like most freelance photographers, i end up trying to do too many things at
once…we sort of have to, because juggling our schedules and our time
is definitely an art in and of itself..we must try to make sure the balls do not all hit the
ground at the same time…

now i am trying to get to California for two reasons….work on my family project and see a gallerist…there is a possibility that i could do a weekend seminar with the Julia Dean Workshops on the weekend of  May 30… this  would finance my trip to the wild wild west since i am self funded on my family essay…

so, this would be a last minute weekend jam..Julia needs 15 students to sign up to make it possible…she cannot market this class this fast….so, i thought i would mention it here to see if there are enough Californians here that could make this happen…if you think so, call Julia Dean…if a few of you were to show up for this class, which is smack in the middle of Venice Beach, yes Venice Beach,  then you might just imagine the weekend we would have…hmmmmm..

if this works , cool…if not, i have plenty to keep me busy…i just thought the timing of this was fortuitous.

for those of you who freelance, are you often pre-occupied with juggling your schedule, as i am possibly doing here, or do you stick to an original plan???

115 Responses to “california???”

  • Juggling juggling all the time. Sticking to an “original” plan is kind of difficult specially when that plan doesnt pay :-)

  • o.k, then…..

    I just emailed Julia for info etc…
    Perfect timing…
    I was looking for an ASSISTANT ( laughing ) down in Venice Beach…
    ( graveyard shift )…

    I can’t wait, i really can’t wait to MEET YOU
    down in Venice…

  • Dear David,

    Having been freelancing for a little while, I think the biggest thing I have learnt is that there is no plan! Everything changes so frequently and often, assignments pop-up, a small job here, a small job there, some at very short notice, some in the planning for a while then don’t happen, sometimes are busy, sometimes are quiet, sometimes you feel like you’re always working, sometimes feeling like you’re never working!

    But then again, this is exactly why I chose to do it! I love the unpredictability of this way of living. My worst nightmare was to find myself chained to a desk, 9 to 5, waking up in the morning knowing exactly what was going to happen to me.

    I think we all have to have a set or short/medium/long term plans/goals, otherwise we will aimlessly wander forever, but how you eventually get there/achieve them, the journey, is what it’s all about I think.


  • P.S. Panos…are you going to be in Charlottesville for Look3? Was trying to look at your images from here in China but your website doesn’t seem to work out here. After all the good things people have been saying about them, I really want to have a look at them! Keep shooting hard. Best, Sean

  • Dude!
    I’m really Bummed out about the timing on this.

    I sooo want to go to the workshop and have no problems driving down to Los Angeles but I’ll be in Yosemite that weekend and can’t get out of the commitment. (in Los Angeles this weekend to visit family- go figure)

    Another time then…


  • SEAN,

    here is my Venice link..( NOT CONNECTED WITH MY WEBSITE )…
    can you please check if that “opens”…?

    one last favor… this my blog link…
    does this one “open”…?

    thanks in advance, i feel a little paranoid now…
    There are more “friends” lurking here, than the usual “lurkers”….
    All my sites are shut down in China… It makes me wonder…!
    COINCIDENCE maybe… ( is that denial or what…? )
    Sean… thanks again, bro…
    About Charlottesville… i hope… we’ll see..



    CAN I GO NOW…?
    in your country …?

    “Panos… COMING SOON…
    in your local chinese CYBER- CAFE !!!!!…
    Yeah… stay tuned…”

  • david alan harvey


    ok guys, stay with me…i have to catch a 6am flight in the morning to Memphis..headin down south for a blues fest… i just got back to New York this afternoon with so much catching up to do…so, i cannot give out the assignments tonight…there are too many proposals on the table i have not read..i must unpack and repack etc etc…, so i am a “short hitter” tonight…patience please (as usual) and you know i will be back soonest…

    cheers, david

  • Hi David–
    Have been reading your blog for awhile, and am very interested in your workshop. I live in Southern Cali and left my name and number, but the guy who answered the phone sounded a little frantic as he knew nothing about your potential workshop. If he was alarmed by a call what’s he going to do when the space is inundated with your students! Ha! I’m in. Hope they call me back and it happens.

  • DAVID:

    quick note…im tired and weary, but looking at the photo above, leaves me this, which i’ll leave for you…

    Marina and I have just returned from the opening of Arnaud Magg’s new exhibition which opened this evening at Susan Hobbs Gallery, here in Toronto…(last week he celebrated his 82nd birthday!!!!!)…Marina and I both spoke with Arnaud this evening, before too many people got there…he’s one of the GREAT CONCEPTUAL PHOTOGRAPHERS…and such such such an extraordinary human being…and so fucking nice and humble and quiet…Marina walked up to him (we’d never met him, an icon here and in NY and Paris) and melted him…….I dont think i had the same effect ;))….but, so extraordinary…and the work is so fucking sublime….

    and you picture above (no relation to Arnaud’s work) just reminded me of tonight, of his work (the work last time of books of color)….

    tonight’s work:

    other work:


    so, i wrote him a note tonight, in his book….i’ll leave it for you david too, before you fly…

    there he was, 82 years of age, such an incredibly beautiful face, such an incredibly generous soul, such sublime work….it reminded me of why, even fucking dirt poor, my wife and i spend our lives doing what it is we do…the making of things to stem all the disappearance…

    the message, i left him and now for u too:

    light flushes upon our skin as water pink’d upon a paper
    nick of time stained,
    of this palimpsest
    only bound-bone remains…

    running, exhausted


  • P.S



  • David you are the greatest! I was literally just this moment freaking out about trying to organize myself better so that- I don’t know, but just try and be better organized so I can pay my bills and do my work, it always seems like I am flying by the seat of my pants….

