many of you have noticed  our new (hopefully temporary) "restriction" on the number of comments per "page" (now 50)…getting to the most recent comments is now more difficult when we have over 50, which is almost always the case…we could go back to having the most recent comments at the top…however, when we tried that once , almost none of you seemed to like it….you still have to scroll to the bottom to post anyway and reading a thread "in reverse" seemed to annoy most of you…

please know that i will check your comments no matter when or where they are posted…it is easy for me to "see" the "whole picture"…i wish it were easier for you..i cannot imagine why this service thought this was a "good idea" to break up our thread "flow"….in any case,  please post comments wherever you want…even if you post on something from weeks ago, i will see it…i totally stay on top of and respond as quickly as possible to the last two or three posts and i also check way way back from time to time.. many of you have probably noticed that i can send  private e-mails to you easy enough and i do this when appropriate..any delay from my end should be attributed to  my personal travel scenario etc etc…i am now in Brazil for two more days, but will work on fixing this new "design" as soon as i return to New York….

please note new post below…..cheers……

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  • Something beetwen movie and photography


    more Philip Bloom’s videos:

    for good emotions!!

  • I cannot resist being the second to send a comment… but by the time I write I may be the third… anyway

    Just to let you know, david, that I am at a friend’s near Arles at the moment. I went there to apply for the photo school ! I thought about you when I wandered in the street of the old town….

    cheers everyone

  • Juan Carlos Quintero

    I´m from El Salvador. With other friends we have two blogs, for us could be an honor if you can see and give us your opinion about the blog. We work in a newspaper in El Salvador, the name is El Diario de Hoy. The addresses are ,and

    Thank you for your time (sorry for my english too)


    Juan Carlos Quintero

  • Great workshop had today, David!!

  • Off topic, but I love to meet you David , this is Luis Ochoa, a lurker photog from California and am here in NYC to shoot my friends The Date Farmers (painters from California) and I wanted to invite you , and anyone in here to have a drink at the a private reception this Friday or the regular artist reception on Saturday from 7pm-9pm at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. for the private reception on Friday please RSVP to

  • Hey David,

    Looking forward on you comments to my last email… theres no rush :)



  • Hi David,
    good to know that you sometimes go back to the old posts … I am often logged in, but hardly find the time to read the posts and to interact.
    Normally when I find some time to write about a subject, everybody moved on.
    So now I just might post it anyway ;)

    Envying you being in Brazil… I lived in SP for almost 5 years… Just planning a project to get me back there. ;)

    Um abraço à todos,

  • David…
    i’m going now to Visão Photojournalism Awards. i can bring fresh news. where do you want them (threads… taking aim… allard)?
    Carlos Filipe

  • I’m back,
    the 2008 Visão Photojournalism Awards were announced moments ago, at the Electricity Museum in Lisbon, Portugal. and the winner is… Augusto Brázio.
    you can see his photo at
    where a 19 years old girl is in an ambulance moments after giving birth at home to her third child. Augusto Brázio, 41, said, after receiving the award, that he photographed her without asking permission, giving the circunstances, but that he asked latter. this photo belongs to a 2007 story, for a book celebrating the 25 years of INEM (medical emergency services).
    Augusto Brázio is a freelancer, who works with kamera photo, more at

    (very soon, they promised me) you can see the best photos from a total of 6848 received from 227 photojournalists (working in Portugal) and a new (backstage) video at, where you can also notice that Visão found out our ongoing discussion and today made several links to this forum… enjoy.

    i would love to see you at the conference – saturday, april 5, 4:00pm – with Jean-François Leroy, Yuri Kozyrev, Noël Quidu, Susan Smith and Philip Blenkinsop, but… wouldn’t it be great if guys at Visão could put it up (live) on their website? maybe next year… or next week (tape).

    Blenkinsop told me, is going to check this and maybe… he’ll say hello and write a few words (cause he must save something to saturday’s conference).

