the pitch: to the point..BURN.01 is available for online purchase as of now…yes, i am selling this new book and proud of it…the best work of the audience here on Burn is featured along with a smattering of iconic legends….25 photo essays by both legends and emerging photographers alike… and two thought provoking  text pieces…..above, holding copies of the 300 page, printed in Italy, collector edition (1000 copies) are my students from the loft workshop which i do every year right here…frankly, a typical class for me and my Burn demographic….the best of times for all…the photographers above will present their work on Friday evening right after the Bruce Davidson show right here in my apartment…see announcement below..

the are two choices below for payment…editions are the same…we just are trying to keep the shipping costs to you as low as possible in the same way we priced out the production quality and sales price…this is a good deal..no businessmen among us..

even though BURN 01 is not inexpensive, it is the very best we could do,  and even at this price the only way we could do this special edition was with support from a few individual donors here, who prefer to remain anonymous….the donors here go un-named but they have been dream donors….zero requests…..they like Burn as it is and fund for that reason….and one of the most generous donors is from the readership here, whom i have never even met, nor Anton…no questions, no interview….

so both Anton and i are very proud of our businesses relationship between you and us….hell, everybody works for free…Anton Kusters, Haik Mesropian, Anna Barry Jester, Diego Orlando, Mike Courvoisier, Kerry Payne, Michelle Smith, Germana Lavagna, …hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of theoretically salaried work…no joke….these are smart folks….so i gotta pay em……eventually…sooner rather than later…and , oh yes, do not forget we pay the photographers who are published on Burn…..

so please, if you feel anything about Burn at all, sponsor this book and help us out in whatever way you can..damn, this has been a ride from the beginning ..right? anybody who knows Burn from the outside/inside knows that we are an open book…….our crew worked hard…Anton on design of course, Diego rode the presses watching over every detail, Anna did all the research etc…everybody did their bit

here is my belief:

i think YOU will make BURN 01  a classic just by buying it….1000 copies in the first edition…so, c’mon help revolutionize the biz just by buying BURN 01…think about it….rightfully and respectfully honors the icons, but mostly celebrates the young leading edge photographers of tomorrow…who can argue with that one?

i do hope to see some of you, but not all of you, at the Davidson/student/Burn 01 launch (see below)…i will give you the show of shows….but then again, i will bet you already know that….




Buy BURN.01 here:

USA, Canada, Mexico


Rest of World



For volume puchases (over 10 copies), please contact Diego Orlando directly at diego@burnmagazine.org



475 Kent-1Rooftop Burn Headquarters                                                                                                                 Photo by Michael Loyd Young


Welcome to a new

BURN event


Bruce Davidson – Outside/Inside


please join us Friday evening, September 24th, for a celebration….we are celebrating Bruce Davidson’s career and his new book Outside/Inside…Bruce will present his work at the Burn loft space 475 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, buzz 607….Bruce is the warm up presentation for my students who will present their work following Bruce’s show …this is all part of my annual one week loft workshop…..

i want to thank also photographers  Steve McCurry, Chris Anderson, Tim Heatherington,  Editors Susan Welchman (NatGeo), Jim Estrin (New York Times), Tina Ahrens (Emphas.Is) who spent classroom time with my students who each worked on their own projects throughout the week….

we are celebrating  also the collected work from the audience here on Burn with the launch of BURN. 01, our new collector print magazine/book….so the night will be rare air as you may imagine….please rsvp for this event and fiesta to follow by placing a comment right here under “comments”…a simple “yes” will do…

as is our norm, the door will be locked at 9pm for a respectful presentation of the work….you gotta be on time to get in…serious…so get here no earlier than 8pm for a cold beer and a friendly chat…tight window , but it is the only way this can work….thanks….

full moon rooftop party will follow the slide show  presentations…helping us out just a bit by bringing your favorite refreshments always appreciated….


