one month BURNing…

one of the worst ideas i have ever had was starting BURN three days before Christmas!!  what a bad idea….but, when i get passionate about something, it is hard to hold me back….so, thus it was that BURN was launched just as i was getting on an airplane and heading for Colorado to see my mother who has no internet modum…..hmmmm, and i am here to help emerging photographer’s think??  well, please know that i do not always do the right thing…however, here we are and i just want to take a minute to take stock….

first of all, i want to thank the readers here for submitting so much work for publication on BURN…some of you may not realize, but so far,  all of the work published on BURN has come from you….and this morning i was looking at what we have ready to roll and the next weeks and months are going to be exciting indeed….at first, i was really worried about having daily updates on BURN…i could not imagine it…now, i could do two posts per day easy !!  we have lots of content coming in and “the bar” is going to get higher and higher …

the internet audience is indeed a fickle one and an impatient one as well….you have so many choices out there and you want what you want NOW….i get that, but i also ask you to be a little bit patient with BURN…i was getting judged after 6 days, when i could see that to really “get” BURN ,in all of its manifestations, would take 6 months….one sentence is not a paragraph and one paragraph is not a book….i surely would not want to be judged on my first 6 days of anything… essays or relationships or anything!!  but, i will take the criticism because this  is fair enough…i have put myself “out there”, so that is just the way it goes…so expect more flaws, but expect some revelations as well…

i mean, BURN right now is just me editing, writing etc and Anton Kusters managing most of the tech stuff….i have been in about three locations since BURN started and Anton has been in either Belgium or Japan…so, neither of us can possibly get any sleep because of the time zones…and both of us are shooting as well…sitting by a computer editing is not what i envision for life…i am a working photographer and i will stay a working photographer….my number one priority photographically is my next book….and i hope you will see that this is important for me to be a photographer first and an editor second…but, my work is not published here on BURN…..yours is…..and that is the way it will be..

my choices for essays and singles are just that…my choices….choice comes from either something i really really like  OR  photographs that i think will invite discussion….and there is certainly no lack of discussion!!  i like photojournalism….i like conceptual photography….frankly, i like whatever is truly compelling….again, the work published here has come from the pool of submissions from you, or from photographers i have mentored online or in workshops…..i was thinking at first to cast a wider net and i will  do that  too, but things are coming in so fast and the essays are getting so good, that it is a full time job just to view it all….

plus, we will start soonest the “Work in Progress” section for  developing essays…i will take on 5 new photographers for this and work with them a month or so and then select 5 more…i predict many of you will be hanging around “Work in Progress” over all other sections…i will continue to profile  so called iconic photographers as a way of mixing it all up on the same pages…not only Magnum photographers as some would expect, but photographers from all agencies , galleries , etc etc…this is my nature…i do this in my workshops…my student show always follows the show of one of the greats…this honors say an Alessandra Sanguinetti or a Eugene Richards, but gives a special cred to the emerging photographers who will soon become the “greats”….this is my whole point of mentoring….to discover the next great photographer OR to provide a meaningful way of making photography an integral  part of your life…

your ideas and your work are BURN…..i am just a moderator….BURN may be likened to “talk radio”…participation is the message….as you know , i have ideas for funding beyond the Emerging Photographer Fund grant….to give some of you the funding you need to finish your projects and ideally to create from “scratch” content specific for  BURN…it would seem that  a financial recession would not be the ideal time to do this…i think the opposite…sponsors are looking to the net…content is king….for a fraction of what sponsors are spending now, we can give them THE place to be…..and photographers rights are always paramount in my mind and my life philosophy….

if you tap into your passion, if you create something special,  and if that appears here, then indeed the audience will become the producers……we have a chance for the ultimate collaboration…a chance to invent something…joining something can be terrific…inventing something is the ultimate…

your thoughts???

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  • Seems I’m the first?
    Well, I would like to thank you David and Anton for your work and your commitment, and to offer us (trying to-) emerging photographers this platform of expression!
    Just can’t wait to see what’s coming next, I rss’d this site since the first day and come to visit as soon as I check my rss-feed. It’s always a good surprise to see the work presented here (I’ll send more too!) and I like the mix of known and emerging photog, it’s a nice way to help “youngers”…
    So I wish BURNmag a long life full of wonderful surprises and again, thank you!
    (PS) sorry for any english mistakes…

  • Loving it so far.