    Michael K…
    i gave PB your list of questions… he really appreciate… now he definitely have to answer.

    Philip… (if you’re reading this)
    go to “taking aim” and “talk to allard…”, and you’ll find the discussion about your “performance” on the video, your Lisbon answer to what makes a good photojournalist and the debate war protographer versus peace photographer.

    and David…
    i assume you don’t mind this.

    um forte abraço para todos,
    Carlos Filipe

  • Sorry, guys… my mistake
    the correct link for the Visão awards is and go under the girl and the baby photo to “Galeria de Premiados 2008” and then choose at the bottom Prémios (winners) and Menções Honrosas (runners-up)…
    um forte abraço para todos,
    Carlos Filipe

  • Carlos, you make this rocking blog even more rocking…Rock’n’blog!

    David, how about trying to get some of these people who inspires us, to join us for a chat, but over a 24hrs period for example, rather than impromptu as happened with Allard. It could be announced, and the ’round the clock would allow everyone to be present and barge in at one point or another.

    PS: And that will help sell the book later on! :-)))

    you are officially the Portugese correspondent of this blog…
    The DAH “eye and ear” of Portugal…
    You are working hard… thats not just contribution… thats hard work !!!!!!!!
    You convinced Philip B,.. to talk to us…? already…?
    You are THE MAN…

  • david alan harvey


    well, yes, that would be nice, but how in hell would i do it??? are you trying to give me a full time job???

    yes, i know all of these photographers and i sometimes , as you know, am in the same room with many of them, but getting them over to the keyboard is another story…we are oftentimes, usually, nowhere near a computer….you may have noted, that i do try to get a “story” out it when i can.(Koudelka, Parr, Soth etc etc)..but, i often joke that just getting 5 photogs to dinner on some sort of schedule is nearly impossible…getting them to post??? hmmmmmmmm…..

    this whole forum is serendipity amigo….and i am not at all thinking about the “selling” of a book that may someday organically spring from this group..ask my assistants…they will tell you i have never ever even checked on my own book sales…that is totally not of interest to me…publishing the book is of all life consuming do not get any sleep interest…selling the book?? somebody cares, but not me!!!


    thanks for the update amigo…you are really doing an amazing correspondents job!!! thanks….

    and if you can get Philip B. to the keyboard, get him to post under “taking aim”…and tell him, of course, that i love him!!!

    abraços, david

  • Just throwing ideas, David, of course. Dont’ have to stick. Like most ideas…

    But this gets me interested to ask:

    Any idea, how these colleagues view the internet so far? Is the BOOK, the printed page still the only medium by which they want to be “judged”? You mention Soth getting you into “blogging” then pulling out himself…

  • Maybe you should set up a group video conference in iChat with your new MacBook David. Put some faces with names. Michelle and I chat like that every once in a while.

  • hope you are enjoying Brazil David…have brasilian friends of mine, who tell me i have to go there…and one day i hope i’ll have the chance.

    with regards to the limited amount of posts per page, i find this good. however sad it is to miss the flow, but in books (not a big reader myself) there you go from page to page, and still the river flows, so why shouldn’t it here…

    anyway, at times in my current life, i work 12-16hrs / days, and don’t get much time at the end of the day to check updates. then, being the relatively slow reader that i am, and at times having long days, i find it good that, i can get to a page, know where i am (still doing my best to be in the flow), easily find the next post.

    i am sorry, but i was typing this before reading any posts apart from the main thread. will get to them now :)



  • david alan harvey


    good question….what do all of you think? is the internet enough or do you still love print?


    good idea…i will give it a try


    well, i am kind of getting used to it…it does help in knowing where you are…actually i noticed one thing that is very helpful with the new system…you can easily keep going “back in time” on the overall posts..easier now to go back and look at old posts…..

    cheers, david

  • HERVE and DAVID: good question. I still love print. The computer/web is a great tool for finding information, but my brain is wired to read pages side to side, under direct light, not backlight. No batteries needed. I would also argue that this is not a generational thing- my two kids (ages 8 and 10) are totally adept on computers, but still like to get lost in a good book.