    Sometimes I wonder if I ever do anything without being totally side tracked and then not being able to follow through and really get stuck into stuff. I have just skimmed the last couple of your threads and I think I need to do an assignment for you too, just so I concentrate on one thing at a time…

    Argh it feels like a faint hope sometime!

    Bob, ‘palimpsest’ is one of my favorite words, Panos you’re hilarious…

    David ages ago I wrote to you about your brother, I am not sure you got it, but I was thinking of you and your family. Hope all is well,



  • David, sometimes I feel like my head is spinning so fast I am almost out of control because there is so much out there, little time to get it, and the only thing that is regular are bills. The only thing I try to plan for is the unplanned, that is, have enough saved for an emergency, if work dries up or something along those lines. No health benefits, scary.

  • “…Palimpsest

    A palimpsest is a manuscript page, whether from scroll or book that has been written on, scraped off, and used again. The word “palimpsest” comes through Latin from Greek παλιν + ψαω = (“again” + “I scrape”), and meant “scraped (clean and used) again.” Romans wrote on wax-coated tablets that could be smoothed and reused, and a passing use of the rather bookish term “palimpsest” by Cicero seems to refer to this practice…”

    thank you Lisa.

  • I think Sean hit the nail on the head back there. The freelance gig is always unpredictable with its ebbs and flows. Yes, it often feels like you are either too busy with assignments, or waiting on them … I guess it all balances out though…

    Having said that shooting is only part of the work… I feel like I am always working, because if i’m not shooting, editing, transmitting etc. I am researching a personal project, updating my site or working on self-promotion.

    Again I concur with Sean. I wouldn’t have it any other way either!


    (Alright Hoggers!? How’s it going!!?)

  • Cool, cool Mr Chance!

    Not enough paying work, never enough time, but I am just about to relaunch my website so will let you all know in the very near future!

    Did a big ‘Future of Journalism’ conference last week-was the only photographer there I think-the conclusion about the ‘Future of Journalism’ well no-one seems to know!

    How are all your projects, would love to see more of your work!

  • For me, usually one thing brings another. Maybe I have a very concrete idea of what I want to shoot but usually the unexpected surprises me and makes me follow an alternative path (and I like that a lot! because then my original idea gets more rich with authentic stuff).
    And well, with such an intense life you have, moving around from place to place, no dubt it happens to you too!!

    Have fun in that blues fest down in Manphis, hmmmm!

    Un abrazo!

  • The other thing I forgot to add- told you I was disorganized!- is I also find it really difficult working in the isolation of a freelancing life.

    Simple things like editing become such a chore and I wander away and do something else when I find it difficult to edit a story…

    And now I am doing this new website and its driving me bats and I am not concentrating so thats why I am writing here!

  • busy, busy, busy, that’s pretty normal for me too…being spontaneous helps a lot!! But I totally agree with Sean that you need to have long term projects or otherwise you get lost in all that suddenly pop up… so that’s what I’m working on!!

    Good luck with the workshop!!


  • Lisa-

    I can completely relate. I’ve been home for three weeks since I made a trip to Ireland to document my relatives that still live in the rural south and farm for a living. I’ve found a million things to do to avoid editing and now I’m finally sitting in front of the computer, looking at Lightroom and thinking, where the hell do I start?


  • If you are freelance, as I am, “The Plan” is to keep swimming against the ever shifting current. A freelancer is a shark: always hungry, constantly on the prowl and if you stop moving you drown. You have to constantly adapt and be flexible to the point of having no joints. You have to be thick skinned and waterproof. This is what I’m built for so to me it’s one of the joys of my life: expecting the unexpected.

  • Panos, you’re apologizing to the wrong China. The Republic of China has no problem with Tibetan monks because, sitting as the Republic does on an island in the Taiwan Strait, it’s nowhere near Tibet. The People’s Republic of China, on the other hand, seems intent of stirring up all sorts of bad karma for itself.

    “My worst nightmare was to find myself chained to a desk, 9 to 5, waking up in the morning knowing exactly what was going to happen to me.”

