the pitch: to the point..BURN.01 is available for online purchase as of now…yes, i am selling this new book and proud of it…the best work of the audience here on Burn is featured along with a smattering of iconic legends….25 photo essays by both legends and emerging photographers alike… and two thought provoking  text pieces…..above, holding copies of the 300 page, printed in Italy, collector edition (1000 copies) are my students from the loft workshop which i do every year right here…frankly, a typical class for me and my Burn demographic….the best of times for all…the photographers above will present their work on Friday evening right after the Bruce Davidson show right here in my apartment…see announcement below..

the are two choices below for payment…editions are the same…we just are trying to keep the shipping costs to you as low as possible in the same way we priced out the production quality and sales price…this is a good deal..no businessmen among us..

even though BURN 01 is not inexpensive, it is the very best we could do,  and even at this price the only way we could do this special edition was with support from a few individual donors here, who prefer to remain anonymous….the donors here go un-named but they have been dream donors….zero requests…..they like Burn as it is and fund for that reason….and one of the most generous donors is from the readership here, whom i have never even met, nor Anton…no questions, no interview….

so both Anton and i are very proud of our businesses relationship between you and us….hell, everybody works for free…Anton Kusters, Haik Mesropian, Anna Barry Jester, Diego Orlando, Mike Courvoisier, Kerry Payne, Michelle Smith, Germana Lavagna, …hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of theoretically salaried work…no joke….these are smart folks….so i gotta pay em……eventually…sooner rather than later…and , oh yes, do not forget we pay the photographers who are published on Burn…..

so please, if you feel anything about Burn at all, sponsor this book and help us out in whatever way you can..damn, this has been a ride from the beginning ..right? anybody who knows Burn from the outside/inside knows that we are an open book…….our crew worked hard…Anton on design of course, Diego rode the presses watching over every detail, Anna did all the research etc…everybody did their bit

here is my belief:

i think YOU will make BURN 01  a classic just by buying it….1000 copies in the first edition…so, c’mon help revolutionize the biz just by buying BURN 01…think about it….rightfully and respectfully honors the icons, but mostly celebrates the young leading edge photographers of tomorrow…who can argue with that one?

i do hope to see some of you, but not all of you, at the Davidson/student/Burn 01 launch (see below)…i will give you the show of shows….but then again, i will bet you already know that….




Buy BURN.01 here:

USA, Canada, Mexico


Rest of World



For volume puchases (over 10 copies), please contact Diego Orlando directly at diego@burnmagazine.org



475 Kent-1Rooftop Burn Headquarters                                                                                                                 Photo by Michael Loyd Young


Welcome to a new

BURN event


Bruce Davidson – Outside/Inside


please join us Friday evening, September 24th, for a celebration….we are celebrating Bruce Davidson’s career and his new book Outside/Inside…Bruce will present his work at the Burn loft space 475 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, buzz 607….Bruce is the warm up presentation for my students who will present their work following Bruce’s show …this is all part of my annual one week loft workshop…..

i want to thank also photographers  Steve McCurry, Chris Anderson, Tim Heatherington,  Editors Susan Welchman (NatGeo), Jim Estrin (New York Times), Tina Ahrens (Emphas.Is) who spent classroom time with my students who each worked on their own projects throughout the week….

we are celebrating  also the collected work from the audience here on Burn with the launch of BURN. 01, our new collector print magazine/book….so the night will be rare air as you may imagine….please rsvp for this event and fiesta to follow by placing a comment right here under “comments”…a simple “yes” will do…

as is our norm, the door will be locked at 9pm for a respectful presentation of the work….you gotta be on time to get in…serious…so get here no earlier than 8pm for a cold beer and a friendly chat…tight window , but it is the only way this can work….thanks….

full moon rooftop party will follow the slide show  presentations…helping us out just a bit by bringing your favorite refreshments always appreciated….