  • Me too, Marcin. But I guess I wished to take it further. Imagine we take off the internet, what are the opportunities you will be judged by your book, or will get to do the book? ie. internet is not just about the final product, the work, but the network…The net work!

    For the already recognized photographers,can they simply bypass the internet, beyond updating shots to a site (a techie assistant can do that for them) and e-mail correspondance? Do they need to?

  • nothing beats the smell of old books even new ones have a distinct scent that i love. yes the internet is it’s own resource ie. library however nothing can replace new or used books stores- libraries. these are my favorite places in the world besides the cinema for dissolving the hours away. just my two cents – so a book for me will always take precedence over any backlit screen. the reality is that now that i have my apple laptop this is where i spend most of my days//nights unfortunately.. perhaps i need to go to a computers anonymous meeting 4 HELP !!

  • david alan harvey


    you are right….this work , which was not originally intended for print, has it’s own “patina”…

    nice title…..”Net Work”..

    i think photographers still get “established” in print….and for the ones you so describe as “already established”, i doubt that the net either hurts or helps…

    IF, we decided to do a print book which springs up out of this forum, i think suddenly we would have a whole new audience…or maybe not..who knows??…it would be totally uncharted waters…which is what i could find really interesting…maybe..more time, more thought required….


    originally i hated computers…i am still not in love with the “machine” (i do not love cameras either)…but, like you, i end up in front of one much much more than i would ever have imagined…e-mail kills me….but this forum does not..why?

    i suppose because it has taken the place of the old fashioned “journal”…i love journals…my grandfather kept one, my mother writes daily in hers…this forum helps keep track of thoughts that might have otherwise simply vanished…

    every new medium, throughout history, has been “controversial” for some….photography itself is just coming “out”…i think what has to be done with this medium is pretty much what we seem to be doing with it…sharing ideas…recording our most immediate thoughts…we can delete them later if we want , but some truly priceless thoughts are being recorded here in a way heretofore just not possible or practical…

    i think i mentioned before here that i print this out….if you imagine a little old fashioned cutting and pasting going on, add the expertise of a cutting edge art director, cool type, put in some of everyone’s pictures…. you can probably imagine something very very interesting and looking absolutely nothing like the way it looks here on the screen….

    “scrapbooky”, loose/freestyle, and very very RAW….

    this is the part i like and this is the part that keeps me writing and writing so that YOU will write and thinking thinking about our “journal”, our “dispatches” ..

    so it is not the “machine” at all …just like our cameras, it is the USE of the “machine”…..we will see where it takes us….

    cheers, david

  • The bright spot in an otherwise “cloudy” couple of days.
    Arrived in Santa Fe Wednesday night. Walked out the door 7am Thursday to discover someone had thrown boulders and broken in the back and side windows of my car. Not nice! :((

    I took a few quick snapshots of the car for my insurance company before they towed it off and now looking at them, there is one I love. Some “art” came in even without intending for it to.
    Don’t know how I could post it here? So I’ll describe…
    My reflection in the window little mini rear window then the divider of the window then reflection of the tree in the window then broken glass looking into the car. In the midst of a not great situation, the photo makes me happy!

    My “free” wireless here in NM seems to be gone…maybe the neighbor moved so I will be sporadic in communicating. take care all.


    I put up a comment a week or so ago about creating motion work through this site. You posted a phone number, but I live in Barcelona. Can i email you? Need to take time out to think about collective projects…my address is

    speak soon


  • Well put. It is not the machine, it is the USE of the machine.

    What I find important is creating empathy.

    It makes no difference what the medium is. It could be spoken word or blogging or photography or whatever.

