Sunny Sky

I keep a polaroid of a sunny sky handy for when it rains. Amazing how a quick glance at it completely changes my mood. And I’ve got a million more of these little artefacts that do nothing else but remind me.

A wise person once told me that anyone or anything worth remembering will stay inside your heart no matter what, and that you shouldn’t need anything physical to remind. So true. But just for now, I feel more at ease carrying in my pocket a tiny wooden airplane, an acorn, a coin, a piece of string and a cherry pip. Until I’m ready to let go.


Hello all!

As you certainly have noticed, BurnDiary isn’t working as it should. We are experiencing some technical problems with our account on Instagram, which we hope will be solved fast! We will resume BurnDiary as soon as possible with Anton’s diary.

Thanks for your patience!

All the best from the BURN team :)


5 Responses to “Sunny Sky”

  • I’m enjoying Anton’s posts. I think the words give the whole thing that extra bit of intimacy many diaries hold tight.

  • Anton’s imagery thus far has the real feel of a diary and comes closest to what I’ve been waiting for in this particular corner of BURN. B-roll photos taken within a project, or flaneur-type pictures of one’s hometown or city were to be part of this experiment; Anton is coming through loud and clear with the introspective, personally touched diaristic experience.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    of course…ANTON plays the “rainy” man and we are expecting BURN Diary to work…hihiii

    What Not To LOVE !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and JEFF is writing under the influence of ouzo…geez

  • Really like Anton’s images thus far, and I agree the words make it much much more diary-like, Like muchly.

    I don’t have many things to carry, but do have one that is always in my pocket…a “lucky rock” my son brought back to give to me when he went on his first trip with his grandparents and no parents….he was about 6. I’ve carried it in my pocket ever since.

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