    I have to say the one thing I miss is a place to just shoot the shit. Yeah, that can be done within the comments of the essays and singles, but I feel that isn’t fair to the photographers. So maybe there can be a place for a bit of a more free ranging discussion with maybe one of the old time great DAH blog style musings/topics to kick it off now and then. Just a thought.

    Blessings for Burn in the year of the Ox,


  • It’s crazy to think that BURN is only a month old! I’m just amazed that two jet-setters with tons of other stuff going on have consistently been able to build, update, and moderate this mag on a daily basis while running to catch the next train, plain, or automobile…you guys are insane!

    I can’t wait to see what BURN looks like 6 months, a year from now…everybody better tighten up and get their work in, because I imagine that very soon we will be backed up with submissions and the bar will keep getting raised higher.

    Here’s to all the contributors who made BURN happen in its first month; you are all pioneers! And brave souls, too…

    The dialogue on BURN has been interesting to follow; sometimes brilliant, sometimes heated, sometimes way out of line…but somehow we always manage to calm down, come to a little better understanding, even become friends with people we have sparred with. The volatility, though sometimes annoying for those of us who just want to discuss photography, keeps things interesting. I would, however, like to encourage everyone, newcomers and old-timers alike, to maintain civility and respect when in a public forum such as this. It’s easy to hide behind a computer screen, especially under an anonymous alias, and hurl aspersions at people you may never meet. But, as many of us have come to experience, the virtual community here is becoming more and more of a real community, and you may one day find yourself face-to-face with someone you unfairly trashed online…not only that, but if we want to have iconic photographers and major photo editors participating and visiting BURN, we can’t allow the dialogue to be dragged into the gutter. These guys are in the major leagues, not high school, and they don’t have time for that kind of crap. ‘Nuff said.

    I’m really excited about what is happening here. BURN is already an innovator in the field of online photography, and as it matures and develops, it has the potential to truly influence the future of photography. Or at least we can all believe that it does! Maybe it’s the new presidential administration giving us all hope within the midst of trouble and turmoil–I don’t know what it is, but it feels like BURN has the potential to be a phoenix rising from the detritus of failing print magazines and newspapers and shrinking budgets. 2009 is going to be a year of restructuring and lean living for almost everyone, but those who position themselves well and get a clear handle of where this boat is heading in the 21st century will be most able to take advantage of the turning tide, once it eventually turns. Let’s hope all of us are that fortunate.

    Once again, hats off to David and Anton for the vision, savvy, and work ethic to get this thing going. Now it’s time for the rest of us to step up and share the load a little…

  • oh yeah… i’m loving every second of it.
    people close to me say i’m crazy, i haven’t slept properly since i was over in NYC where BURN got BORN, but hey… i’ve always been the person to go one hundred percent for something.

    and i’m loving the way BURN is evolving little by little through its audience, its content… it really is not only for emerging photographers but it is an emerging place as well…

    i’m BURNing the midnight oil for this project wherever i may be, giving all i got, and shooting at the same time… i want to be a photographer first and foremost, and that is what i’ll return to “soonest”, but this “step” is a necessary one, for me to grow and for me to be able to give back some of my knowledge to help others emerge… and one which i have not regretted taking for one instant… if anything, it has learned me so much about photography, photographers, projects, visual language a lot more than anything else recently…

    and humbled me. really.

  • Burn, Daddy, Burn! :))))

    in this year of the ox (a year of prosperity and renewal), I count Burn as one of the great new year’s blessings…and so happy to be here :)))…

    and I know a photographer who has an essay called ‘year of the ox';)))…am working on that photographer now to show something with time :)))))))….

    i’m with Charles, a place to muse or shoot the shit or rant or ramble is still a great idea…maybe that’s where a section “shoot the shit with harvey” or ‘shoot the shit with a shooter’ could be :)))))….