– david alan harvey-

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  • UPS just came and gone…guy told me :”oh man, nothing for you today..”….
    ok i have another option, and the name is “wait”…. and im gonna grab this opportunity from the hair and i WILL wait…!!! how about that mrs.universe? how about that? lol

  • ordered sept. 21…
    still waiting…

    ALL, have faith..
    BURN IS HRRE.. ALIVE.. in my hands..
    Um shaking.. Literally..
    See u later.. Fucking tears in my eyes..
    I feel like CIVI now..
    Book is here.. Yes
    Love u all..

  • I think mine got lost :(

    Micaela sent a note saying mine was one of the first sent out and I should have had it by now….

    Oh well, a few more days waiting. will make the review more sweet.

  • Sorry Andrew.. If u were close I’d give u mine.. All I wanted to is to open it once.. Touch it.. Once.. And then move on.. Go do some more pictures.. The only thing that counts.. For us at least

  • Congratulations on a fabulous Burn 01 – a class act filled with LOVE! And did you notice how delicious it smells?! As delicious as pavlova with double cream and raspberries, and the pages are silky smooth, brimming with essays conveying messages, colours and so many different moods!

    Art and photojournalism under one roof! Congratulations to you ALL for making a dream come true!

  • Thank you Panos…

    It will get here sooner or later…

  • Oh well…guess that leaves me….sometime soon I hope.

    Same thing happens when they gate check my luggage….it’s the first in, and the last out….

  • Speaking of luggage, if there are any burnians in the Halifax, NS area, let me know…will be up there (New Glasgow and Halifax) for a few days….

    good light,

  • Oh Andrew I got so many “luggage” stories.. Don’t get me started..
    But I won’t forget back in 93 when UA eventually “found” my luggage 25 days later..
    Only one day before my return ticket (24 days with borrowed clothes)
    Oh and another one.. When coming back home from Look3 I realized ghat my stuff went back to C/Ville..
    I didn’t care about clothes but.. The book “Living Proof” signed and hand given to me by David..
    (can’t remember the airlines though…)
    Hmmm.. Delta I think:(

  • Well, it turns out that not only did some mail person decide to open the envelope and read my book, they then tossed it in the back of the truck and let it wander around (it also appears to have ventured too close to water at some point) until it was found, re-wrapped, and identified (I guess they matched it up with the empty original envelope). It arrived rather tattered and dog-eared, with a very nice apologetic note from the USPS.

    But all of the photo pages and articles are intact, so I got to look at it. Amazing how different so many of these images with which I’m familiar look printed as opposed to onscreen. WONDERFUL! As are both word essays by Anonymous photographer Akaky (I think we should all begin to append that to his name any time it is in public print) and brother Bob.

    Hats off to all the contributors – and to David and Anton and Anna-Marie and Diego and all others involved…excellent job!

    Oh, and Micaela assured my that another copy is already on it’s way to me, since we figured mine had been hopelessly lost… so I have a “good” copy as well :)

    Wish I could join the crew at the OBX party tonight. Am sure you’ll have a great time.

    good light, all.

  • Andrew, your tale beats the multiple attempts of delivering the payment of mine, followed online hour after hour, since Oct. 5th.. today finally it was successful, PHEW!

    And if my night table breaks down it’s the fault of the people hanging out here and misleading this poor little gal.. between Outside/Inside, one of Paul Himmel’s books, Zen and the Art of Archery, and Burn01 its legs are bent badly!! Who says books don’t sell????

  • I’m convinced mine is on a slow boat to China. Someone probably threw it on the wrong barge.

  • Lee,
    That’s a major buummer…..have you reached out to Micaela? The email address is in the confirmation email you shold have gotten when you ordered. If you don’t have it, contact me off-list here and I’ll send it. Evidently, there is tracking information kept – it was determined early on that mine went out in the first shipment, thus we were able to decide it must have been lost when it hadn’t arrived (and indeed, it was. I’m still amazed they were able to figure out where to send it, since it obviously was loose from it’s envelope).

    Anyway, it is worth the wait….

    I feel sympathy for your poor night table – I know too well the the result of hanging out here and the sudden insurgence of desire to buy these photography book things….mine are in stacks on tables all over the house….