  • david: the internet-cyberworld has brought the whole world together. who would of ever thought that all of us here on this forum from all different continents could connect simultaneously in real time. in one way the computer builds communities and fosters great ideas offering humans a way to communicate in a really honest way. matter of fact i personally feel that i can express myself here more freely without policing my thought process. this isn’t my experience when communicating with someone on a one to one basis. depending on the person unconsciously i edit my speech according to whom i’m speaking to. so for whatever reason this forum allows me the freedom to express myself in a manner that ordinarily i am not accustomed to. Pure unfiltered organic non-refined non-homogenized thinking out loud-amen !!

    also the internet allows me to read interviews freely from all of my favorite people in the world -poets, writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, cinematographers, playwrights, intellectuals, scholars, pulitzer peace prize winners etc. the dilemma is that this isolates me from society and i end up interacting with an inanimate object for days on end. oh well one must find balance between our own yin & yang divided whole selves..

  • Internet is interesting and very useful and I spend hours sometimes researching aspects of photography or travel. However, books are piled around my room in different areas and wherever I end up in the space I take up that book. Love books. And email I agree is a pain in the butt. I have actually reintroduced letter writing in my life. I used to even use the computer for that but find I like sitting on the lana’i and watching the sun come, drinking my coffee and writing in my journal or a letter to my aunt or best friend on the mainland.

    Some of the comments from this page have been printed out and reside in my journal. Just added flavor for the telling of a life. It is interesting how there is less activity without Panos in the thread.


  • I too think the web is great for finding info, contacting people etc.. But for actual reading pleasure, you can’t beat holding a book in your little hot hands!!!

    E.g a winter night, cold and windy outside, sitting in front of the fire and Jack Kerouac transporting you to a different world…

    Used book stores are a magnet to me, and if I go anywhere near Amazon on the net I’ve got to make sure the credit card is tucked away safely in my wallet. And that wallet would need to be securely wrapped in duct tape to prevent me getting the card out…

  • Sorry, maybe this is not the right place to put this question but at least it has less than 50 comments.
    Knowing the support that you provide to young photographers is that you write these lines.
    I belong to a group of photographers in our country -Uruguay-, called Collective
    Photography UY We developed the photograph share experiences and try to do better. We share films about photographers and her work, such as HCB, Robert Capa, James Natchwey.
    We are looking for information about the NG documentary film about your life (I see it in the NG channel). That film where you appear photographing Brasil carnival and someone steals your Leica.
    If you could give us information about it, (director, film name, year) will try to find it to share in the workshops.

    Thanks for your help.

    Un abrazo
    Roberto CB .-

  • david alan harvey


    can’t you just put up a link for us??? sounds interesting…and “art”, like journalism, is merely a manifestation of everyday life..let’s see!!


    yes, that is it…


    well said…so stay loose and let it flow..i do not know if i have the time to do this, so this is NOT a promise, but i can imagine a weekly edit of the quotes here…like “best quotes of the week” or something..hmmmmmm


    write me a paper letter!! actually, do not! my mailbox situation is a nightmare…

    how are you?? long time , no hear from…

    actually, this spot was never intended to even be a thread, but just an info post…Panos is very much alive and well on the “taking aim” post…it is really interesting how each of you “adds”…like a recipe…a dash of salt, a cup of sugar etc etc…


    if one uses the computer in a sane way, it certainly does not preclude wandering into your favorite book store..

    i actually think that the whole answer to the digi world in general is to PRINT …get HARD COPY…there is a tendency to not print digi photographs…they get “lost” in the hard drives…forgotten…same with the words..because of the “instant gratification” of both , there is no immediate “need” to print…


    a short version (6-7minutes) of that film is linked right here on this site…go to my home page and click on “movies”…it takes about 5 minutes to download…it will check into the availability of the original broadcast long version…i think it will be very difficult to find…the Natgeo tv people just , for some reason, wanted it for broadcast only…no dvd etc etc..seems crazy, but it is true…anyway, i will find out for sure..there are other short pieces on me working etc…if you Google my name you will see some, or i think now maybe they are on YouTube also..

    by the way, i loved working in Uruguay a couple of years ago…and thank you for your interest…

    cheers, david

  • Hi David,

    What is new? Lots. My first class of photo essay in a private middle school was excellent. The three girls in my class all did extremely well.

