the pitch: to the point..BURN.01 is available for online purchase as of now…yes, i am selling this new book and proud of it…the best work of the audience here on Burn is featured along with a smattering of iconic legends….25 photo essays by both legends and emerging photographers alike… and two thought provoking  text pieces…..above, holding copies of the 300 page, printed in Italy, collector edition (1000 copies) are my students from the loft workshop which i do every year right here…frankly, a typical class for me and my Burn demographic….the best of times for all…the photographers above will present their work on Friday evening right after the Bruce Davidson show right here in my apartment…see announcement below..

the are two choices below for payment…editions are the same…we just are trying to keep the shipping costs to you as low as possible in the same way we priced out the production quality and sales price…this is a good deal..no businessmen among us..

even though BURN 01 is not inexpensive, it is the very best we could do,  and even at this price the only way we could do this special edition was with support from a few individual donors here, who prefer to remain anonymous….the donors here go un-named but they have been dream donors….zero requests…..they like Burn as it is and fund for that reason….and one of the most generous donors is from the readership here, whom i have never even met, nor Anton…no questions, no interview….

so both Anton and i are very proud of our businesses relationship between you and us….hell, everybody works for free…Anton Kusters, Haik Mesropian, Anna Barry Jester, Diego Orlando, Mike Courvoisier, Kerry Payne, Michelle Smith, Germana Lavagna, …hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of theoretically salaried work…no joke….these are smart folks….so i gotta pay em……eventually…sooner rather than later…and , oh yes, do not forget we pay the photographers who are published on Burn…..

so please, if you feel anything about Burn at all, sponsor this book and help us out in whatever way you can..damn, this has been a ride from the beginning ..right? anybody who knows Burn from the outside/inside knows that we are an open book…….our crew worked hard…Anton on design of course, Diego rode the presses watching over every detail, Anna did all the research etc…everybody did their bit

here is my belief:

i think YOU will make BURN 01  a classic just by buying it….1000 copies in the first edition…so, c’mon help revolutionize the biz just by buying BURN 01…think about it….rightfully and respectfully honors the icons, but mostly celebrates the young leading edge photographers of tomorrow…who can argue with that one?

i do hope to see some of you, but not all of you, at the Davidson/student/Burn 01 launch (see below)…i will give you the show of shows….but then again, i will bet you already know that….




Buy BURN.01 here:

USA, Canada, Mexico


Rest of World



For volume puchases (over 10 copies), please contact Diego Orlando directly at diego@burnmagazine.org



475 Kent-1Rooftop Burn Headquarters                                                                                                                 Photo by Michael Loyd Young


Welcome to a new

BURN event


Bruce Davidson – Outside/Inside


please join us Friday evening, September 24th, for a celebration….we are celebrating Bruce Davidson’s career and his new book Outside/Inside…Bruce will present his work at the Burn loft space 475 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, buzz 607….Bruce is the warm up presentation for my students who will present their work following Bruce’s show …this is all part of my annual one week loft workshop…..

i want to thank also photographers  Steve McCurry, Chris Anderson, Tim Heatherington,  Editors Susan Welchman (NatGeo), Jim Estrin (New York Times), Tina Ahrens (Emphas.Is) who spent classroom time with my students who each worked on their own projects throughout the week….

we are celebrating  also the collected work from the audience here on Burn with the launch of BURN. 01, our new collector print magazine/book….so the night will be rare air as you may imagine….please rsvp for this event and fiesta to follow by placing a comment right here under “comments”…a simple “yes” will do…

as is our norm, the door will be locked at 9pm for a respectful presentation of the work….you gotta be on time to get in…serious…so get here no earlier than 8pm for a cold beer and a friendly chat…tight window , but it is the only way this can work….thanks….

full moon rooftop party will follow the slide show  presentations…helping us out just a bit by bringing your favorite refreshments always appreciated….


– david alan harvey-

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  • May I ask for a pictures from yesterday evening please?

  • Thanks Sidney. 10 out of 10 for observation that’s the same leopard about 5 minutes later.

  • Marcin yester day !!! M pretty sure its still goin on ….

  • Gordon,

    I saw the Manjari story in the latest ASMP Bulletin
    I made a quick scan through http://www.asmp.org and did
    not see an online version.

