from Venezuela

Hello @Burnmagazine ! I’ll be sharing my life on @burndiary for the next seven days in this interesting country called Venezuela. I was looking at this image when I received the email to begin with burn this week. Lately I’ve been trying to find silence around here. It is not easy when outside my house people are burning the trees to create barricades as a protest. We have been in this situation for almost a month and nothing is happening. I’m concerned this will be forgotten… A little about me (@dianarangel): With a background on psychoanalysis I tend to have projects with social and psychological implications. I combine images from my subjects with the purpose of submerge the viewer and myself into the real experience and to give a voice to the protagonists of my stories. I believe that in order to really understand others, it is necessary to see through their eyes, therefore, their photographs. Although I will not post other people’s photos in here, it will be fragmented as life is in Caracas, highly fast and truly connected with people. Currently I am doing a project called @culturecircles, its a participatory art project in the slums of Caracas to transform armed violence through photography. To support this project click in here: work is in

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