    So, Sean, just what is it about my life that you find so nightmarish?


    and THANK YOU for keep staying AWAY FROM

    Now, to the country “PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA”:

    I know we are no close to any major consumers holiday,
    WASTE “toys” that you export over here…
    Shame on YOU…
    Killing little children with your cheap ass chemical,
    bullshit , manufacturing techniques…
    toxic poisons, lead…
    Dangerous toys for kids but also for adults too…

    … Damn, even my “vibrator” is “made in china”..!!!!!
    what the fuck…
    I’m throwing that shit in the “garbage”,
    right NOW…

    “Chinese quality”… My ass…

  • I hate the juggling. Family time versus pro-photo time.

    Just as I find my groove and start to really plow through the work, grant writing, web development, blogging, whatever, I am interrupted only to have to go and fetch the boys from school or some such. It can really plunge me into despair. All those haunting thoughts of “not enough time, not enough money, why am I in this situation?” But then one of the lads says, or does, something utterly hilarious and I’m on my way to being okay again.

    Really tough.

    But as soon as I get to London, I will stop being a sole trader / proprietor and establish a small company called and take it from there. That should help separate family from work. That might help me structure my life a bit better. It’ll also help me build something tangible for the boys should anything happen to me and it’ll shield me and my family from potential liability and other financial risks. It’ll keep my tax bill down too.

    Photography is tough because it’s such a part of family life too and not just our business concerns and so the lines blur easily, you know?

  • DAVID,
    when are you going to do a seminar/workshop or just a presentation in Italy? We wait for you.

    As a freelance, not well paid, that has her full time job and pursues her photographic project and also photojournalism for daily newspaper, I don’t loose too much time to plan anymore.
    Only some start or the duty and then totally flexible to what is coming. For example on Monday I’m leaving for the south of Italy to teach photography for a week in two primary and secondary schools. I’m so happy about it. And there I’m also going to shoot about the organization that fight against mafia, about the course and… going there and see what’s happen, as you always say.
    And I’ll also find time to apply for the workshop (one of a thousand, but remember I’m in for 2012).

    I’m not in China but I’ve problem in opening your blog.


  • One thing that has helped me is learning web design and also learning to love the computer work, editing, sequencing, etc.. I’m also working hard at learning multimedia skills, though my equipment is so basic, but these help keep me focused.

    I think we all need to learn to love the other aspects of our work. It’s all part of the process. I’ve found that there is a huge sense of accomplishment to be had when the editing, uploading and delivery of images is done and that helps tremendously. I actually enjoy the computer time very much. I find that the intimate time with one’s images during the editing helps me make better work when I’m shooting again. It’s like I’m working in partnership with the images and their helping me out. That way it’s much less tedious than it otherwise could be.

    I’m also learning to love to admin/money side too. Invoicing and the rest of it. When I finally get to pick up the camera again after all the paperwork and editing, I’m fully refreshed and ready to dance.

    It’s just the family interruptions that still stifles my progress some.

  • The Republic of China, ie. TAIWAN, has just sent News that “Mr Skoulidas’s site is no longer welcome in our cyber space, and intend to bring up the matter to the next UN general assembly”

    The People’s Republic of China is splitting with laughter over Mr Skoulidas hiatus and proposes to organize the next FREE TIBET mega concert with the “Beastie Geres”, so they can at least help people know who’s who, what, where and when, and not least, show them finally where Tibet is!


    Guys, the car is working here, I think timewise too, I can drive to LA. I would love to join you guys for beer, laughs and hugs.

  • HERVE, LAURA just proved to me
    that the CHINESE MAFIA has tight ties
    with the ITALIAN MAFIA…
    china is taking over Italy right this minute..
    … France urges Taiwan to stay out of this
    game… and be neutral at the moment..

    … Free “panos blog”…
    Question to ALL..
    “is a Chinese vibrator safer??? Than one made
    in Taiwan…? Laughing…!

    But seriously… Would you prefer to buy a lens
    that says “made in china” versus one
    that says “made in Japan”… ???

    Why do people in the west at least, prefer Japanese
    than Chinese
    when it comes to manufacturing QUALITY ???
    is this just another stereotype???

    HERVE, I got an idea for extreme Venice -DAH visit-
    let’s get couple of rooms in the mighty, historic,
    “CADILLAC HOTEL”… Its right on the waterfront,
    hippie, 60’s style… Right next to the “bistro”
    and all the “good” action…
    literally 30 feet away from julia dean’s and
    DAH’s workshop on the 30th…

    Now whoever wants to follow me in the desert,
    for the “panos afterparty”…
    no problem for accomodations there..

    …people’s republic of china… My ass…
    4 words to describe such a complicated
    … Kinda the ex- USSR…
    when their lie collapsed we found out one million
    small democracies begging to be free and autonomous…




    (I do not have that much money)

  • Sorry fellas, got no bread for workshops.
    but David, if you roll into LA, maybe Panos could bring you through for a portrait etc.
    that would most excellent.


    I created a simpler, lighter web way ( through .mac ),
    which i hate because it doesn’t provide a counter… so no way to track the feedback…
    which make no sense to me… but anyways…
    please someone let me know ( from those countries ) if … if those “links” open…
    And again , those new links ( venice photos ), are not connected or linked to the
    website of that disrespectful human being that listens under the name “Panos”…

    ok… 5 Gallery albums…


  • community: would like to participate in a workshop however i don’t have a $$ tree growing in my backyard..