  • Gordon,

    The only ‘link’ is to the BURN archive of ‘Selected Photographs’ for ‘Amur Leopard’ on April 25, 2009.
    The Canon ad with Harry’s leopard picture is in the ‘hard copy’ October 2010 issue of National Geographic (“The Spill”), facing page 6.

  • I went to David’s class finale at the loft last night and the party afterward on the roof. It was fantastic to see the students’ slideshows and how happy and proud they were to present their work in front of such a large star-studded audience after an incredibly intense and demanding week of shooting, critiques, education and fun. The finished work was great and everyone seemed to enjoy the celebration immensely. The students were the stars of the show, and deservedly so. They worked hard for that moment and the results were brilliant.

    The warm-up act wasn’t bad either. Bruce Davidson presented three slide trays of photos spanning his entire career, photos that appear in his new book “Outside Inside,” a three volume set containing 800 pics from his archives. In his introductory remarks, David described him as a photographer’s photographer and as one great photograph on the wall succeeded another, and another, and another, there was certainly no denying it. The breadth and depth of his life work is simply amazing. The quality of his photographs is off the charts by any measure. Davidson is clearly a man of great empathy and he must possess a deep and genuine love for humanity. I don’t know, but his work simply radiates human dignity, and that’s true even when he assumes the pov of the vegetation.

    The after party on the roof was great as well, as I’m sure you can imagine, which you’ll have to because we’re taking the “what happens in Williamsburg stays in Williamsburg” approach. Suffice it to say that being on that roof with such good company is one of the greatest possible New York experiences. There’s always a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline and Williamsburg bridge and last night the marginally cool breeze felt like heaven after an hour packed in a small apartment with 100 other people. And there was a full moon as well. What’s not to love?

    David was kind enough to invite me in to observe some parts of the workshop. In the coming days I’ll write up a more extensive take on the whole thing, but for now I thought you all would be interested in at least this brief description. I think you’re aware of the workshop’s general flow? Students come up with a project, shoot over the weekend, then participate in daily group critiques and shoot more in the late afternoon/evenings throughout the week. Each morning brings a fresh critique of fresh work and the best photographs, the ones that may appear in the show, are set aside for additional review. David also provides a lot of one-on-one sessions throughout the week and is always available for students, even to the extent of text messaging while a student is on late night shoot. In addition to all that, special guests come by and impart great photo-related wisdom. People like James Estrin of the NYT Lens Blog, Magnum Photographer Chris Anderson. David’s longtime editor at NatGeo Susan Welchman, and others provide the class with hi-end professional points of view and great insights into the way things work in the photo world, as well as an occasional critique or piece of personal advice. And then it’s all topped off with the public slideshow and loft/rooftop party.

    As an observer, I found the human drama that played out among the students most fascinating. David repeatedly emphasizes that he’s not there to teach them how to get a job, that he’s there to help them become great photographers, and that greatness is what he expects of them. The challenge of producing great work in a week with the eyes of David Alan Harvey upon them, as well as those of the other students and often a big time person from the NYT, NatGeo, Magnum or the like, results in a plethora of interesting tensions. There are many emotional ups and downs each student will deal with as the week progresses. Toward the end of the process some are just looking for that one great shot that will tie it all together while others are still struggling to find the core of their project, and probably more to the point, the core of who they are as photographers. David is a master of asking probing questions that get to the heart of each student’s challenge. His method is like some kind of cross between the dialectical method and psychotherapy. A lot of back and forth, arriving at the truth through dialog. Watching him work with the students, helping them figure out who they are in relation to their stories and guiding them to find new approaches to their work is a special thing to behold. He’s always looking for some spark, for that narrow little angle that will illuminate a strong point of view, that will bring an essay together and elevate it above the mundane, for that little something that will make the photographs great.

    Having witnessed some of that process, I found I had an emotional investment in the outcome. There in the loft on Friday night, I was genuinely rooting for the students. I knew where they had been the day before and was familiar with the challenges they still faced. Of course I was confident that they would do it, former students tell me they always do, but I was excited to see what form it would take. Then as the slideshows progressed and I saw how those challenges were answered, how the students had succeeded, I was genuinely happy for them, and happy for David as well. It was a grand achievement for each and every one. There was one particular picture that brought a little tear to my eye when it came on the screen. I knew that was the photo the student needed to get. I had heard the class exhorting him to go out and get it. I knew how much hard work and anguish had gone into it. Then I saw it and it was a great photo. The student had significantly raised the level of his game, which is really what it’s all about, much of it anyway. I really felt that success on an emotional level. And I don’t think feelings like that are unusual in David’s workshops. The environment is very supportive. Everyone shares everyone else’s frustrations and relishes everyone else’s successes. They all ride the others’ emotional roller coasters as well as their own. Maybe it’s something like foxhole camaraderie. Lifelong friendships are formed. The workshop is a fantastic experience all around.