– david alan harvey-

313 Responses to “BURN.01 LIMITED EDITION (SOLD OUT)”

  • Just got mine.. off.. see you.. :)

  • Back for a sec: should I ever make a book, heaven forbid, I’ll hire the Burnteam, all of them.. :)))

  • Darn. I ordered mine the day you could order them but still haven’t received mine. :(

  • Jim,
    I guess the delivery within Europe is much faster than the delivery to overseas.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed you’ll receive it soonest. Waiting is pain in this context.
    Receiving is a relieve.

  • Can`t believe I missed this event.
    Wish you good luck with the magazine.
    Best regards from Germany


    so sorry…i will look into it right now….i could say i got nuthin to do with it…but everything, everything is my responsibility….

    cheers, david

  • keep an eye out for Lens Blog…today or tomorrow….story coming about BURN 01…i mean , how cool is that? NYT giving us so much good press all along…i am industry and lifelong friends with several editors at the Times..Kathy Ryan at the Magazine….and Michelle McNally , Director of Photography..but i almost never see them..i have not shot a story myself for the Times in several years…so, i do not really know why they are being so nice…anyway, now the man is..Jim Estrin..he has been our champion here..i did buy the boy a beer once and i guess he decided to hang out…seriously , it is our community in which Jim and others are very interested…..now, with all this press , i am going to have to stick around just a bit longer….can’t just take a pat on the back and then walk out the door…at least not where i come from….

    cheers, david

  • DAH, congratulations once again
    About Burn.01…!!!!!!
    The “industry” should start to notice.. They already did notice..
    And I know what they are thinking..
    “why the heck didn’t I think of IT first”???!!!!
    Let me tell u why.. Because “they” only thought of money first..
    Congratulations man.. All credit to you..
    I know what you gonna respond:”we did it all together..etc”..
    Ok sure.. Many people helped , but in this revolution ,
    you are the “Che” guy…feel me?

  • David,
    Haven’t received my Burn.01. Ordered on Sep.23rd. Any idea when I might be getting??

    cheers, Uday K

  • UDAY K…

    you are in Texas right? hmmm, maybe they just are not letting Burn 01 into Texas…Jim did not get his either…it seems that everyone in Europe is getting their books on time and in the U.S. they are not..and we are shipping from New York..cannot imagine the problem, but we are trying to find out right now….worst case scenario, i hand deliver..

    cheers, david

  • Hand deliver… Laughing..
    LA is banned either from delivery..
    But my credit card was expired so I don’t hope for much;)

  • LA is also banned I meant to say..:)

  • But let’s face it.. As Americans we do have that reputation that we use books as TV stands ..
    That we never read.. Not that sophisticated etc..
    Book printed in Italy so I’m thinking that an address in the US is equivalent to “no rush”..
    Laughing.. Laughing…
    My fellow Americans , please buy the Book and let that TV cool off for a minute, will ya?

  • Well, things do move a little slower here in Texas. (And we talk a little slower, huh Harvey?) :)

  • I ordered the book as soon as the announcement was made. I felt sure it would be here as that was some time ago. But when I got to Maui no show on the book. I sent an email to the listed address on my invoice. Can somebody find out for me? Really want to see it…..

  • Thanks David for getting back. You are right, I’m in Texas.

  • I think my mail man is a Burn fan and has not finished reading my book yet.


    i have the picture….shipping was not something i was paying much attention to, but now i am on the case….obviously something was not done correctly…i hope that just as obviously i am going to fix it….trying to figure out what went wrong right now…from what i can tell right now, many of the books were not sent out until last thursday….i am not sure why…and i will have the late shipper shot at dawn…

  • DAH, I am quite sure that one day soon I will arrive home from a nasty day at work and Burn1 will be there to brighten my day.
    I was much more concerned with getting my order in soon as I would think this is going to sell out quickly, any word on how many have sold to date.

  • Shot at dawn… Yes… That’s the right attitude..

  • hence proved the EURO is much stronger than the DOLLAR ….