  • I’m a so-called freelancer, yet I haven’t earned the busy schedule I envy. So what do I do? Personal projects like these.

    So far I’m a little distracted by the interesting artifacts I’m finding. I mean a pocket Watergate game? Who can resist that. While I think overall there will be a place in this project for “items,” so far I’m not getting what I’m going for, which is supposed to be more straightforward portraiture of folks having sales to make ends meet.

    The first reason is that I haven’t stumbled upon the sale that meets the right criteria—meaning, most are just unloading junk for spring cleaning. I know the right people are out there, it may just be a longer process than I thought.

    The second is (and this is why this is such a good exercise for me) is that I’m mostly terrified of getting closely involved and asking people if I can take their picture. Put me on street and I’ll shoot scenes all day long; ask me to make a connection, and I kind of bumble. It doesn’t mean that I’m not going to figure out how to approach this—it’s just my biggest personal challenge. I don’t want to end up with a series of artifacts.

    I could probably really use lessons from Erica for this project!


    I just posted ( 5 new photos ) of my project in the suburbs…
    take a peek in my blog.. below… only 5 photos


  • PANOS…

    I like the way you think, shoot!


    You know well how much pressure ONE assignment can bring..
    I always get TIRED , EXHAUSTED if i have one “thing” in my mind…
    But if i do a little on 3 different projects at the SAME time…,
    then… i somehow stay fresh…
    that quick peek at the other project is enough to give me enough
    “distance”, to let me go back and forth with clear head…

  • David, this comment is off-topic, at least in regards to your proposed workshop in Venice Beach. Hope that happens as it sounds like a fabulous opportunity.

    I have been very excited about participating in your Photographic Essay workshop at LOOK3 in Charlottesville, VA June 7-12. But unhappily, I now find it will be impossible for me to make the trip.

    My husband is in the midst of a health crisis that, although not life-threatening, landed him in the hospital on Thursday night. It is now Friday night and he’s still in hospital. We’re hoping he can be discharged tomorrow. But even if he is, I can see this is going to be a situation that will require my staying here at home and available to help him in any way I can for the foreseeable future. In other words, no traipsing off to Virginia, not even for such a marvelous opportunity as one of your workshops. I can only hope another such opportunity will present itself in the future. I do plan to continue participating here on your blog–I’ve gotten hooked!

    Today I emailed Andrew Owen, the Operations Manager of LOOK3, to tell him of my need to cancel being in David’s workshop. I’d hoped to receive a refund since I’d prepaid for the workshop. He wrote back saying he’d do his best to give me a partial refund, but would really need to have my place filled by someone else before he could give me a full refund.

    So my question to the community is this: Can someone here manage to find the time and $$ to register for David’s workshop in my place? As I know you know, it will be amazing! Here’s the link to read about it and register:

    I would love to think of one of you being there in my place.

  • In thinking about this further, I’d like to offer some help if $$ would keep you from attending David’s LOOK3 workshop in my place. Please email me at and let’s talk.


  • DAVID, Panos, LA crowd…

    Wasn’t I JUST there at Julia Dean a couple of months ago asking her when David could come and do a workshop?? With my unused credit from the cancelled Nachtwey workshop??? Waiting, waiting…

    Now that I’ve used the credit towards Alex Webb and am back in New Mexico…NOW you’re coming to California to hang out with Panos (who I never met due to the girlfriend’s birthday)???

    NOT FAIR!!

  • For all who did not see this late posting in the last thread:

    MOKSHA by Fazal Sheikh. Online edition.


    BTW, friends, talking about a country in crisis, and people destitution, see what you can do to help the burmese people. What they go thru, not just last week should relativize pain as felt in California.

  • Thank you cathy,

    a very beautiful work…

    Kind regards,

  • Time to go to sleep, but i want to share this with you…first.
    let it out of my chest… ( you make me tired…!!!!! )
    my little “A NIGHT IN THE DESERT” moviegraph…

    goodnight from L.A

  • I was just speaking about Fazal yesterday, I so admire him and his work. Also see the other can much online at his site (As part of the ideology behind the International Human Rights Series and in order to bring the issues contained within to an international audience, they may be read in its entirety on-line in English or French.)

    Audrey, I left you a message on the last post, maybe 3 pages from the end..

  • david alan harvey


    i am down in the Mississippi Delta…sitting on the side of an empty street where the only internet signal exists..the problem is, i cannot see the screen because it is just too too bright, so writing and thinking about writing is annoying to say the least…i know many of you are waiting for assignments, but attempting to look at your links now would make a grown man cry…i may try to do something tonight, but of course at night i am also trying to photograph…anyway, do not think i have abandoned you…circumstances, circumstances…surely by the end of the weekend i can figure this out…in the meantime, take good care, and i will be back soonest….

    cheers, david


    (thought Kali)…

    from a great child’s tv show about people going around the world ;)))




    Thank you for the link of Fazal Sheikh . His work is realy very good.