    Anyway, I’m in Blackian length territory if not Blackian profundity, so I’d better leave it at this for now. Thanks and congratulations David. And thanks and congratulations to all you students. It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing your work. You all done real good.

  • PICTURES, DAMMIT, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES? it is exceedingly difficult to live vicariously through the lives of others without pictures. The vast majority of Burnians who could not be there last night want to know what went on, so come on, get them pictures up!

  • MW, a good write-up. It sounds about right, a tough week to be sure but as it should be, not unlike climbing a mountain. Actually, quite like an ascent with a team I’d imagine.

  • MW, you gave a very accurate description of what it is like in a DAH workshop. Glad you got to witness it.

  • I had the great privilege of attending the event. Having just moved to NY three weeks ago to start my year at ICP, it was by far a highlight (my transition is, to say the least, difficult; I’m living in a rough neighborhood where, just the night before, there was a major shootout literally at the doorstep of my apartment). There was so much talent and energy there and I had this overwhelming sense of participating in something grand. I wish I had the opportunity to meet more Burnians but I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to make it to the rooftop party (a major disappointment). Thank you all, and thanks David for the hospitality.

  • sounds good..
    gravy :ø)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I love your Inside …I love your Outside …You should write for a paper or something…
    Thank you for the immediate report

    And as AKAKY says…now, we need some visual stimulation…

    Now I have to be ready for some birthday announcements…oime

    Gravy for me too!!!

  • Finally got to read your WS review, Michael. Thanks for taking the paind and time to tell us, definitely a great read.

    I have been wondering lately about the paradox between the idea of photographic greatness/achievment, which resides in “getting the shot(s)” (vs merely capturing pictures of…) and so much of what is being shown these days, which seem to try to get the shot, the feel, shooting from the hip (freely, easily, then edit as a bunch), so to speak. Which does work, but does not create great photography.

    Your comments are on the other hand remind us a photograph (not just the subject one is shooting) is something one may have to put a lot on a line for, including possibly one’s own station towards life, and the world, at least as far as emerging photography go. It may seem not so for a few of us, given what we show others, but yes, a lot of self-questionning goes into achieving some kind of photography as we go on taking pictures.

    Thanks again, Michael.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Buy BURN 01…if a Greek can buy then …you can imagine what the rest of the Universe can do…!!!

    I love you all…

    P.S back to work…oime…I a proud civilian

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I am a proud,dyslexic…trying to keep up …

    With my BURNING philosophers…!!!

  • Books?.. who need books??.. now somebody can tell me if ‘Outside/Inside’ by Bruce Davidson is the same as ‘Journey of Consciousness’.. where a no is not accepted..


    good reportage from the workshop….you behaved yourself for the two days you were with us as per promised…i would have been pleased if you had been there for all five as you know, but at least you got a taste….i am sure you can imagine that every class is a bit different…the tone of the class and even my teaching style varies with the dynamic and demographic of the class..customized, limited edition..this was a particularly bonded group or maybe i think that every time…yes, think so…many of my former students were there as well..a nice feeling i must say, and i always recommend to every young photographer who is on the move forward to start paying back immediately and long before you are “successful” …do it…works for everyone….

    cheers, david


    Bruce Davidson called me this morning and told me how much he enjoyed the audience here in the loft on friday evening…he asked lots of questions about Burn and about this audience…he was sincerely curious, not being an online person himself….also said he had not gone to bed that late in years…well, just proves never too late to be corrupted…

  • MW –

    I greatly enjoyed your write-up. It gave me a perspective on what David does and how he goes about it that I have seen nowhere else. How fortunate these young photographer are to be coming of age in such technological advancements have made such an exciting – if challenging – time for photography and at the same time to have pro from the old school so truly dedicated to help launch them into the world.

    You also created in me a nostalgia for something I have never seen or experienced – a Manhattan roof party, of any kind. I want to experience one – and I want it to be a burn party.