    David, as those picky Vulcans say, ‘may Burn live long and prosper!’ :)))



  • oh and about the “evolving” part: we have BURN “version 1.5″ and BURN “version 2.0″ lined out already… thanks to all comments and feedback and careful observations and constant self-reflection and discussion….

    we’re all in for a treat, 2009 will BURN…

    ’nuff said :-)

  • hey charles… i might be mistaken, but is that not precisely what “dialogue” here is for?

    it just so happens that david hasn’t really posted a free ranging discussion topic just yet, but, as Yoda would say:

    “coming soon, it will!”



    this is supposed to be that place…where we are right now in Dialogue…where i usually ask the audience a question…for some reason, most readers just do not know that or see it that way…the pieces under Diaglogue are the same things i would write about under the old “road trips”..BUT, there have not been as many stories here, nor have i had the time to do as many, since i have a whole new editing job…you are right, the singles and essays are not the place for chit chat…i did put the story on Steve here, but i think i will create another whole new category called “Profiles” and keep this for THIS…

    i thought of blocking the essays and singles for comments to force everyone to chat here on Dialogue, but many reject that idea…there is no clear consensus on what should be blogable and what should not….some want the essays and singles to be comment free, others love it….what do you think??

    anyway Charles, shoot away!! let’s see what happens….

    cheers, david

  • BOB…

    shoot , shoot…i am right here!! damn, maybe i need a bullet proof vest…

    cheers, david


    still laughing about our X-mas launch idea… i remember the phonecall we had as if it were yesterday…
    the X-mas launch… whichever one of us came up with that one, still owes me a beer :-))))


  • ANTON…

    damn dude, you are chatting with the masses when you are supposed to be Skyping me!!! i knew this was going to get out of hand at some point….


  • laughing again…

    … and calling you now!


  • David and Anton, our gratitude to you guys is impossible to put into words. And all the behind-the-scenes folks who worked with DAH in person at BURN’s “birth” in his Brooklyn loft at the beginning of December 2008, not to mention those who offered ideas and assistance on Road Trips, in emails, phone calls and even via webcam (David McG). This has truly been a communal effort but the hardest workers are David and Anton. Without them, BURN would have just remained another great idea floating around in space. Those guys are DOERS!

    As one of the early contributors to BURN, I feel incredibly honored and humbled to have had my essay published here. As more submissions come in and the bar gets raised higher and higher, I am going to be VERY glad that I got in on the ground floor when expectations were not out of sight. Sometimes it pays to get your shit together quickly!

    I believe that what BURN will become is beyond our wildest dreams. Just look at what’s already happened in only one month! Hang on tight, my friends, for this is going to be an AMAZING ride!!!

    in gratitude

  • Ha! Yes, I see it clearly now…..

    No, I think dialogue on the photos/essays is a good idea. Yes, there will be criticism, sometimes warranted, other times off base, but I think if one can make the cut at BURN, then the skin needs to thicken (or already has) to a degree. The greatness of Burn is the ability to get feedback from your community, and the photos do sometimes spark discussion that is relevant and wouldn’t have come about otherwise. I say keep it as it is.

    Now it’s time to go walk the dog (he has his own opinions about this blogging thing).

    All the best,



    I think that BURN after just one month looks as good as we/you had imagined on that rainy day in New York… You made it happen so much respect my friends! Key question that some of us still wrestle with is how to best help support on-going the load of work that this represents for the two of you. Clearly, we do not want to kill either one of you with either logistics or the editing work that will keep becoming a bigger job over time as BURN grows so I wonder how to best move forward in that regard. I think that Lassal made that suggestion before but I have no doubt that many would be prepared to contribute even small amounts to maybe at least fund a webmaster or whatever else would be needed to keep this place going… We joked about the T-shirts etc but I do think there was also there some ideas on how to provide some funding to support the magazine….

    The one area that I know we had talked and that I miss but that I know will start very soon is the more educational part for young photographers that I am sure will be the “work in progress” section. We had talked about a section with “behind the scene” perspective on the essays, maybe a place where edits are kept over time from the very first one to what eventually is the final essay. I do not think that there is anything like that anywhere on the web and I see so much learning opportunities for young photographers. It cannot get any better than that for an on-line workshop really, even if nothing will ever replace the face to face discussions. In the spirit of on-line mentoring, I also wonder if there is an opportunity to enroll some readers and use their talents for caching and guidance. Tom is a former editor so maybe there could be an section for anyone who is looking for advice there that Tom could help manage. Bob beyond being a great photographer could provide perspectibe about the text, the writing of an essay, etc etc…

    Very final point….we all have to make BURN become ours…. it seems to me that some may be intimidated by the more formal format and this is why you have had some suggesting to have a section for general free ranging discussions… I know that this is what Dialogue is meant to be so this maybe a question of time but, with a great looking more formal magazine, if ever the topic of discussion proposed on Dialogue is a serious one, some may shy away from general tchat… Now, some may argue that we do no need these maybe more superficial tchating here…maybe but I think this also helps cement our litle (not so little these days) community….

