Hey y’all

Hey y’all, my name is Matt Eich (@MattEich). I am a 27-year-old independent photographer, husband, and father of two, currently living in Norfolk, Virginia while working on long-form projects around America. This is me with my youngest daughter, Meira, before school and work this morning. One of my struggles as a photographer is the constant strain between home and the road. My heart is at home, but work is elsewhere. This week I am preparing for a stretch on the road for assignments and personal work. I will be sharing glimpses of my family life as I get ready to leave. The week before a big trip is never easy as my foot is already halfway out the door (my mind too), my wife is trying to gear up to be a single mom for a few weeks and the kids can sense that something is changing. My happiest moments are with them, so these photographs serve as a reminder when I am gone, as well as a way to distill chaos and hold onto moments that pass all too quickly. Thanks for following along. #matteich #photographer #burndiary #family #love #TheSevenCities

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