I’ve been in Petare all day. I work in my personal and projects over there. Petare is the second biggest favela in South America. Around 400,000 people life over there. It is another universe, life another city, the cradle of violence in the capital.My project is about memory. How all this violence began. For that I’m making interviews and scanning old pictures from traditional families, making them tell their story and perspectives. Parallel to that I’m working with young communities, giving them cameras to also hear their story through the images and talk about their lives and concerns. The goal is to put together both communities, to make them talk to each other. To safe the tradition in a place all we can do is teach the next generation and the next one. This is not happening in Petare. To see more about this work you can go to: support us in Indiegogo and add us in twitter and Instagram! photo by @dianarangel @circulosdecultura for @burndiary

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