  • LEE…

    on the shipping info you have here on Burn , there is clearly a name given for questions or problems: Diego Orlando ….Diego is not monitoring this blog, but does pay attention to any shipping problems that he knows about…..he says he has received no message from you…in any case, since i do monitor here, i have given now your message to him…many thanks for your patience mi amiga…

    cheers, david

  • I have to say that over here shipment works really well and fast, Diego does a fantastic job, I had my copies after two days, and would I have chosen to pay online like any normal person all would have been fine! But sometimes I’m a tad stubborn and insist I do it my way.. bad choice this time around, but with a smooth happy ending :)

  • DAH, Lee…

    Didn’t mean to steer you the wrong direction Lee – I thought the info on the link here said to contact Diego for quantity over 10 only….the email I got after I purchased, with the confirmation in it, had Micaela’s contact info for any questions or problems with the order….

    DAH, if that’s not the way they should be going you may want to check the order confirmation email text – it has micaela’s email in it as the contact.

    It’s all good though, especially the images IN PRINT!

    Speaking of print… are there any of teh burn prints left for sale? Perhaps you can point me somewhere to see what there is, if so?

  • so what if

    you cant afford burn o1. what do you do next?


    smiling…well, we would love love to be able to lower the price…if we did, it would be way lower than other books in its class, but we would do it anyway….maybe the next edition 02 will have a lower price…if we can, we will….still, anyone interested in photography is most likely buying $50. books on a regular basis…i buy at least four books per month and i think many do…i mean this is my life, my work…i love books…i can forgo many things before i will forgo books….photography equals book…..and if you come to see me, i will give you one….

    cheers, david


    are you talking about the prints we had displayed in new york and later in washington? if so, there are just a few around…some were sold, some returned to the photographer….my idea of having a serious Burn gallery just turned out to be more than any of us could handle…a good idea, but a very big job..the only way a gallery can work is if someone takes it on as a full time job….what we might do here as part of our design re-vamp is to have a section for selected prints and books….let’s give this some thought…

    cheers, david

  • dah,
    thanks for your offer and your explanation but i wasnt asking for me. do you have a way for people to get a book to someone who absolutely deserves it but cannot afford it?

  • Gracie, “do you have a way for people to get a book to someone who absolutely deserves it but cannot afford it?” – something like a “deliver to” field?

  • DAH…

    Did you happen to catch my comment about the gallery you showed in last year in DC?

    Also, are you going to be there this year? Fotoweek DC?

  • finally had a payday from a stock sale which makes it affordable.. to send to the uk..
    maybe actually see it next year ..
    if people want it they’ll get it :o)

  • David A H

    Yes, I was thinking about those prints – there are some photogs here I think I’d like to collect a print from. Never saw what was printed for the displays in NYC and later DC, so not sure if they are the images that have appealed to me…

    Also, I like the idea of maybe selected prints and books available. I have a couple ideas, I will put them together and email or skype you. Is the david@burnmag the best email to use?


    i am sure you might imagine, even though we have never met, that if someone were standing in front of me who loved the book but had no money, that i would indeed give that person a book…i do not know if this classifies as “a way” or “a system”, but it is the best i can imagine or think of at the moment…

    ANDREW B..



    sorry, i missed your comment..re-post?? i have been involved in hand made book making all week and have missed many comments…i will do something at Photoweek i think, but not sure what exactly…will know today or tomorrow…i do hope we will meet again as last year…

  • DAH & Andrew B: micaela’s was the contact for my email too. Thanks for passing it on DAH. I had emailed micaela and no response. I am looking forward to having it in hand.

  • “We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate.” ~Henry Miller

    “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”– Cicero

    BURN01 and Burn family:

    I wish to tell you a story….