    Anyway, again, kudos to both and you know that many of us are grateful for what you are doing and always here to help to the extent that we can….




    By the way, what are your plans these days now that CYPHER has been published? Are you working on another long term project… I am a real fan and keep going back to your book…




    may i take a break now to have lunch????

    back soonest….

    cheers, david

  • I like the feel of Burn for a number of reasons, I think that it is “broken up” in a very good way! In this I find myself able to stop in, see a great image, image series, or profile…read a few comments and move on. I think it’s important that one does not have to “sift” backwards to get the giest of a coversation/thread.

    This site “moves” much faster than Road Trip, I like the idea of coming to Burn and seeing a new direction, a new topic, a new “category” opened up almost daily!

    In short the layout/organization of Burn lets one take in the photography and writing on a day to day basis, while still preserving the “archive” and any ongoing conversations from the last “dialogue”.

    Keep us on our toes….I look forward to seeing more!

    Cheers, Jeremy

  • I was just about to reply here when up popped “Work in Progress”!!

    I too can hardly believe that Burn is only one month old: it seems so mature and purposeful. Thank you everyone who has contributed to it’s success and especially to David and Anton.

    I’m sure that David is not just making this up as he goes along – he is a man with a plan!


  • Burn away, Mr. Harvey. The magazine is a gem. It’s a magical mystery tour of humankind’s wonderful weirdness. What a gift you have brought us. I’ll say no more for what more can I say?

  • I’m going to be hanging out at home for a while and taking a break from my shooting projects because I may have come up with a solution for the focusing difficulties associated with HD video on DSLR’s.

    Let me work up a model and report back later over the coming days and weeks. If it works I will manufacture the device myself. So anyone shooting with one of these cameras, feel free to let me know and I’ll keep you in the picture.


  • ERIC…

    you can get as informal as you want anywhere you want..but yes, “Dialogue” is more appropriate space…i think you are right in a way…the more elegant layout makes us feel a bit more serious or more formal as you say…hmmmmmm, i have to think about that one…let’s see how it goes when i start writing more stories here on Dialogue..asking more questions….i think 90% of it is just the fact that i have not written much here…

    now, how about the customer service operation though?? you asked for Work in Progress and within 10 minutes you had Work in Progress…anything else i can help you with sir???

    cheers, david

  • Thanks Eric. I have something in mind that right in my own neighborhood. But I haven’t laid any groundwork for it yet so I’m a bit hesitant to talk about it. I’m also going back through my archives and working with a young designer to put together another book. It’s a portrait book, though loosely. Ex-girlfriends, party people, famous musicians, family, travels, etc. Pulling it all in and see what sticks and if I can pull it off. But my next biggest project is the birth of Felix in a couple of weeks. That should take up some time for a bit. Fortunately my wife gets 5 months leave, and I have the luxury of doing as I please (neither of us are too stressed about $ at the moment fortunately). So will take the opportunity to spend some time with new life. And believe me, I will be taking a few pictures!

    How’s your boxing project going?

    Take care,


  • Patricia! Get your shit together? I’ll never walk another lady over the road – even if she does want to cross!

  • David, is it possible to post written articles? Perhaps under Dialogue?



    I did not know about the baby. Congrats my friend…It will chamge your life for sure… I will wait to hear more about your project…Boxing is going well… Still shooting for a few more weeks before I head back to Europe. I will keep you posted. Cheers, Eric


    the picture you sent me today of you in the mirror just killed me!! as in just killer photograph!! great… thanks…

    i want to incorporate that and maybe one other into your essay…but, it is your choice… i just make strong recommendations as you well know!!!

    cheers, david

  • DAVID,

    you are the FEDEX amn to use your own words… I should have known that you always deliver :):):):). Your bold little brother seems to be on to something in Japan…. This is exciting…


  • David, I trust your eye, my friend. Add the mirror and whatever other additional photo caught your eye. As I said via email, you can use the mirror shot as the cover photo if you think that would work. Want to keep that edit nice and tight!



    congratulations on little Felix!!! yea, forget the other stuff for awhile….the other stuff is other stuff…give us a good baby picture…i mean, a good picture, a very good picture, that just happens to be your baby…get it??? ok you got it, your new assignment from BURN…a “my new baby” picture that is not a my new baby picture….

    cheers, david

  • Do you guys have any free time to tackle customer service over at Time Warner :))

  • Burn’s looking great! I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Work In Progress section develops. I think it’s going to be a great education in putting together a valuable body of work.

