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The organizers of one of my upcoming exhibits walking ahead of me. It’s always great to go and visit a location ahead of time and meet the people. They put so much work into making it happen. Genk, Sydney, Rome, Liège, Hong Kong, and Aalst. All of them sharing that same passion. Makes me humble that it’s about my work this time round… like simple seemingly small suggestions from a curator that turn out to be absolute genius… or a producer picking up the phone and making something impossible happen right there and then… or a technician making a video of the build up and proudly showing it to a co-worker. I believe as long as I try hard to stay “open”, good things will happen. Life is about trust I guess. The balance between giving trust and earning trust. I often err on the side of blindly trusting, at the same time working hard to be trustworthy and — touch wood — up to now I haven’t been shamed too many times to become cynical. Just a few times to keep my feet firmly on the ground. I feel I have gained so much more. I trust people. I hope I never become cynical. I hope I can trust forever, like I do now. (photo ©Anton Kusters for @burndiary)

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