Another thing I’ve been doing as part of my research project about the memory of petare is to open a free service to restore old images. Today I’ll work with five images. They belong to Domingo (his name translation in English is Sunday). He gave them to me in December and it is now that I can restore them, print them and give them back. Domingo is the gate keeper of Petare’s museum, he is very shy and it took him three months to talk to me. When he asked me for the service he couldn’t believe it was for free. Then he was to excited about it that he started to describe every person. His wife, strong and a fighter, she has a bad temper but in bed she is a sweetie. His son, now finishing university and the mother, the grandmother of all the family, also with strong character, tough, cold woman. “How do you describe yourself?” I asked, “Me? I’m an Angel! I am as happy as my name!” Says laughing. “Yes sure!!” Says ironically the cleaning lady that was just passing by.

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