i am shooting this week Day of the Dead in Oaxaca…one of my most favorite events on the planet…we should be able to skype edit latter part of november…


    we will work on your Death in Venice book when i finish up this week my workshop marathon…you have new work? i do have to disappear for about two weeks in the outer banks, but we should at least be able to do an edit…


    i do hope to see you when i come to Cali in a few weeks….


    why the anger?? hey, we are talking lenses for heaven’s sake…we all agree…whatever works, works…

    cheers, david

  • a friend built a pinhole camera where the lens was a wineglass and the shutter red wine.. drink the wine to take a photo.
    thats a lens worth celebrating.

    nice work glenn.. the cross n kid with guns.. provocative..

  • ross.

    oil rig supply boats.. mountain rain.. snow.

  • Burn Magazine alumni Matt Eich and Dima Gavrysh (and maybe some others – I’m terrible with names) named in the Critical Mass Top 50:


  • a civilian-mass audience

    Rock on…I see… you are focused…
    Viva AUSSIES!!!

    BURNIANS…you are all amazing…and I am proud…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    You don’t shoot…meatballs and furniture…only…:)))
    I see your vision in the book of face…

    Well,meatballs on you, ouzo on me…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MR.VINK…shot his computer…
    ROSSY…shot the transformation…
    DAVIDB…shot mountains and snow
    PANOS…shot Southern
    JUSTIN…shot …some news…
    MR.HARVEY…shot the dead…

    And I am shooting one shot of raki…

    BURNIANS…you have been warned …I need updates…

  • DAH

    No anger here. Just get weary of over-the-top rude boorish behavior. What ever happened to good dialogue where thoughts and ideas are put forth instead of dropping f-bombs in broken sentences while insulting half of the photojournalists on the planet?

    Actually, I am a bit disappointed that it is put up with on a site that is mostly visited by talented readers that engage in interesting and insightful discussion. I have talked with more than a few photographers that really like the idea of BURN, but refuse to read any of the comments due the “frat party atmosphere” or “clubhouse” feel of comments that seem to break into what are generally good discussions. (their words, although I do not disagree)

    I have nothing against free flowing heated, emotional and animated discourse, but some constantly cross the line.

    Try not to have too much fun in Oaxaca!

  • David,
    Yes indeed I got sucked into the “venice vortex” once again…
    I got about 5 months of shooting new work..
    Especially after I returned in LA from New York..
    Yes yes yes and yes again.. And no rush..
    We are here for the long haul;)

  • Pete your over the top “do and think, as I say, only those who I want to read should post here ” attitude shines like a beacon here.

    another classic……… (their words, although I do not disagree) the usual cop out and another put down of people who post here9 The Sidney syndrome)

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Your vision is shining.it’s flowing good for my civilian eyes !!!
    You are the Sunshine lady,yes,indeed.

    We are just a big,Universal family.Here in BURN,the windows are open and everyone is invited.
    I have kept a special wine(year 1988).When you have time come over to Grecolandia.
    We love you.

    P.S hmmm…my apologies …but my ideas are flowing better…with broken sentences.

  • Glenn;

    Thanks for that mate. I’m still shooting it, but have done a rough edit down to 60 pics. I’m just going to sit on them and keep shooting. I’m just editing my last shoot at the moment.

    The plan (and it has been a real roller coaster!) is to shoot until Feb and her 17th birthday. That way I will have her 16th birthday party pics; when she was a carefree schoolgirl (and didn’t realise she was pregnant)to her 17th when she is a mum with a 6 month old baby.

    You’ve got some nice new work on the link. Is The Wet beginning over there? I see Darwin was 35 degrees and thunder storms on the tv weather a couple of days ago…

    David AH;

    Thanks for that; a Skype edit would be great. I’m pretty happy the way this story is going; just don’t want to show many people and jinx it all!

    Civi; “ROSSY…shot the transformation…” Well I think I’ve undergone a bit of a transformation by shooting this too… A VERY steep learning curve…


  • a civilian-mass audience


    Your wine is here too…your book MyEtrouko will be next to BURN 01 and BURN 02…
    Viva AUSSIES!!!
    By the way…
    SIDNEY,our academian is fine…he is just extremely busy with his writings…
    Love you all

  • “… and another put down of people who post here”

    Imants, with all due respect, pot and kettles a bit don’t you think?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Ohhh…and before I go to sleep…

    Bravo to all honorees,nominees and finalists for the Lucie Awards…
    We have been there…

    What not to Love…
    Ok,now I am going…

  • Tom I don’t care who posts here that is the difference yes pots are black. Few take me seriously here and frankly don’t give a rat’s proverbial what I say except for those that hold a conservative photographic outlook who dismiss me. I have no complaints about burn.

  • ps happy to have a bun fight with anyone

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