the pitch: to the point..BURN.01 is available for online purchase as of now…yes, i am selling this new book and proud of it…the best work of the audience here on Burn is featured along with a smattering of iconic legends….25 photo essays by both legends and emerging photographers alike… and two thought provoking  text pieces…..above, holding copies of the 300 page, printed in Italy, collector edition (1000 copies) are my students from the loft workshop which i do every year right here…frankly, a typical class for me and my Burn demographic….the best of times for all…the photographers above will present their work on Friday evening right after the Bruce Davidson show right here in my apartment…see announcement below..

the are two choices below for payment…editions are the same…we just are trying to keep the shipping costs to you as low as possible in the same way we priced out the production quality and sales price…this is a good deal..no businessmen among us..

even though BURN 01 is not inexpensive, it is the very best we could do,  and even at this price the only way we could do this special edition was with support from a few individual donors here, who prefer to remain anonymous….the donors here go un-named but they have been dream donors….zero requests…..they like Burn as it is and fund for that reason….and one of the most generous donors is from the readership here, whom i have never even met, nor Anton…no questions, no interview….

so both Anton and i are very proud of our businesses relationship between you and us….hell, everybody works for free…Anton Kusters, Haik Mesropian, Anna Barry Jester, Diego Orlando, Mike Courvoisier, Kerry Payne, Michelle Smith, Germana Lavagna, …hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of theoretically salaried work…no joke….these are smart folks….so i gotta pay em……eventually…sooner rather than later…and , oh yes, do not forget we pay the photographers who are published on Burn…..

so please, if you feel anything about Burn at all, sponsor this book and help us out in whatever way you can..damn, this has been a ride from the beginning ..right? anybody who knows Burn from the outside/inside knows that we are an open book…….our crew worked hard…Anton on design of course, Diego rode the presses watching over every detail, Anna did all the research etc…everybody did their bit

here is my belief:

i think YOU will make BURN 01  a classic just by buying it….1000 copies in the first edition…so, c’mon help revolutionize the biz just by buying BURN 01…think about it….rightfully and respectfully honors the icons, but mostly celebrates the young leading edge photographers of tomorrow…who can argue with that one?

i do hope to see some of you, but not all of you, at the Davidson/student/Burn 01 launch (see below)…i will give you the show of shows….but then again, i will bet you already know that….




Buy BURN.01 here:

USA, Canada, Mexico


Rest of World



For volume puchases (over 10 copies), please contact Diego Orlando directly at diego@burnmagazine.org



475 Kent-1Rooftop Burn Headquarters                                                                                                                 Photo by Michael Loyd Young


Welcome to a new

BURN event


Bruce Davidson – Outside/Inside


please join us Friday evening, September 24th, for a celebration….we are celebrating Bruce Davidson’s career and his new book Outside/Inside…Bruce will present his work at the Burn loft space 475 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, buzz 607….Bruce is the warm up presentation for my students who will present their work following Bruce’s show …this is all part of my annual one week loft workshop…..

i want to thank also photographers  Steve McCurry, Chris Anderson, Tim Heatherington,  Editors Susan Welchman (NatGeo), Jim Estrin (New York Times), Tina Ahrens (Emphas.Is) who spent classroom time with my students who each worked on their own projects throughout the week….

we are celebrating  also the collected work from the audience here on Burn with the launch of BURN. 01, our new collector print magazine/book….so the night will be rare air as you may imagine….please rsvp for this event and fiesta to follow by placing a comment right here under “comments”…a simple “yes” will do…

as is our norm, the door will be locked at 9pm for a respectful presentation of the work….you gotta be on time to get in…serious…so get here no earlier than 8pm for a cold beer and a friendly chat…tight window , but it is the only way this can work….thanks….

full moon rooftop party will follow the slide show  presentations…helping us out just a bit by bringing your favorite refreshments always appreciated….


– david alan harvey-

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  • a civilian-mass audience

    you should have known by now…there is an open window policy in the BURNLAND…
    you have to bring…a 12pack…your choice:)))

  • Anthony , i suggest a 1.2 lens and red converses..or converses Rouges..application at the lobby….;)

  • a civilian-mass audience,

    I already know – the policy is an open window… but the standards are high… I don’t know what that 12 pack means though… a pack of film???:)…

  • good stuff.. yet.. no postage to norway.. perhaps i have to buy and get a cheap flight to italy?
    that would be a shame ..

    maybe i could buy one and have it left in london somewhere?
    near the old guy that sits feeding the pigeons, next to the tree on the corner of the soho square..
    just tuck it under his dog.

  • panos skoulidas,

    This is sad news for me… because the only lens I have at the moment is my old Mamiya lense but it’s is just f5.6… about one month ago I sold my all DSLR equipment… and I don’t wear red converses, because mephisto or ecco works better with my hugo boss jackets:))… cheers brother…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ANTONIE…you got me on this one…:))) you are a BURNIAN…you know what to do

    LASSAL…CR needs CPR…oime

    DB…no worries…your request is granted…

    oime…I am the happiest civilian…
    SPREAD THE news
    BURN 01 is here to stay…we have been warned…

  • CIVI

    “CR needs CPR”

    That’s a pity indeed. Maybe we need to start with the noir version.