  • hey wrobertangell,

    long time, been shooting some stuff down near where you live i think…it was sketchy anyway, so i figured from what i’ve heard your place must be nearby…!

    love the terry noise stuff, the shot of the dresser underneath the cat with the hint at what is going on in the background…reminds me of a delft school painting. the family of albert portraits look like they were done by frida kahlo, all very painterly, fantastic.


  • Our fearless leader has the Missippippi Delta blues, I fear…

  • I can imagine big DAH sitting in a corner of a street writting in his laptop, all the road back him and the future in front. Nice postcard!! You’re a real free wanderer…


    5:30…just returned…got negs from NC…delerium…holga, mess, sad, strange, lab dude says: “what the hell happened bob…” (burtinsky’s lab knows me and marina since they process of negs if we dont have time to develop in the kitchen)…..photographers will hate, im thrilled ;))…just returned from more time too with bones, 35mm & lomo…next week more shit with space and dima absent (from incident that happened when i was in NC)…

    will show some neg scans next week, but will show instead an old pic, which lead to the new story….what is it that we cannot sustain and retain….

    that’s during a conversation between 2 elderly folk, arguing…at first struck by the old couple, then i notice dima paying attending and listening, as if he were their parent…

    soon, u’ll see bones, in focus and out…

    gone for 2 days….





  • 1 last old pic…from a series of photos i shot of dima and another friend the 1st time i took him to see dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum….

    before i turned dima into an abstract face ;))…

    running (away?)


  • Hey Uncle,
    I’ve been doing some thinking and your original idea for me to shoot Ringers and Racers is the go , I’ll forget about the crocs for a while, I’ve just washed up from the Pine Creek Races after having to deviate 600 km on an emergency assignment so I did’nt arrive till the last race – but got enough Good Pics to realise that those at a distance might have a fresh outlook and if he says I should shoot pissed Ringers I should shoot pissed Ringers.
    I will post a pic on my site soonest , Running , Cheers Glenn

  • Thoughts on freelancing….

    Make the best and most well thought out plans you can, then throw them out the window.

    David- I wish I could catch the workshop, but my green is tied to a project I’m working on. I’d love to say hi though…


  • Thank you Erica and thank you you All,

    Erica, your French is very good, I am saddened too that our friendship breaks itself… but I hope that Rose will call back me a next day… I have the project of a small book… photos and text… since the beginning of my report, I kept a diary close friend, I noted all there that she taught me on the profession and her anecdotes of the work, I also have customers’ letters and poem on the bottom! That Rose gave me… it is maybe conceited from my part to believe that I can arrive there… but I am going to try and as we say at home and maybe also at you: which(who) tempts nothing has anything !

  • Brother Bob et al, here is a conundrum for you-

    Why does everyone in the world (well the people that made ‘where in the world is Carmen Diego’ at least) refer to where Glenn and I come from as ‘Downunder’ when he is from the ‘Top End’ and I am from the ‘Snowy’s’ but we both know ‘ringers’?

    A ‘long neck’ of ‘Coopers’ to those that get it right!

    DAH I am just procrastinating now, does everyone else do that as well? I can find all sorts of things to divert me from my schedule, but then I am starting to think that schedule is a really fluid concept anyway…

  • DAVID,

    I have a lot of catching up to do after being away for a whole week on business in Europe…Presumably, you are all set in terms of assignments that you want to give out for the first month but I thought that, just in case, I would share some proposals with you which may be for now, or even better in a month or two. Couple of these are natural extension of the work that I have started on the Over-the-Rhine ghetto in Cincinnati. The last one, possibly the more challenging one that may require a bit more time is an idea that came up from exchanging with Erica (Thanks Erica!) about covering the Somali Refugees that come to OHIO, mostly thanks to the commitment and help of many local Catholic organizations. I did a bit of digging on this and this certainly seems like a great topic!.. Net, here we go…three ideas…anything you see worth chasing?

    I have started as you know a project on the Over-The-Rhine ghetto in Cincinnati (see link to my website). From its earliest development, Over-the-Rhine has served as a port-of-entry for immigrants to Cincinnati. In the nineteenth century the community was home to people of all economic classes and included the poorest of immigrants, working class families, shop owners, and businessmen of means. For a majority of these new residents, the unifying element was the German language and culture. After World War II, Over-the-Rhine became a place where migrants looked for affordable housing and where employers looked for cheap labor. Over-the-Rhine historically has been a place where people new to the area try to make better lives for themselves. African-Americans today compromise the majority of Over-the-Rhine’s population. The rapid rise of the African-American population has added a racial and ethnic character to the area. The majority of Over-the-Rhine’s current residents are poor and undereducated. Over-the-Rhine faces the same social problems that affect inner-city neighborhoods nationwide. Alcoholism, drug dependency, inadequate housing and homelessness are major concerns in the neighbourhood. Clearly, penetrating the ghetto when you are a white foreign French man is not an easy task…I today do not have any entry into the community so I have been wondering how to best “enter” into this world for a potential assignment, be able to get close to the community and have a chance to capture the inhabitants’ lives and struggles. One day, as I was just coming into the ghetto from a BUS, I loved the actual BUS stop with a street painting like I would imgaine you find in Haiti. I decided to stay there for a while, shoot different shots etc. Interestingly, after a couple of hours, I realize that everyboby was passing by that one BUS stop situated close to the Farm market, from young children playing to homeless, some isolatred white families shopping into the market to drug dealers on street near by etc….It occured to me that I could possibly cover life in the ghetto by staying at that one single spot….Clearly, not easy to create a very diverse essay staying in just one location but I thought this could be worth trying. I have not really pushed this yet but I have started to assemble a few pctures I did take in that spot on my site (title BUS STOP). Now, is this an idea worth pushing and turning into an assignment?????