    I watched their little faces each class (we met once a week for seven weeks) as they experienced the pain and angst of not having taken any photos of their essay, forgetting to bring their photos to class, and still not even sure of their story until 3 or 4 weeks into the schedule. One girl actually got her entire essay in one shoot–a field trip we took the last week of class. I could totally relate.

    Today is my second class of the second session (Photo Essay II) and I have 6 students, 5 girls and one boy. One of the young girls in my class is a kid who accused me of pinching her really, really hard and it really, really hurt the first day I went on campus. She is the kid with a history of bad behavior in the school. However, she is totally a different kid in my class.

    Other news is the continued effort on the windmill exhibit. The gallery I wanted is booked till 2011 and venues on Maui number about 3 counting the gallery. One is the mall and the other is the county fair in October for three days. I am pursuing renting a store front in the mall. The wind farm owners have requested a budget and hopefully will sponsor the show.

    Other than that I’m officially divorced, have sold my home and have a move out date of November 30, decided not to build another home but hang in the universe till whenever, reading, reading, reading. I am listening to Tolstoy’s Anna K. on audio cd when I drive. It is a really good story. Lots of healing in our family of old pains and much growth in one daughter especially. My oldest daughter’s husband shipped out to Afghanastan in March for 15 months. I am working on a zoo project.

    Lots happening and lots of emotion and feeling allowed to flow and grow from. And a lot of my growth can be attributed to your excellent teaching. I have this book “Teaching and Learning are Lifelong Journeys”, a Blue Mountain Arts Collection with all these quotes from famous people. One of my favorites by someone I don’t recognize that sizes your teaching style up totally.

    “How to tell students what to look for without telling them what to see is the dilemma of teaching.” Lascelles Abercrombie You have mastered the ability to teach without lots of verbiage. Hell, one look alone could send a person to psychotherapy!

    I also read in one of Paulo Cravelo’s books that the teacher learns more from the student than the student learns from the teacher. Do you find this to be true for you? Anybody else on this blog doing any teaching with photography or any of the arts? If you are do you find you learn more than the students?

    I just realized, I am in the same boat as you David. No home to collect my life in. I am looking forward to it.

    Aloha, Lee

  • david alan harvey


    hmmmm, quite some changes since we first met!!

    what look??

    i do learn from students of course…different things than i learn on my own, but valuable lessons nevertheless…teaching also helps to “get my own mind straight” about what i am doing and why….and, of course, you can’t teach it if you ain’t doin’ it!!

    however, i would not want to be a professional teacher…full time institutional teacher….i would run out of material fast!!! i need to be “living it” and then paraphrasing for others..

    my best wishes to you on your new adventures…

    cheers, david

  • Thank you and I am right there with you. Full time ain’t happening but it is very nice break from the usual. This will be my last one in this setting.

    The look–you know, that says what the fuck is that, what were you thinking, did you really leave this in your edits on purpose, this isn’t your favorite surely. And of course always the opposite one that says, I’m so proud of what you have done.



  • Hi david, i don’t know where is the correct place to ask you about this so maybe this is the place… no so deep conversation to cut off.
    Did you received my email about my essay review?. i don’t know if you are finished yet with all the work we had submitted but since i don´t receive any comment on my work i was jus wondering if maybe i was forgoten. i don’t want to put any pressure on you, i know we’re so many people and you only one. I just want to be sure you have my work on your list.
    thanks in advance

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  • Jennifer MacFarlane

    Hi Harvey

    Erica just told me about your new project…very exiting…i have just sent you an e-mail at your aol account



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