  • Lassal … Nope… I wish.. But CR is replaced by Facebook ;)
    Biggest hug for U baby;)

  • David/anton/burnians/all:

    just a brief message…

    it is a wonderous moment, at last…for most of you Burn is a relatively new home/place to crash/delerium in your lives…but i want to take a moment, very brief, to shine a light on what this moment means…

    i remember when david first began his blog (learned about it from bruno stevens) focused primarily on his students and david alan harvey musings :))…that evolved into Road Trips as a living/breathing/vital home…but more than a home..a place where people talked and also MADE work…the first Road Trip assignment…which generated real work…some of that work was shown at Look3, long before there was burn and Burn was the natural extension of road trips, the inevitable growth…but it’s always been about photography and photography…giving helping achieving stimulating sharing, etc…

    and burn has been an amazing, crazy, hectic place…shit, i even went a bit crazy a few times ;))))…hopefully few remember my long, bombastic ‘editorial notes’ when i was helping as editor-at-large…and thank goodness, david and anton had enough faith, to let me disappear and recoup my insanity to help Burn in the best way i can: to make photos and to write supportive and hopefully helpful comments…no more ‘editor notes’ from me, ever ;))…

    so, i want to celebrate david and anton and mike c and kerry and anna and haik and Diego and and Michelle and Germana and lassal and the guy from ogilvy (always forget his name) and marie and eric and chris b and panos and andrew sn and erica and CIVI all those people who, from that december meeting, and throughout chats and in front of behind the scenes that have continued to make burn the rocking and inspired forward-looking place it is….

    a place meant to inspire and, most importantly, HELP photographers…

    i feel so happy for all of you and all of us,…as a guy who’d done some behind the scenes and a guy whod’ help in front….I am so proud of all of you…

    and so THANKFUL to David and Anton! :))) You guys are amazing! :))))

    big big congrats David and Anton and all of you

    marina and i are sending everyone big hugs! :))

    can’t wait…to see my copy :)))…signed ;))))

    so happy to be early in the buying process, as they’ll sell out quickly :)))

  • Lassal, will do, on Monday, IF my car stops to play silly games.. just beeped and told me to stop, which I have done.. waiting for it to tell me GO.. hmmm.. don’t really feel like pushing it through the St. Bernard tunnel.. So looking forward to meet Diego and Burn 01 ;)

  • If some country is not in the rest of the world postage list, please write me at diego@burnmagazine.org

    In Italy BURN_01 is also in some library: MiCamera in Milano and SpazioLabò in Bologna. I will add other places once i have them.

  • It must be advancing age steadily advancing on me-I think I have socks older than damn near everyone in that workshop group picture (Not, mind you, that you are not all excellent photographers and wonderful human beings who would never do anything as crass as ask me for money like almost any member of my family that I can think of right off the top of my head).

    No, I will not be going anywhere on Friday; work beckons on Saturday, which eliminates my doing anything on Friday except go to work and listening to IRL invent reasons for why we can’t go, none of which are necessary because I can’t go, reason or no reason.

    $45 is a lot of money for a picture book without any dirty pictures in it. And for the new readers of BURN, yes, that really is Bob Black’s idea of a brief message.

  • just can’t afford it.
    anyone in/near seattle getting it?
    maybe i could look over your shoulder.

    congrats to everyone involved!
    esp. DAH & anton.
    what an enormous accomplishment.
    so proud to have been here since Road Trips.
    love you guys..

  • BOB – Amen!!!
    PANOS – Greetings from the Eastsiiide!

    As for rsvp: YES! So looking forward!

    Yay, BURN 01, yay BURN.

  • Akaky

    You need to go buy some new socks with some of that Walmart refund money.

  • So happy, so proud !

    Congratulations to all.

    I will order books for my friends of korea, too.

    Thank you very much.


  • Spazio Labo’ – centro di fotografia – Bologna, Italy
    Is now selling BURN 01, and also ship it ;)
    send an email to:info@spaziolabo.it



  • ~ Always feels good to support the efforts of friends and artists…
    Thanx 2 all of you 4 making it happen…

    KATIA ~ I may be coming through Seattle on my way to go sailing around the Olympic Peninsula in early October…If I do, I’ll let you know through FB. We could meet up & then you can check out my copy..:)

    Peace, Hillary


    I would, but the refund won’t cover the cost of the socks. Akakys don’t hold their value the way a Leica does; we depreciate to just about nothing almost instantly.

  • just a brief message…

    David, pleaaaase, tell me that Bob did not write the preface to BURN01… Pleaaaaase!


  • Okay, let’s try that again without the strange electrical surge that just ran through this egregious mold pit, shall we?


    I suspect the 12-pack in question here is one of beer. I am not sure of this, but I suspect that a week of workshopping brings on a powerful thirst.