    For an insight into the editing process, will we get to see the ‘contact sheets’? Eric’s ‘behind the scenes’ idea is something I’d also particularly like to see.

    Thanks for making the effort, David and Anton.

    All the best,



    YO, MOTHER FUCKER! :))))))))))))))))

    look here:

    gotta cook…BUT…will write u more after Dima comes home…he’s out…..

    the book: punk’d up twirl brilliant beauty…..

    the shit’s on the floor, no doubt bro, no fucking doubt! :)))))

    more later


  • Nice! One very successful month down and many more to come, congratulations! Haven’t been able to spend much time here due to life… but have been lurking around and checking in occasionally. Its great to see things moving ahead so and expanding so rapidly. Well done David and Anton!


  • Thanks David. And you’re on. I know exactly what you mean about the baby pic that’s not the “here’s my new baby pic.” No worries there….



  • I have nothing but praises for You David and Anton. It is enormous what you are doing for photographers and photography and I think the magazine looks brillant.

    My best, valery

  • Eric,

    Thank you as well. Let me know if you want ever want me to take a look at images. I’d be happy to.

    Good luck,


  • I also posted this under Steve McCurry…this version has a couple of additional lines.


    After seeing the comments Panos made here yesterday, especially those knocking photographers who go off to India to copy Steve McCurry, I opened my copy of South Southeast, the book that first introduced me to Steve.

    That book was published in 2000, AFTER my fifth annual trip to India. I discovered Steve thru my visits to India, not vice versa. I also rediscovered my love for photography thru spending time in India, not vice versa.

    I am writing this not to argue with Panos but to show how easy it is for all of us to jump to conclusions and make judgements, usually incorrect ones about each other, photography, life. What is more difficult to do is to quietly listen and keep an open mind.

    How great it is that we have each found a passion for photography within ourselves. Whether that passion was ignited thru India or drugs or the smile of a baby, there is no wrong or right. This is our own unique path in life.

    We have come together here from different backgrounds, from different parts of the world, with different interests and ways of expressing ourselves. I know in my heart that the intention for burn is that all of us add our small spark to this flame and make it burn brighter, not to try to extinguish each other!

    Let peace prevail on burn.
    Best wishes to all.

  • ok, Charles ! :)))))

    took another snap (after dinner) with dima of Cypher….’cause, like im an idiot and didnt think that the G-5 Cam would make a mirror image of the book title….so, for you:

    Y’ALL, Charles I love this sweat-flip’d mop book…like it’s way sick, and an absolutely partner to Touch Me….same prick of light and brilliant use of flash, the dazzle of the mazzle….like, Old-San J-B-boy slammin’ tokyo, the PrinceoftheDead buckle life, the Razzle of the dredz-spiing, the plink of her, the plunk of him….from Wash to my street, old ny, to sickslick ‘Nam spin…and all that and more….

    like it doesnt take me much to make things wack, but listen Dad, that’s one meaty book of music, of tappin’ the back of the neck, that’s devil’n the ghost out of all that slimslam, mofo biz that is just just so god damn sweet….aint gonna touch that beauty, ’cause u done it like no one spinn….

    what kills me live is that u and i, almost the same age (still younger than u, but not by mucho), and yet this could be shot by inprovin’ kids, that’s the making of it so so rich….

    my son says: Jalen (massive monkeys), seattle, 2007 IZ the book! :))))))))))….his fav…

    and damn…i cant say a twang at all at the moment, ’cause is cypher night (monday) and im totally stitched and like Chang said it all…and Orb doubled-dutched it home, all the fucking way home…

    what does this mean;


    let it smoke you up, smoke you up on the dance floor! :)))))))


    P.S. personal letter coming in the morning…gotta clean house..;)))

  • herez what im moaning about

    it’s all that people, really, it’s all that! :))))))))))

  • David;

    I have replied to your email, but it keeps bouncing back. It seems like you are getting flooded with mail!!
    I’ll send it again later tonight. Thanks

  • Just as I predicted a month ago in my comment that was not really well received by many: The Burn will be a success if the content changes often, daily if possible. That is what will make it different from other online photo magazines. And I am glad to see that is the case here. It is the place to go and visit every day knowing there is something new happening.