    Once, seemingly a lifetime ago, i was saved by a good. At a moment of corner-taped time and in a place of squalid silence, i was given a book by a person of whom I knew very little about. Sitting in a pale-green room, surrounded by the hum of hollers and weeping, a rocking of tv-channel switching and arguments between people who were housed in a particularly lonely hall stuck together by the awkward grace of their own unforgiving and loneliness, I was given a small paperwork by a nurse who strangely sensed that I needed the comfort of a story to make it through a long, November weekend. After squeakily thanking her, I opened up the first page and read the epigram on the 2nd page, and Cicero’s words seemed like the anchor to which I understood that if i held tightly, i would make it through the night and endless weekend….somehow amid the squalor of the sound, she’d sensed that i needed books, words, stories to help make sense of what I was struggling through and fighting against, somehow had sensed that I had spent my entire life up to that point, 32 years, in the comfort and knowing of books that had pinned my life to a simple navigation. she was right…

    It has often seemed (real or imagined) that in moments of joy and loss, I have always turned to story tellers to help navigate and make sense of the world around, my own tiny life and the larger, odder, seemingly unknowable and undecodeable life upon and with which each of us attempts to make sense of the rhyming and the ruckus given us. My entire life i’ve carried books: in my backpacks, in boxes and truncks, in coat pockets and jeans, in my arms and on the back of toilet seats, on bus and train carriages and along writing tables and rocking chairs. I’ve housed my life within the comfort of those extraordinary homes from which we gather, collect and feed upon: novels and poems and art books and photography and history and family albums and dog-eared friends and pristine new partners. Wear and old coat, buy a new book, has always seemed to be the calculus to which i’ve framed my life and continue to do so…

    What i cherish most about Burn01 is not it’s significance as a milestone (though make no mistake about it, it certainly is), as a symbol and reality of what can be accomplished through love and wilding enthusiasm, not simply for it’s beautiful design and unfolding, not only for it’s beautiful selection of photographic and written stories, for its humour and celebration, for its humor and pathos, for its unyielding believe in the photograph as a language by which we speak out against the pressure and disappearance of things, but because this book, to me, represents a simple, glorious thing: the soul of family and life, the soul of unbridled belief that without one another, we are nothing and lost.

    The essays that make up this book are not only powerful, intelligent, thoughtful and thought-provoking, but they are much simpler in their cumulative power: the speak to what is best about each of us. The desire and belief to ring out against the hollow emptying. Photographs, like all language, like all attempts at story telling, are tricky and slippery things. Like smoke, they seem to embody space and place and yet often fail us in their ability to be caught, and yet how defined and how important their scent and memory and demarcation. Make no mistake, Burn01 is a beautiful anthology of pictures that span the spectrum of the photographic medium from documentary work to conceptual theatre, from witness-baring stories to excavations of the internal dreams of our imagination, from the geographic real to the dreamt-up imagined country, from the scour of debt and demise to the color of a bird’s roseate wings fanning. Letter writing and shaving of skin, broken bodies and brilliant-dream-red hair, from needles to bursts of sun, this anthology contains everything that each of us best hopes for a good story:

    and that is the reawakening of ourselves….

    but more importantly, it is the culmination of a simpler belief, David’s belief, that making sense of this extraordinarily short and dolorous life, is always an act of belief, an attempt not to pin immortality to the fanning pages but to give back to one another, to inspire and embrace, to embody and of-body each of us, to make the grain and seeding of things real: sowing, germanation, tending the fields and gardens of what surrounds us: in a word:


    Burn, like the best a families, has been defined by that: the belief in one another. Through laughter and speech, over drinks and conversations, through shouting and fights, through reconciliation and forward-thinking, Burn is to me an apotheosis of belief. As someone who has, in a small way, tried to write and help and make pictures, to mentor and support, to love and laugh, to cry and hug somemore, this book is a solid root of something that, amid the shouting and hum of the internet hive, that is more substantial:

    it stands for each of you.

    Honestly, it is one of my favorite photogrpahic anthologies. I say that not as a contributor, not as a friend of David and Anton, not as a person who has known or met or loved many of the contributors. I say that as a person who not only buys and needs photogrpahic books, but as a person who believes, without waver, that the small things that we give one another are what define and make ourselves less broken, less pain-filled, more ebullient….