    On August 29, 1885, Cincinnati was the scene for the first modern heavyweight championship boxing match using gloves. The Boston Strong Boy, John L. Sullivan, met Dominick McCaffrey at the city’s Chester Park that day and came away with the referee’s decision. By this time, Cincinnati had been a noted boxing site since the Civil War years, and over the next several decades, it developed a remarkable number of fine boxers in both the professional and amateur ranks. Out of the many gymnasiums in Over-the-Rhine and the West End came world champions such as Freddie Miller, Ezzard Charles, Bud Smith, and Aaron Pryor. For the proposed assignment, I thought that this “boxing” topic could be a natural extension of my ghetto story. After all, Over the Rhine is known for its violence, was subject of the worse riots in America in 2001 (after the LA riots). Many young blacks are trying to channel their energy and anger into boxing. The idea would be to follow them into the local gymnasiums and possibly then into the ghetto…

    In 1991 the central government of Somali collapsed. Civil war raged and Somali’s citizens spiraled into a nightmare of loss – destruction of homes, separation of families, famine and death. Statistics on the number of people murdered range as high as one million or more and even today this number continues to rise. Most people left all their belongings and many even left family as they fled violence and instability to live in refugee camps. The struggle of survival began and refugees entered the process of immigration. Somali refugees began arriving in the United States, and since 1995, Columbus, Ohio has been a popular destination. It is estimated that 40,000 to 45,000 Somali refugees call Columbus home and more are expected in the future. My proposal for the assignment would be to document and follow the men, women, young adults and school children that walk through our doors every day having to learn about our language, adapt to our culture and lifestyle in America. Project will include street photography pictures, following the Somali into the poor neighbourhood of Colombus, could include pictures of recent Somali refugees arriving in America and having to adjust into their new homes. Project might also include some audio if I get a chnace to have some of these Somali refugees share their stories, from the nightmare of the Civial war to their arrival in the US. Finally, I would also look at community organizations, many catholic, that extend helping hands to those immigrants who strive for financial independence through business ownership, living the American dream. As many of these refugee families, lacking basic English language skills and unfamiliar with the everyday challenges of the educational system in their new community, look to the staff and volunteers of the these community organizations to help their children with school enrollment, after-school tutoring and mentoring services. Unfortunately, high unemployment rates among teenagers and young adults are having a major impact on young Somalis. Many turn to street corner drug dealers and other opportunists who prey on the uninformed and impoverished. In a way, this project could therefore also represent also a natural extension of my work on the black Over-the-Rhine ghetto of Cincinnati (see link on my website).

    That’s it David and all… 3 ideas….Some (maybe David) will say that I need to focus on just one…Yes, but I thought I may as well share the 3 thoughts that I have been playing with and get feedback. With exception of BUS stop story that I could easily start, I have not even started the other two and I do not know how easy it will be to do these. In a way, while I would love to get some perspective from you David on what to focus on from the above list, I would actually prefer to start these in a month or two as I will have more time to take away from my day job by late June or July. Anyway, enough of a long post…waiting to hear your perspective.



  • PANOS, now I can see all your links.
    May be mafia id dead or may be it was just my computer having some problem.

  • I have been trying to track all of the blog members that mention they are going to Look3. Lost track. Can you just count off since DAH seems to be lost in the wilds of Mississippi?

    I’m going and would love to meet you in person.


  • I’m going and am registered for David’s workshop Lee.

  • I would love to know who all of the blog members plan on going to Look3. I’m going. Who else?


  • This is strange. I posted the first inquiry and waited and waited and rechecked and never appeared so put it in again and bam, there was my first post and an answer. So strange.

    What sessions are you planning on attending Robert? Have fun with DAH. I have been to three of his workshops, the last one in his loft. Life altering.


  • Lee, I’ll be there, but I’m not registered for a workshop.

  • Lee, I’ll be attending the festival also. It’s always a gamble with the job that I can go out of state for a few days, but so far, so good. I look forward to meeting people there.


  • LAURA,
    thanks… but now
    I also have a problem, “opening” your site…!
    hmmm, i wonder who owns that ON/OFF, switch…
    Back to that WALL OF BOREDOM, again….
    Sunday morning… 10:43am,.
    and drive
    drive away…!