    David, I think you missed my question at the end of China Train, Mark Unrau discussion so I am re-posting it here:

    The way the submission page is set up it doesn’t work for “multimedia” submissions. If you provide an email address where we should send the authorization for you to look at the work that we upload somewhere online, than you could see the work… For example, if I (and others) upload something to Vimeo page (or similar) and set it up as “private”, we can share it with you but would need an email address to send the authorization to. Perhaps that could be the way to submit these “video” pieces?

    Also, since this is the place to talk about different things I take the opportunity for a little shameless self-promotion blurb. “The Lazarus Project”, a novel by Aleksandar Hemon, on which I collaborated, was a finalist for the National Book Award (in the US), now it is also among the finalists for the annual National Book Critics Circle awards. For those interested, my photographs show up throughout the book but there is a very interesting (interactive) website whit much wider selection of photographs with the text from the book. Half of the photos are mine and other half from the Chicago Historical Society… Here it is… Hope some of you visit, and enjoy.

    Go Blurb!

    Cheers to all. Veba

  • Dear David,

    After one month of Burn, I think what is evolving here is something very special indeed. It is so refreshing to see not just the expected types of photography, but also the works and single images that catch your eye. I think it’s great to be surprised and introduced to possible new styles/genres/subject matters etc. that normally we may not see, or look for.

    I just submitted some of my work for your consideration for an essay. A combinative look at my work on environmental issues in China in 2008, as a result of the Emerging Photographers Fund. Hope you have a chance to see it.

    By the way, I was spreading the word about Burn and what you are doing recently, as part of a lecture ( to Chinese photographers here in Beijing. Have tried to start actively getting involved in increasing educational dialogue with young Chinese photographers and western photographers, to exchange ideas and working practices. There’s a big gulf of misunderstanding between China and the west and I’m trying to do my part to bridging that gap. Having spent a few years teaching English in Asia to enable me to photograph, I really enjoy the educational side of work. Hope this can translate to photographic workshops in the future.

    By the way, my lecture was organized by a lady called Ren Yue, the course director for Photojournalism at RenMin University here in Beijing. She’s currently interning at Magnum New York apparently. She is a very nice person and very interested in promoting more dialogue between China and the west through education in photography. When you are in the New York office next, please look her up as she may prove to be an excellent contact. An educational route into China for Burn possibly?!


    Dear Anton,

    All the Best of luck in Tokyo. I lived in Japan for a year before I ended up in China. Great country…nice people…amazing food! Never saw much of the life you are venturing into photograph but am sure it will be fascinating. Presume you have sen Bruce Gilden’s work on the Yakuza? Or the quite amazing ‘The Firm’ by Jocelyn Bain Hogg? Good research for photographing organized crime. Stay safe and shoot well. Sean

  • Bob,

    I’m so glad you like the book. Not sure what to say – you humble me with your enthusiasm.

    Yea, gotta love Jalen! That kid rocks the house! I can’t wait to see what he’s up to ten years from now.

    Okay, gotta go make dinner now for my highly pregnant wife. Can’t wait (neither can she!).



  • David,

    As the e-mail I sent you did bounce back, let me try this way…. As you said that you were still going to work on the actual Boxing edit, I have also sent some additional photographs that I took last week-end and that you may like (I have put those in a file called “additional boxing photographs in the “individual photographs section of the ftp under my name). By the way, not that I have also sent a flash flv file on the ftp that hopefully you will be able to see with my latest edit and some voices.