  • Akaky,

    I figured out it was about beer:)))… sometimes I like to joke and tease a bit:)… I do not consume beer though:)… but it isn’t relevant…

  • HERVE! :))))))))))))))000

    well….ummmm….no, i didn’t :)))))…but….:)))))…

    i did write a long prose-poem about memory/phtoography/snapping pictures…so, yea, it’s long too ;)))…but please feel free to go directly to the photographs, and i will not be offended….part of the work has been nominated for a writing award, which i submitted, after i wrote the piece for David/Anton……and i didn’t contribute any equally long photographic essays….maybe only a picture or two ;))…

    so, you are now obligated to wade through the piece i wrote….it’s about the NOW ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


  • HERVE, Bob’s being modest. His essay is so long, I hear the only pictures actually in Burn 01 are two pictures of Audrey’s parents and one of Lance being stopped at a rodeo for photographing a horse.

  • AKAKY! :)))))))))))))))))))))


    1000 editions have to be sold…who is going to buy anything with a 300 page poem from me + 2 pics…..actually my essay is 4 words long :)))

    ok, back to work :)))

  • BOB: i did write a long prose-poem

    I was afraid so! ;-)

  • HERVE :)

    think of it as a 10-day meditation treat….and think how much cooler the photos will look after saying, god i got through that Black’s thing….beside, i’m plowing my way through Proust…the least you can do is read my poem ;)))


  • KATIA,

    Will let you know when I get mine.


  • I’m so glad it’s out! (Would be brilliant if it shipped to Norway though.)


    One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you’d be stricken blind. (Dorothea Lange)

  • David B

    I have a plan! Check your e-mail.

  • the least you can do is read my poem ;)))
    at 56$, I will read everything in the book, Bob, rest assured! :-)))

    Proust: while in france, i borrowed and downloaded from the local library a huge CD collection of readings (by Lambert Wilson) of “a la recherche…” for the long bus trips and off days, in Asia. A lot lighter than taking the book along!

  • bjarte – how the exhibition launch go?
    well done my friend.. and i like the happiness post.

    apparently diego says he can post to norway for 25 euro..
    i’ll see if it is cheaper to send 2 at once.

    as an aside – diego..
    got your email more than 30 times..
    you may be leaning on the ‘send’ button on your phone or something :o)

  • One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you’d be stricken blind. (Dorothea Lange)


    and then, the only honest photographer is a blind one.

  • I’m currently at Photokina in Cologne.
    Here are some impressions: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tfelix/sets/72157624874540815/

  • the only honest photographer is a blind one.

    now, thats the quote of the Day..thanks D.:)

  • the honest Person is a Dead one…

  • David

    I’m going to Sweden in october anyways, so you will only have to pay for shipping from here (Ålgård) to Bergen. I think it will be cheaper for you than from Italy to Bergen :)

  • …oh, and the exhibition launch is october 3rd.

  • Hillary & Charles–

    Thank you!! :))

  • BOB and DAH:

    Bob agree with you:

    What about this vision of burn in the very close next future: (laughing :-P)

    Burn is growing so fast. A baby that two years ago came to this cyber world, put his head out and started sharing about photography, about art, about thoughts and photographers phyloshophy.
    I can’t even think about “burn” three years from now… maybe an agency, maybe a big community with headquarters in downtown Manhattan, Paris and Shangai. DAH doing meetings here and there hiring more and more photographers, exhibitions sponsored by great print labs and finally being at the Wall Street stock market!! Uhmm, no the last part is too much

    David that sounds cool… or maybe to much stress…yes, I know, living in front of your porch in NC is also great.

    Enjoy this week with students and like The Beatles said “let burn be” or “All you need is burn”


  • Finally! Just ordered my copy from MiCamera: Burn01 is the super-hot news in their homepage… http://www.micamera.com/

  • Anthony –

    “I don’t know what that 12 pack means though… ”

    It means that you had better be lifting weights, because you will be required to enter wearing no shirt, with your chest and abs exposed and you had better be ripped – a six pack just isn’t good enough.

    katia –

    It’s been awhile, but Seattle is one of those towns that sooner or later I always get back to. If it should next happen before – or even after – you get your hands on burn 01, I will bring mine and would love to sit down and go through it with you – and to look at more of your work, which I so greatly respect and admire.

    I saw Diego’s phone in Perpignan and I can imagine why his send button is not working. All the top glass was broken and I think you can use it just with a lot of imagination (or memory).

    Diego, We wait also for BURN.01 presentation in Rome and… PARIS?

  • :o)
    laura.. nearly hitting 40 times now..
    funny really.. so long as it isn’t costing him..

  • I am so bummed that I can’t make it to this…I miss all of you guys and need to reconvene with everyone soon. I’d be happy to meet up with fellow BuRNians in any way…a gathering, a show, a photo festival, or a workshop. Photography is LIFE and the stART of the creativity living in my heART :)

    Have a fabulous time at the show, everyone. Hugs.

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