Ganges River at Kolkata

Hi Everyone – My name is Sean Gallagher, a British environmental photojournalist based in Asia. This month I am travelling across India documenting how various forms of pollution are affecting people and the environment here. My journey is supported by a grant from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and I have been in the field for 3 weeks already. This week I am in Punjab, in the north-west of the country photographing issues surrounding pesticide poisoning and the effects on rural communities. The image above is from one of my previous stops, the Ganges River at Kolkata, where I was looking at how air, water and soil pollution are affecting the city. Please check the Pulitzer Center site this week for the full story. Looking forward to sharing updates with you all here – Sean @sean_gallagher_photo

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  • SEAN

    welcome back to Burn!! you were my first EPF recipient and you have taken your work far since….i look forward to this week with you…..

    wishing we can meet again soonest….

    cheers, david

  • SEAN

    Nice to see you doing a stint on Burn Diary, and equally interesting to see that you have expanded your scope beyond China to the South Asian subcontinent. Looking forward to your contributions.

  • India – a country dear to my own heart. I am traveling myself and may not come every day, but I will not miss a post. I look forward to your week…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    aha…SIDNEY is reporting!!! thanks to SEAN…!!!

    FROSTY, safe travels and remember …civi is always next to YOU.

    GO SEAN !!!

  • David… Thank you for welcoming me back! It has been too long. Our paths always seemed to miss when I came to the US over the past few years. Hope to be there in Feb/March perhaps, so maybe then. As you see, I’m still working on the environmental issues. Haven’t forgotten the faith you placed in me 5 years ago. Time goes too quickly.

    Sidney… It was time for a break from China. Very much enjoying India but too many sad scenes I am witnessing.

  • Much appreciated, Civi.. likewise…

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