  • >Bang< I’m shooting.
    Ok I agree, I don’t feel it’s fair to photographer’s whose works are being published to come on and say “hey yeah thats great. Ok now everyone look at my site and criticize me.” I’d like a place to do that. I don’t have a great deal of experience or material or people to criticize my work. I kind of felt more comfortable on the old site’s setting. This site is more formal and when you’re wandering a gallery would you whip out your portfolio and start asking questions to the patrons? Perhaps it’d be an experimental performance art piece. I actually HAVE some work I want criticism on from people far more experienced than my peers. (YOU ALL)

    Also – is it possible to have an automagicly generated email for responses to your posts? I thought my post on Steve McCurry was lost, until I realized it was buried a page back. I know I can subscribe to the feed but I still have to navigate back to and find the post relevant to me… just a thought. Otherwise I really love to see the work everyone makes being put up on the home screen and reading the critiques and viewing the stories. It broadens what I’m being exposed to. I like it! Where else can one find such a reserve of talent?

  • I think the challenge for Burn will be to remain coherent as it scales up. One guy with vision (DAH) and a tech guy won’t take it very much farther. Obviously DAH is first a photographer and, labor of love or not, this magazine is noise for him. Eventually, as the magazine grows and becomes more diverse, other people are going to have to choose individual photos and essays, as well as whatever new features might develop with time. It will require a diverse (and large enough) audience to attract corporate sponsorship to eventually pay people to handle both tech and creative chores.

    Or perhaps David plans to limit the magazine’s scope to just that which he can personally handle. I think, like the previous blog, DAH is the main attraction (and I mean that in a positive sense). There are many venues to post this kind of work. Public critique clearly isn’t the desired goal here, considering the response to negative comments about a photo or essay. So, it seems to me that DAH’s direct involvement is the draw. Will it be sufficient to sustain a magazine? To attract sponsorship? That will be interesting to see. It’s a bold idea I would like to see succeed.

  • BURN inspires..
    the importance of photography..
    a visual language,
    that we all speak…
    at times its hard to keep up…
    so much happening..
    so many comments to read…
    but what a treasure…
    to look at new images daily,
    is a treat..
    a delicious treat…
    Thank you David for your dedication to the craft
    and your vision..
    and Anton
    thank you for your commitment and time and ‘SUGAR’
    A perfect opening…
    can’t wait to see more…

  • I love Burn, I love this variety of photography which is very stimulating for me!
    I am for the freedom of expression, thus for the comments, good or bad, I think that Burn is a victim of success and created jealousies…. I do not read everything, but I look at all the images!

    Merci Mille fois David et Anton!!

  • JIM…

    you are clear in your thinking and absolutely right on…and i do not have all the answers to your implied questions….however, one of the things we have talked about at Magnum is having several portals or channels for various photographers….in other words, like personal tv shows or talk radio, where one person does carry a share of the sponsorship which follows a loyal audience…

    so, there is no way i can be all things to all people nor do i have any intention of trying…i can only be who i am….you may or may not know that mentoring photographers has been a part of my life since i was in college…THIS thing you see now online as BURN is exactly what i have been doing all along…this is only an online version what i did as a grad student at 22 with my fellow students or even before as editor of our little family newspaper the three copies only Harvey Herald…so, this is not “noise” for me after all…if it is, then it is the same noise that has been hanging over me my whole career…hence my involvement with workshops, education programs etc etc..

    now, if THIS interfered with my photography, then yes we (i) would have a problem….but, i will not let this happen….i will sacrifice my time writing to you for going to shoot a picture any day (i can write to you later!)…but, the way i live my life is to have everything as symbiotic as possible…i can do most of what i do for BURN sitting on the porch of my beach house (between pounding nails) or after spending a few days with one of my families i am shooting for Family Drive…i have shot four families since BURN started…..i work all the time, but i play all the time too…balance, balance…do what i like, do what i like…and this very philosophy is what i try to impart to my students, the people around me, etc etc…to make photography part of life, not something separate or “noise”…so BURN is not a wall, BURN is a window…

    Jim, i live by my gut and instinct…i mean why not??? life is short and i damn well am going to enjoy it…savor every moment….i am enjoying this….otherwise i would not do it….i have never gone “to work” a day in my life, and i do not intend to start now…so whatever happens to BURN will be organic….if more people come on to help out, so be it..those people will be friends..talented friends yes, but friends nevertheless…and the day that BURN becomes something other than just a whole lot of fun, then it is over…and i get on my bike and go shoot some more photographs…no way to lose my friend, no way to lose..

    please come to visit me in New York or at the beach….as busy as i get, i will always have time to sit down for a coffee, cold beer, or whatever and have a live chat with you…

    cheers, david

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