    Above all, David and Anton, amid all the doubters and cynics, the professionals and marketers, believed in something simple and from that this extraordinary germination….

    burn01 is, like all things, not an end point, but a continued reminder that we are all connected, even in argument or division. We need to tell and shift and shape stories. We need to span the world, from the small letters in our drawers to the rages of war, we each of us count ourselves fortunate if we have been given a small story that was born from a place of honest and committed love and connection.

    the book is beautiful. the stories and photographs, the printing and design, the architecture and the energy are an inspiration.

    but what i cherish is this book, from here forward, will remain a reminder of the importance of each one of you who contributes and works their hearts out to make sense of life and to share in that communal endeavor.

    amid a world tired and challenged, scheming and enrage, buz-honey’d-drunken and mirror-staring, there is still that gorgeous, untethered human aspiration: to connect and to breathe…

    thank you to david, anton, anna-maria, diego, all the contributors and most importantly you, for Burn01 is really about you, regardless of perspective and language, ideology or drum….

    and Gracie, if you cannot afford it, i will give you one of my copies…you can write directly….

    the best of books are not the ones that remain behind, on our shelves, but the ones we give away and share with others….

    the ones we use to help others to, if even for a moment, smile and say:

    damn, I am of this place and of this family, no matter how scattered that family may be….


    aflamed, alight, but unextinguishalbe, if even in name…


  • a civilian-mass audience

    Ahhh…my Academians…Speechless

    Thank you.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I have ordered mass…therefore…civilianma@yahoo.com
    You pay the drinks..you take BURN01…
    I don’t know if it’s the best idea…:)))

  • Books; I can’t imagine my place without books. Yet I haven’t bought a book in about a year. I’ve wanted to, but last year was a financial disaster and I’m only just now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    I decided not to buy Burn 01; not because I didn’t want to, but because I don’t have that amount of money at the moment. So, I decided to support Burn in a different way!

    Burn 01 costs NZ$145, and I’m sure it’s worth every cent. However NZ$81 of that is shipping; NZ is a loooong way from Italy! :-) So; instead of giving $81 to a shipping company; I’d rather give it to Burn.

    Up until about 9-months ago I always tried to give US$10-15 per month to Burn. I only stopped because of financial constraints (and would resume as soon as things improved). Well; things are a little better than last year now so once more I’m able to continue with regular donations.

    I work on the theory that the donated money goes directly to Burn; and if everyone can spare a regular 10 bucks it would mount up to quite a tidy sum.

    So; congratulations on Burn 01 and also the New York Times piece! Onwards and upwards!!!!

    Cheers :-)

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Oime…we Love YOU !!!
    I will do my best…

  • AKAKY: I am not an anonymous photographer.

    AKAKY IRL: I beg your pardon?

    AKAKY: I am not an anonymous photographer.

    AKAKY IRL: I see. I know I’m going to regret asking this, but what the hell, you only live once, so let’s take a whack at it. Who says you’re an anonymous photographer?

    AKAKY: Andrew B. He says that since I got into Burn 01, everyone should call me Anonymous photographer Akaky. I am not anonymous. How can I be anonymous? I mean, you know who I am, right?

    AKAKY IRL: Yeah, but it’s not something I go around telling people. Knowing you is like watching your sister date your best friend; you wonder whether you should tell her that he’s cheated on every girl friend he’s ever had. On the other hand, you wonder whether you should tell him that she’s got a nasty case of the clap. In both cases, I’m better off just keeping my mouth shut.

    AKAKY: What a way with words you have.

    AKAKY IRL: Thank you.

    AKAKY: I didn’t mean it as a compliment.

    AKAKY IRL: I know, but if I can’t get praise, I’ll take sarcasm instead. And you’re not an anonymous photographer, guy; no one looking at that book is going to see any of your photographs. They’ll just read that thing you wrote.

    AKAKY: What’s your point?

    AKAKY IRL: You’re an anonymous writer, bubba. Hell, as far as I know, you could be Anonymous himself.

    AKAKY: I thought Anonymous was a woman.

    AKAKY IRL: If anyone really knew who Anonymous was, he or she wouldn’t be Anonymous, would they?

    AKAKY: I guess not. But I’m not an anonymous anything.