  • KURT..

    i think it will sell out quickly ..think we have sold about half which is phenomenal for less than two weeks old and with Burn as the only outlet or marketing spot…i have had already offers from traditional publishing houses to distribute or somehow be involved…and lot of potential here at Burn in general, but none of us who work here really want a full time job with Burn..we like it as a hobby, but might not really want to get super sponsored since that would mean a full time job and maybe, jusy maybe the ugly stress word….not for me…anyway, come down and sit on my porch…i will be home eventually …

    cheers, david

  • Got mine in San Francisco, last week, ordered too the day it was announced here.

  • It’s kind of fun waiting to see burn.01 but hearing reports – but that is because all reports are the kind you want to hear. Am excited to receive my copy, okay copies…I am a collector of the photobook and surely this is one I want to have more than one of. The only question is, should I order still more? :) What do you think, DAH, how many copies of burn.01 should a gal have? Was just reading how Danny Lyon bought the last 24 copies of Bikeriders 4 years after it was published (the first time around) despite his dad wondering what the heck he wanted them for, and I am sure he was very happy he did.

    If only about half of the copies are left, and the readership of Lens is xxx,xxx – and the piece is coming out maybe tomorrow…

    Glad you are headed to (or in) cowboy land. Certainly a great photo awaits.

  • Erica,

    I’ve had Burn.01 10 days now. Shipping appears to be much faster in Europe. I ordered on the day the info to buy appeared here.

    I often buy more than one copy of photography books. Still have shrink wrapped copies of Sam Abell’s The Photographic Life, and Bill Allard’s The Photographic Essay. Wish I had bought two copies of Winogrand 1964. Somehow have ended up with three copies of DAH’s Cuba book. Found two of them along with some copies of Allard’s Portrait’s of America in a discount book store.

    Burn.01 is certainly worth buying a few copies. It’s a limited edition of 1000 right? About 500 sold in two weeks. Sure to become a sort after collector’s publication. Not just for the high quality work featured inside, but also for its historical significance – the first online magazine to make a print edition.

    Your essay looks great!

  • I ordered the first day and also was starting to be concerned, more that it was lost or something wrong with the order…

    I sent an email Monday and got a reply yesterday from Micaela saying my book had been sent and should be arriving soon. I was beginning to think the same thing as Kurt about my mailman (that he’s a fan of burn and hadn’t finished it yet)….

    And just the other day I read an article about modern consumerism, and the results of a recent study that show you tend to enjoy and appreciate something more if you wait or delay the acquisition of it…

  • Hi David, long time no………….
    Got mine last week after a headsup from Nick Yoon.
    Congratulations from us all at Lumen [nearly all DAH alumni]
    Nicely done and IMHO good value!
    Clive [cururently shooting 4×5 portaits, fun to see your poat on this recently!]
    Lumen http://www.photoshelter.com/va-show/V0000dF7FPc_3KRA

  • Yesterday, preparing for our biannual workshop.. gotta educate people, don’t we? ;)


    And tonight we’ll have 40 students looking :)

  • CLIVE…

    voice from the past!! great to hear from you….i would like to catch up with you at some point, so pop me an email and we will figure that out….


    i have learned the hard way…dammit…on almost everything! but for sure now when it comes to books i like , i make sure i have two copies of anything i really care about…if it is a book with your work in it and you suspect that it may gain in value either sentimentally or financially, you had better stock up…i was literally in a panic recently with Div Soul when i saw the price going up and i had few copies…in the book world, or any world with a finite number of objects, you never want to take anything for granted…


    i am pleased to hear you heard from Micaela directly…good for her…whatever books that did not go out on time as per expected, i made sure that they were sent Priority US mail…nobody should have to wait more than another day..thanks for your patience….

    cheers, david

  • Good to know! Thought maybe it was a problem with my rural dirt road mailbox…or perhaps David was planning on hand delivering the thing to Durango following his rendezvous in Jackson!

    Never-the-less…even more excited than ever to crack open a brew and leaf through the pages of Burn 01!

    Congrats to all & look forward to seeing the NY Times LENS feature this project!


  • DAH: “you had better stock up…” So what do you think is my magic number? :)

  • David, Any updates on the shipment status to Texas. Haven’t still heard anything from Micaela yet.