    And to get to see the life work of Bruce Davidson… whoa…

    I say, anytime you feel motivated, go ahead, venture in Blackian country…

  • DAH-

    When you suggest that every young photographer…on the move forward…should start paying back immediately- I assume you mean in sharing knowledge, teaching, and otherwise helping others along in the craft?

    -very true I would say, as we all have something to learn and something to share with each other in our common pursuits of art & journalism!

    I don’t know if I mentioned to you that Will Gray sends his regards, now living outside of Hesperus, he expressed a sincere interest in catching up on one of your trips back down this way…He hosts an excellent writing course on Creative Non-Fiction each year- as a photographer trying to better craft thoughts into words I have learned immensely from his experience and ability to teach!

    Also wondering if you would be interested in approaching the Open Shutter Gallery here in town with a Burn show, showcasing the best of Burn (perhaps some of your own work), & Burn 01 book signing? Perhaps catching some of the West coast, Rocky Mountain crowd…? Just a thought.

    Hope to catch up soon, wish I could be in Jackson! Best-Jeremy


  • Just in case anyone in this room isn’t listening in on the convo over in “Advance Warning” as well (and just where *is* the crowd hanging about now as we wait anxiously for the next DAH post?)…


    Often I wish I lived in or near NYC….

    For those who do….Bruce Davidson signing at Barnes & Noble…

    Bruce Davidson
    Bruce Davidson: Outside Inside
    Author Signing
    The legendary photographer Bruce Davidson will join us to celebrate the release of a beautiful new three-volume retrospective of his entire, fascinating career from his days as a freelance photographer for Life to those spent at Magnum Photos.
    Tuesday October 05, 2010 7:00 PM

    86th & Lexington Ave
    150 East 86th Street, New York, NY 10028, 212-369-2180

    Special Instructions
    There is a limit of one copy of Outside Inside per person at this event. Copies will be available for purchase on the day of the event only — due to limited supply the title will not be available for pre-purchase.

    The box set there is not much more than the edition on Amazon….and if anyone happens to be in the neighborhood and wants to pick up a copy for me (and get it signed), I would happily reimburse you for cost and shipping and at least buy dinner next time I’m there…. :)

    Good light, all.


  • MW :))

    nice report, indeed…:))…and yes, feel free to not only step into the lovely, mad nation that is Blackian country, but feel free and with liberty, to expand, enlarge, take it over :)))

    …like Burn country, there are no despots nor kings nor dictators….simply citizens and civilians alike….having spent a long and delerious night Burning at a Harvey-workshop bash, i’m happy to hear you made it spinning words rather than with a spun head…(i seemed to had experienced both)…..savor the memory….and the books :))


  • I just reread my statement to MW and I am embarrassed. I don’t what it is, but it seems that whenever I leave a comment on burn I somehow manage to drop every fourth or fifth word that I meant to write, but I do not see these mistakes until the damn statement is already published.

    Yes, I read it before I click “submit” but when I do, my mind puts the missing words back in and I read them just as though they were there. Then, when it is published, I see what I have really done.

  • Frosty

    Yes, my over sixty mind works like that too, and I the occasional word.

  • FF, before you click the submit button, go back and read what you have written out out loud. Don’t rush; read word for word out loud and listen to yourself as you read. The gaps will become obvious. I am a great dropper of words and I find that 9 times out of 10 this will solve the problem. The times I don’t do it are the times I have to come back and apologize for not making any sense.

  • That’s a great tip, Akaky. I’m pretty bad about dropping words, as well… Maybe it’s because I’m a poor typist and my fingers can’t keep up :-)

    Just to make sure, it’s OK to have dual citizenship as a Burnian/Blackian. Is that correct?

  • dad (akaky): :)))

    to wit: (??)

    “…what you have written out out loud”…

    did you read that out-out loud?….or did you mean what you’ve written out, read out loud (in this case, wouldn’t that be redundant (the read clipped with the first out)….or did you write that and Akaky IRL read it out loud, humming over the 1st or 2nd out, knowing full well that someone would call you out on your out writing, aloud…..;)))

    well, Frostfrog :))…welcome to my world here…i never re-read what i’ve typed (or written out ;) ), prior to submit-ting….let alone, reading it out loud….though i do read out loud (much to the dismay of my son) everything i’m writing for real (essays, poems, prose for publication)….

    and you know what, i still rarely hear my errors….until i see it in print, and by then, i’m crawling back to the bat cave


    ok, to be read aloud….or out(side)-in(side) loud….