  • Going to the festival, won’t be able to do the workshop..

  • PANOS,
    try my off-the-record link. There are friends picture as well as the work still on editing (so advice are welcome):

    Sunday evening song

  • Lee,

    I’ll be going to look3, too… didn’t take a workshop, but I did sign up for the Friday session portfolio review…

  • ERICA,

    Thank you for your comments regarding my Uganda work on the previous post… Your words are very much appreciated!

    Regarding YOUR proposal… A friend of mine passed away several months ago and I see her EVERYWHERE I go… If you could build upon this phenomenon, using this sense of loss (which I keep seeing before my eyes) as a stepping stone toward manifesting the image of the person (in this case, your dad)… it’d be brilliant… and conceptually, very interesting.

    I have the Klich book in my hands… looking forward to sitting down with it…


    You busted onto this blog with such enthusiasm regarding your upcoming workshop with David. I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be able to participate this time around… I was certainly looking forward to living vicariously through your experience! Disappointment aside, I’m glad that your intent to participate in the workshop brought you here… to us. We’re fortunate to have you. Your husband is in my thoughts… wishing him a peaceful recovery.


    Have you seen God Grew Tired of Us? The film follows Sudanese refugees, touching upon ideas expressed in your third proposal.

    Anna B.

  • Lee,

    nachtwey definately…probably mary ellen mark…not sure about the rest.

  • ANNA,

    No, I have not seen the film but thanks for sharing. Will check it now….


  • Lee,

    I’ll be there (Look3) with my wife. Is there a meeting place/night for our “gang?”

  • BOB _ That first one is a sad , beautiful picture!

  • How about meeting Thursday outside the theater after Mary Ellen Mark, then drinks on the mall?

  • David McG…

    Sounds OK to me.

  • david alan harvey


    yup , i am still on same street corner in front of a lawyers office tapping into a net connect….

    i think you know me well enough to know that if i could communicate with you better, i surely would….

    also, the last two days have been one of those treasures where i was shooting from one early morning until the next early morning…shooting just as fast as i could get film in the camera..that is rare as you know….sweet, sweet

    in any case, i am driving today to a new town and will look hard for a motel with an internet connect….

    back to you just as soon as possible…again, my apologies for this unexpected delay in getting assignments going….

    cheers, peace et al, david

  • My schedule is possibly the most difficult thing about being a freelancer shooting mostly “news” assignments – I get at best a day’s notice for assignments, at worst two minutes. My schedule, therefore, is constantly in flux. It’s the nature of the beast, but for someone trying to get a toehold, I’m petrified of missing a phone call and/or having to turn down an assignment. The only thing one can do in this environment is stick firm where you have to, and almost everything else is a tentative plan. Honestly, though, I’d rather be in that position than not having the phone ring at all!

  • Damn LAURA, you’ve been everywhere… im jealous…!

  • Hi all,

    I’ll be at the the FOP, hoping to meet more of you!

    As for freelancing, Morgan’s advice is perfect. I’m a planner. I make lists, I think, I plan, I make schedules. And then I get to where I’m going and do absolutely none of it if given the opportunity! I think “the plan” is always Plan B, and where ever life takes me is Plan A. Sometimes they coincide, but usually not!

  • It’s difficult to think that all the working photographers here do not have quite a few commands (if not most) where there better not ne any “wherver life takes me” plan A, as anna describes.

    Even DAH, that TGV assignment last year, not his usual M.O., but isn’t that what the bread and butter of lesser established photographers (than him) is?

    Who is that free to just let serendipity (we do love that word, don’t we?) rule each and every day when your craft is your income?

  • David, it sounds so lovely!!


    my website is finally alive..if you have a sec you can peek and feel free to give feedback – I’m open to tweeking suggestions – there is a link to email me under contact..peace and thanks for the opportunity to let you all know

  • Really nice and wonderful, on a very human level, Erica. I am still losing some detail in your white highlights, but as I said before, my screen may need calibration. What i really like about your collections, especially New York’s is that it is hardly tentative, but quite achieved already.

    I am thinking (as you may guess) of Diane Arbus, and think how reaching the next level will get you pretty near the top.

  • Looks great Erica. I can’t think of anything I would change.

  • Erica

    Very nice work!



    Jumping up and down for you!

    Anna B.

  • Hi Erika
    i really like your works, great site!


    I dont know how i missed the comment of yours
    about the Veterans…
    how are you thinking to approach this…?
    hmmm, very sensitive subject…
    are you going for it …?


  • Insiders revisited 1

    ( please enjoy the 1minute podcast movie about the “meeting” )

    I’m in a search of new insiders…
    This time i found 2 more…
    “Brett” the “painter “ and
    “Jacuzzi” the “guitar player”…
    All that and more mixed with Erdinger…
    and some pure “California Love” (Dr. Dre/2Pac remix)…


    I present my “VENICE REVISITED 66″…( shot yesterday )… in Venice of course.
    its two minutes of pure “street performance”…


  • O.K, and it’s time to present
    one more amazing street “blues” band…
    from the streets of Venice….

