Bank Vault

Bank Vault

With mom in the bank vault. I’ve just rotated my backups. Everything is digital nowadays, and sometimes it scares me. @davidalanharvey once told me “always think about your legacy, however small” so inside here are control prints of all my crucial images, as well as backups and the digital archive. It took a long time to figure out exactly the right archiving strategy, and this vault is one of the elements of it. Backing up is a pain. Archiving is a pain. I guess it’s like accounting: we all hate to do it, but deep inside we know it’s absolutely necessary. But after the necessary comes the fun: now we go for coffee. I see mom every day, and it’s always fun to chat and catch up on things. Nobody else in this world means more to me, and I live to make her proud.

Photo by: Anton Kusters @antonkusters

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