Cowhand taking a cow off the field. Porkhov, Russia. Photo by @dcimru

6 Responses to “Moooo”

  • Love this. That cow has a lot to say. She’s saying it with her eyes and tail….and I’m feeling mighty guilty.

  • Since when do cows have horns? A rose by any other name… ;)

  • Lots of cows have horns – depends on the breed. Not moose cows, though. They never have horns. Caribou cows have horns, but not the big racks grown by caribou bulls.

    Excellent picture! Be it cow, bull, or steer.

  • Actually, I must correct myself. Technically, even though they are often called horns, the head gear on both bull moose and caribou bull and cow are not horns, but antlers. I now stand corrected.

  • Thanks Bill, I stand corrected. A little research shows me many varieties of cattle have horns for both sexes. Domesticated dairy cows normally have the horns removed for safety reasons, which explains why I never saw them on the Holstein cows on the dairy farms I grew up near.

    I’m still not convinced this is a cow though, as i can’t see an udder. Maybe it’s a heifer, a female that has yet to calf. I’m not sure they develop udders before their first-born.

  • Jeff,

    There is an interesting link between cow horns and stomachs, digestion and enzymes and milk.. too difficult for me to explain in English I’m afraid, but it’s proven that cutting horns in “milk” cows is not a good thing! Perhaps google can help..

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