    Uday K

  • For anyone in Italy, a reminder that several burnians were chosen by curator Marc Prust to be included at the Fotografia Festival in Rome (till Oct 24) in an exhibit which features unpublished works from photographers across the globe – including John Vink, Marcus Bleasdale, James Chance, Anton Kusters,and Erica McDonald :)


  • a little road trips moment…

    something happened yesterday that i wanted to share. i’ve been really very consumed with the launching of this photo biz Develop i am starting, for months and months all day long i have been swimming in photography, but other people’s photography, photography organizations, photographers, etc, and at first i was feeling that i was too busy to shoot anything other than assignments, and then i would think about shooting for myself lot, but i felt full all around – full of dark light that i didn’t know if i had finished entirely (and still don’t) and full of photography. I would see my beloved light outside my desk while i was working, and i would stand at the window watching it, knowing how beautiful it was, but just standing when normally i’d be out the door to shoot. i almost felt like an amnesiac, trying to connect bits of recognition and knowing but missing something, and i couldn’t even remember what that might be. In the last few weeks i kept feeling i was forgetting to do something, and i’d check my calendar to see what it was, but it was nothing tangible. on occasion i would go out and take a few images, but more out of some sense of muscle memory than anything else.

    then yesterday i was out doing errands, when one by one i felt little lights go off inside, almost like numbers on a bingo board lighting up, with each one i felt a warmth and a joy. faces and shapes and moments and light were carrying meaning, and excitement, and love and interest again. i walked and rode the subway without a camera and watched and enjoyed and saw and felt and composed, and in between i read the whole of the lovely lovely book Once by Wim Wenders and i stocked up on film for something i want to shoot for myself tonight. truly, the lights coming on was nothing i did, sometimes things have their own time.

  • One more day waiting anxiously for the mail man…
    Is Burn.01 on the mail?
    Is it?
    Is it?
    Fingers crossed

    Goodmorning from the Plastic Capital of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i keep seeing that “Burn01 arrived/Lassal” thing on the
    bottom of the page… and hoping…
    turn page :)

  • Stuff – A Film By Johnny Depp on John Frusciante

  • Erica, should be able to drop by in Rome in the next 10 days, was hoping for more though.. and things happen when they have to :)

  • David, Just got my BURN.01 in the mail today.
    Thanks, Uday K

  • I still have not gotten mine – was ordered on the very first day, hours after the link went up..and even thugh I’m in Kentucky the mail and UPS and Fedex are all good about getting to here, since they all have major hubs operating in the area…

    was hoping to have it by the week-end…


  • Was informed that my copy of Burn.01 is waiting for me back home—next to my copy of Anton’s 893 magazine… won’t be able to see them though for at least 3 more weeks… in any case, according to my girlfriend they’re both awesome…

  • Burn.01 has arrived, the printing exceeds my expectations – bw looks like bw and the color is delicious. Thanks again to the photogs and editors and administrators alike who contributed to make this all that it is, and of course to you DAH for being the generative creative. Looking forward to the time to settle in and really drink it in, and to read the words from Bob and his uncle, Akaky. Soon comes the Lens review?

  • Hmm.

    I still haven’t gotten mine, and today’s mail just came.

    I ordered on the very first day. Do I need to be concerned???

  • andrew – mine was shipped via media mail, i think their delivery times can vary hugely, but maybe?

  • Andrew we are in the same boat but something tells me that we shouldn’t be concerned ….

  • Kind of like a watched pot, I suppose….

  • My Copy showed up today in beautiful downtown S.E. Texas. Yeah! It was sent USPS Priority on October 6. Well, six days for Priority isn’t bad. lol

  • Good news Jim.. It seems that Columbus guy was the problem.. Now that nasty pirate is gone .. it’s clear..
    Today or tomorrow should be the day for the rest of us to hold Burn.01 in our hands… It’s always good to have something to “expect”.. The longer we wait the more value it gets…
    Like a creation of a book.. Like the good wine… It takes some time:)

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