Vincent practices piano. Like me, he doesn’t like crowded places. Too much noise. And he often stares into the distance too. When I look at him, I kind of see how I imagine myself when I was young. Good things will come out of this young lad for sure. Not because there are these similarities between us, but because it feels to me like the reference cadre, the context his parents (my sister and brother-in-law) provide him (and his sisters) to grow up in, is a solid one. I guess that’s the way, to offer the best possible context for your kids, and to trust, to know, they will turn out all right. It’s the hardest thing to do… I for one constantly feel like teaching and telling and explaining our kids… but I hold back. I feel that words are seldom appropriate. Rather, I try hard to be the best person I can whenever they’re around, and hope they pick up on the little things. I trust they will. And I hope these little things are in fact good, and will make me a better man as well.

Photo by: Anton Kusters @antonkusters

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