Elisabeta Roparu

The view from my belly button #21 Elisabeta Roparu worships in the Orthodox Church in Valea Grecului village, Vaslui municipality, Romania.Elisabeta had been caring for her grandson Marius (14) since his parents emigrated to work in Italy 4 years ago. Save the Children Romania quotes official government statistics that there are currently 23,312 Romanian children with both parents working abroad, although it is widely accepted that these are very conservative estimates! Emigration is one of the largest causes of depopulation in Romania.Image by Anastasia Taylor-Lind @anastasiatl

#negativezero is a photographic project by Anastasia Taylor-Lind about Europe’s declining populations. To join her on her roadtrip and find out more about the project please follow her on facebook bit.ly/negativezero

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    Do you take the picture with your iPhone prior to the REAL picture with the camera or you first shoot the medium format and then with the phone? Are you afraid of “losing” the moment?

    I like the patience and taking time for every single image.


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