    AKAKY IRL: Hey, dude, they don’t know that. Your Greek pal thinks you’re a frigging robot spewing spam left, right, and center all day long. How do they know who you are? How do I know who you are?

    AKAKY: But you see me all the time.

    AKAKY IRL: I see a lot of people all of the time. That doesn’t prove anything. You could be a spambot masquerading as a real person; I’m not going to go around checking your bona fides out. I’ve got better things to do with my time.

    AKAKY: You don’t seriously believe I’m an automated spambot, do you?

    AKAKY IRL: No. I seriously believe you’re a big pain in the ass. The family relationship between spammers and pains in the ass is very close, so I can see how people would think that you were.

    AKAKY: Your belief in me is very touching, you know.

    AKAKY IRL: Thank you.

    AKAKY: I was being sarcastic again.

    AKAKY IRL: I know. You’re not very good at it, are you?

    AKAKY: Not really. I don’t do it very often.

    AKAKY IRL: Practice, dude, practice. The more you do it, the easier it’ll become.

    AKAKY: I really don’t know why I talk to you.

    AKAKY IRL: Beats the hell out of me, too.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    No AKAKY…you are eponymous…
    Only civilian can be anonymous…

    I believe in you too…spambot?£¥#€…!!!

    287…don’t even try for 300…it’s reserved for Greeks only..:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…I can see and ANTON’S book over there…893 and he is the winner of the B.books

    Thank you again …Viva Italy!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ANTON is the winner…Blurb books…!!!

    Bravo,bravo,bravo…I just found out…Sorry,if I am late on this one…
    I am just a civilian after all :)))

  • AKAKY: See? I told you. I’m not anonymous, I’m eponymous.

    AKAKY IRL: You’re just Mickey Mouse.

    AKAKY: Thanks a lot.

    AKAKY IRL: Any time, guy, any time.

  • Lee,
    i am Diego Orlando and i am in charge of the book shipping. In United States&Canada Michaela helps me, but if you have any problem to reach her somehow, please feel free to write me at diego@burnmagazine.org
    If your book has been lost in the shipment, I will provide to send you a new copy on monday. Please send me your address

    please also write me and i will try a different way to send the book to NZ instead of UPS, which i know is very expensive for some countries.

  • non-Anonymous Photographer Writer Akaky?


  • a civilian-mass audience


    I want to write too…just to say Thank you and Bravo…!!!
    Take the ferry to Greece…I have olives,goat cheese,bread and…ouzo.
    You bring some wine from the Winephoto:)))
    Key under 3rd pot…

  • Anthony R.Z.
    March 8, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    on Panos’ pictures… I like it your way… but I think it isn’t fair, and even a total absurdity, when some of us compare Panos photography with the greatest picture takers in our human history – HCB, Harvey,

    (I just saw the above insult )

  • Don’t worry my “wooden negator”…
    You’ll get used to it..

    And it’s not about me “proving” anything…
    Its all about YOU understanding more.. Be ppm lose and let that openess take over…
    Very simple (if u r me).. But you’re not:(

  • Anthony R.Z.
    March 8, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    on Panos’ pictures… I like it your way… but I think it isn’t fair, and even a total absurdity, when some of us compare Panos photography with the greatest picture takers in our human history – HCB, Harvey,

    Coolest post ever..
    Needs a repost

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Constantly risking absurdity
    and death
    whenever he performs
    above the heads
    of his audience
    the poet like an acrobat
    climbs on rime
    to a high wire of his own making.

    Share Lawrence Ferlinghetti

  • Civi, nono, Anton’s 893 volume I isn’t on my table anymore, it has made space for.. 893 volume II, which should come out soonest now!!

    Panos, I hardly ever cite anyone, but here Dante’s “non ragioniam di lor, ma guarda e passa” would be most appropriate :)

  • Hey!!
    Just saw the sample pictures of spreads from Burn.01 posted above (don’t know how long they’ve been there…)
    They look awesome…
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • BURN.01 received in excellent condition in Windsor. Thanking you, Diego and David –MACLELLAN

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