  • amend: i meant i never read aloud what i type here at Burn (or any other blog),…’cause for me, the comments are like conversations…

    but, i ALWAYS read out-out loud anything I write in earnest (which i guess, what i’ve written above wasn’t really written in earnest since I did read it out loud, so please ignore)….

    so i guess, yes….language was meant to be spoken and listened to, and so, yes, anything one writes should also be spoken, out or a loud…..:)))

    ok, gotta disappear again for the week…deadlines…

    OUT LOUD! :))


  • fuck ;)))…see, Akaky is write, this

    “above wasn’t really written in earnest since I did read it out loud, so please ignore)…”

    should have been (had i read it out loud and heard the mistake)

    “above wasn’t really written in earnest since I did NOT read it out loud, so please ignore)…”

    i’m crawling back to proust …


  • Good advice, Akaky

    bob black – some how, you have just made me feel redeemed…

  • I took some pictures from the event Friday night. They’re posted on Untapped New York.
    Just warning that I am by no means as experienced in photography as the people in attendance, but for those that requested some snapshots, here they are!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    First, I have to read aloud the text…
    Then I have to go along the text…to find any differences between… what I read and what I have typed
    of course…I have to deal with my poor English skills….
    Many times,the I-phone or I-pad doesn’t want to cooperate…
    Lot’s of work for one civilian…
    BUT I will try to follow AKAKY’S golden rule…
    BURNIANS…let’s proofread or waterproof…our comments

    …I LOVE u All…!!!

  • “…written out out loud…”

    serves me right for not following my own damn rule…

  • I followed you, Akaky. “Speak what you have written out, out loud”.

    I can just never decide when to write as I speak and when to follow the rules ;)

  • i’m very late here on this thread… but I wanted to congratulate everyone involved in Burn 01.

    to all the photographers and the whole behind the scenes crew, and especially to david and anton, for dedicating so much time and energy into turning a pipe dream into a reality. no doubt the work involved in the editing and designing of Burn 01 was immense… I look forward to seeing a copy!

    so congratulations!!! as always, much inspiration and respect


    and MW thanks for the report, i enjoyed reading it… i could use a trip to the big apple… still my consolation is that down here spring has arrived in full effect and i’ve had my first barefoot days in a long long while…

  • Received my copy of Burn 01 yesterday. I’m burning on a big print project right now so haven’t had time to linger over it, but it looks great on a flip through. Fantastic design and choice of essays. Congrats to all!


  • Oh! Charles, when did you order? I’ve been wondering how long it will take, and there isn’t tracking info that I can find (nor would I expect, really)…

  • Dual citizenship is fun.. U got to pay taxes everywhere..
    It feels good to be “special”..;)

  • Untapped–the one photo of the skyline with the silhouettes–excellent. Thanks for sharing. Last time I was up there I about froze to death in the wind.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MRS.UNTAPPED …the visual signal looks quite pro …at least to my civilian “eye”…
    thanks for sharing …as MRS.BIRTHDAY girl LEE GUTHRIE…wrote above !!!

  • Also, happy birthday Rumi. He is 800+ years old today. Thanks Civi. I’m not a Mrs. though. Been single for almost 3 years now.

  • UPS just delivered by copy… still have to dig in properly, but looks and feels fantastic. Congratulations to all involved.

  • ack… “my” copy, of course.

  • OK, where is my ups truck with *my* copy???? Hoping it’s at least on the truck, even …..

  • “Much that is learned is bound to be bad habits. You’re always beginning again. – W. S. Merwin”

    Got that off Paris Review’s twitter feed, but it sounded like something David would say.

  • I wonder how well the cupcakes are selling number wise

  • Sharni Jayawardena

    Would love to buy a copy of Burn 01. Tried going through the right channels, but Sri Lanka is not listed under ‘Rest of the World’. Oh dear. Let me know what I should do?


    Sorry for late response.
    Could you please send an email to diego@burnmagazine.org? He will be able to take care of you.


  • hey guys….quick question: :))

    any word on how long it will take our copy to get to Toronto…ordered copy on day 1, just wondering if its stuck at the border, as often happens with mail coming across ??


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