A baby is awakened

A baby is awakened from his nap as a coal train passes by his window . Coal trains .Photo by @kurt_lengfield

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  • This photo, especially, shouldn’t go without comments. Straight from Instagram:

    marisharocks: Such poignant and quiet beauty…

    patricialaydorsey: What a remarkable photo!

    lindsaymorrisphotography: Magical, Kurt.

    billhess: Kurt, I said I wasn’t going to overdo the comments, but this is just too excellent not to comment…. touching and powerful at once…

    kurt_lengfield: @marisharocks @patricialaydorsey @lindsaymorrisphotography @billhess This was a gift as I was trying to shoot a coal train but the light was all wrong, as I turned around to get back into my truck there was this beautiful face staring at me from the window. Truly a serendipitous gift that I will cherish.

    andrew_b: As I said earlier, you’re rockin’ it, @kurt_lengfield

    careystrom: Such beauty!

    neyytv4evr: Very nice photo! Wondering about bad effects of coal dust.

    janetesommer: Brilliant! It may have been a gift but you caught it perfectly.

    angelenebluesoul: Your reportage is wonderful @kurt_lengfield

    loyd: Great work Kurt

  • Thank you for doing this, Andrew B. The same thought occurred to me.

    Beyond that, it causes me to wonder more and more about just what the impact of Instagram on so many of the things we love is ultimately going to be. I saw both this and David’s exceptionally powerful diner shot (with David, I kind of hate to use the word, “exceptionally,” because one way or another he seems to do it every day, so for him the exception becomes normal) on Instagram before I saw them here.

    That’s probably the case with most viewers. I am certain that being featured in Burn Diary is going to increase Kurt’s visibility and bring him a slough of new Instagram followers he might not otherwise have picked up and they will bring even more yet.

    At the same time, how many “Burnians” have now shifted their first attention from Burn to Instagram? Always, every minute, there is something new to see on Instagram. On Burn there is something new to see every day but now, by the time many of us see it here, we have already viewed it on Instagram.

    Except for the essays.

    Right now, Daro Salukari’s very fine and powerful Chechnya essay has been at the top of the list for two or three days. Not so long ago, such an essay would have generated a long list of discussion and comment. Now, there are four comments – two of them from you, one from me. Three people have commented. Even though it was only seldom that I ever left a comment of any real relevance, I miss those big discussions. They were so much fun to read. I liked being part of them even when my comment was irrelevant.

    But everybody only has so much time to give to comments and Instagram is occupying more and more of that time. Instagram is great fun.

    As I have stated before, I got into Instagram because of Burn and my intent was really just to find a quick and easy way to post on my own blog from my iPhone. Now, there are times I wonder what the point of keeping a blog is, when most everything I do is right there on Instagram, mixed in with everybody else’s.

    I think I will keep blogging, just the same. But maybe one day I will just say this costs me too much time and there isn’t much point in it, anymore, and stop. Nah… I doubt it. Point or not point, I need something online that’s mine, and mine alone – even if 95 percent of it is a duplication of what I just posted on Instagram.

    I will also keep coming to Burn as long as Burn is here and for a similar reason. Burn is a little community, now within Instagram but also autonamous from Instagram, but community members interact with each other more and more out in Instagram, while simultaneously interacting there with countless others who have never heard of Burn and don’t care much, but just love the Instagram process.

    I have written too much… just because of the time it took to write it. I can’t afford to give a comment this much time. It is much faster, yet overall more time-consuming, to dictate a one word, one sentence or short paragraph into Instagram.

  • Frostfrog…

    I agree with absolutely everything you’ve written. Oh how I miss those long essay discussions…

  • Kurt…

    Your burndiary week is being amazing.

  • a civilian-mass audience


    GO KURT…sending good energy from Grecolandia …and hugs to you and to your family !!!

    and I miss you ALLLLL!!!

  • I really don’t think instagram is to blame for the lack of comments here.
    I mean the essays do not appear there….only here.
    Burn Diary comments, sure…but comments under essays? I don’t think so.
    I don’t know the answer but I have high doubts it’s instagram….there are hardly any comments there besides the one liners and the kind….nothing really meaningful….some people have tried but I don’t think the platform lends itself to that and I don’t think it should either. It’s a visual thing and its fine that way.

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