My Youngest Son

Ok this coming to end. That’s my youngest son watching me this morning post an image on BurnDiary…@diegorlando and @kayaleeberne thank you very much for giving me this incredible week. I’ve enjoyed this BurnDiary soooo much!Ok one more post and I’ll sign out…

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  • Just amazing outstanding images, I can’t keep up

  • Great job, Paul. You’ve really managed to raise your game. Congrats.

  • I’d feel real bad your week has come to an end, but I know I will still see your work on Instagram, so it’s okay. I’m glad more folks have learned what you do. Excellent image of your son…

  • Did i dream it or has an entire essay and all ts comments been taken down?

  • a civilian-mass audience


    amazing journey…!!!

  • PAUL

    just terrific work all around…very nice…..


    what you mean? what do you think was taken down? surely nothing that i know of….

  • eastern europe.orphan kids with absent parents(working in the west or something) .some nice work but really mixed styles. I commented on it as did a few other people…Looks gone to me……or someones been swapping my cognac for absinthe.

  • Gordon and MW…

    Apologies for taking so long to post this thank you. But I’ve been keeping on pushing hard with the same inspiration as I had whilst under the BurnDiary spell. Just too busy to think and all senses on feeling and expression.

  • Oh and BTW…

    If there’s anyone out there in two minds about giving BurnDiary a try…do give it a go. I learnt so much about myself and my photography during that week. And of course it gets you out of your comfort zone…

  • David wrote:


    what you mean? what do you think was taken down? surely nothing that i know of….”

    It was the Maloni (Meloni?) essay that has disappeared. Like John, I too am a little curious.

  • “surely nothing that i know of…” …and thats kind of the point really david, you aint here here anymore and it was you being here, your energy, that made it what it was (yes was). The same energy you are no doubt bringing to your workshops and shooting projects and instagram and chasing tail..but it aint here no more.Here is mainly sterile. maybe that Harry Crews attitude to work was timely.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Hi JOHNY…I miss you and I miss so many BURNIANS and I miss me too…;))))

    oh,MY BURNIANS,I hope you are ALL healthy and shooting out there…

    I am between earthquakes,taxes,chicken,ouzo…and beans…


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