  • I just got this email: from
    The Julia Dean Photo Workshops…

    “Dear Friends

    Unfortunately the May weekend is not going to work out for this, so we’re trying to
    find a date for David Allen Harvey in our upcoming Summer/Fall season, which will be
    between July 2008 – January 2009. We’d love to have you join us then.

    For the the most up to date information on our workshops and and to hear about our
    new Summer/Fall season which will be out around the beginning of June, please sign up
    for our weekly newsletter on our website

    Thanks for your interest and we look forward to seeing you soon.

    Chris Skeels “Skeely”
    Director of Operations

    The Julia Dean Photo Workshops
    801 Ocean Front Walk * Studio 8
    Venice, CA 90291
    310.392.0909 (phone)
    310.664.0809 (fax)

    The Julia Dean Photo Workshops

    Child Labor and the Global Village: Photography for Social Change

  • o.k , and after the breaking news,
    lets go back to meet our “VENICE TREE MAN”…!

    ( sorry about the low compression… gives that “utube” feeling..
    the actual footage is really crispy,,,,… but to compress it right it needs
    about 5 hours of compression for 10 minutes of actual footage…
    but i cant wait to post those “details”…
    I could care less about clarity, crispness or quality compression..
    use imagination to make the picture crispier…)

  • ERICA:

    Beautiful work! I have seen some of your stuff in the past, and have always enjoyed it, but to see all your images together on this beautifully designed site really showcases your work well. It even loaded pretty quickly in the black (internet) hole I am living in right now.

    LISA: Sorry for the delayed reply! Doing well thanks. In the Philippines working on a project right now. Please follow the link below to see some of the early work.

    ALL: After a long wait I have finally got a blog section built into my site. I welcome you all to take a look. You comments and feedback are especially welcome as we work on the final stages development and iron out the bugs.



  • Erica,

    a very beautiful work, your portraits are magnificent…


  • One last time to try and communicate on this blog. I cannot see any new postings and mine are not there anymore. Anyone else having problems? I have never had this happen before.

    Maybe it won’t show up this time…


  • Well, it showed up long enough for me to get the names of you all who are planning on attending Look3. Since we don’t know each other’s faces it would be hard to look for you at Look3. If we have name tags at some event I will look for your names. Otherwise introduce yourself to everyone you meet I guess. It should be a fun game, like finding Carmen Miranda (sp?).

    It appears the only time I can read the current submissions on this blog is when I put one in and then it is current. However, if I sign out and come back later it is back to the status of 3 days ago.


  • erica,
    very good works, expecially the portraits. And among the portraits the one of the black guy sitting on the bed is my favorite.
    what camera are you using?

  • LEE – Scroll down till you see the word Next &

  • And Erica, that’s a really great site. Like the pics of the old black man on the bed and the little girl in the Communion dress a lot.

  • Great work on the design of your web page Erica!!

    love your portraits


  • Thanks you all so much..very kind..might do a portfolio section, if anyone has input please email me..I don’t want to clutter up the blog, but would appreciate the input if you feel strongly about something..

    Luzz, she’s a Rollei

    If anyone is in NYC over the summer and wants to help me out with the 4×5 (DAH ) assignment, please email me..I can’t pay but can offer lunch and it will be fun..not a big commitment, and any days would be great!

  • Commenting so I can see current comments…..

  • Well, finally managed to bring up the blog with Next at the bottom of the page and could see the rest of the comments. You would think this far out in the ocean I would be used to issues with connectivity but we have very good infrastructure for internetting and it is painful when it goes for even just a bit.

    Glad so many of you are coming to Look3. I like the idea of meeting outside the theatre after Mary Ellen Mark. I’ll be there if the creeks don’t rise.


  • Michael Courv…

    Is there a way to add a LAST button to Next/Previous? Sure would simplify things..

  • Also Michael C…

    for the technically challenged (ahem, ME!) why on earth is it no longer possible to just have one long page like before? I know this is Typepad and not you (or David) but seriously…what gives? Seems to me with the little HTML knowlege I have that it would be simpler to have one page, not several.

    I know you’ve heard it before, but…really hate this set-up.

  • Michael K,
    they did it (50 comments) this way,
    to “please” PHONE browsers..

    …not only for the iPhone but also
    for other more primitive phone connections…
    smaller pages, faster downloading etc..

  • just wanted to join in tributing to passed away music legends…and here are two living greats, performing a beautiful version of an old classic…

  • Thanks Panos. Makes sense…but still!

    The ability to really converse… to have a genuine, free flowing discussion seems now limited. Ah well.

  • Hi David–
    We’ve not yet met, however I was hoping to join in your workshop in Venice Beach at Julia Dean’s Studio. I received their “no-go for now” email, but wondered since you were heading to Cali were there any other options to hold a workshop? I’m in Mission Beach (San Diego) and have been hoping to catch one of your workshops since last Fall when I was unable to apply for your Bangkok workshop you did with Jim Nachtwey.

  • david alan harvey


    i should be in Italy in august…check

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