This is my last photo for Burndiary. I took it on Tuesday. I like the picture on the boy’s shirt, though it rarely gets noticed without a hint.

Burn, thanks for an interesting project, it’s been an honor for me to take part! Thanks for the attention to my pics, and I hope you liked my favourite city and its citizens. Farewell! @dcimru

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  • I wish I had had a t-shirt like that when I was a boy. I would have jumped off tall buildings and soared across town. But, sadly, t-shirt in those days were just t-shirt – plain, white, cotton.

    I greatly enjoyed your week and loved your images. I remain curious about what camera you used. The depth of field says it could be a phone camera, but other aspects don’t look like they could have been done by a phone – at least not bt my iPhone. Please, if you would let me know? Thank you.

  • Hi! I’m shooting on iPhone 4S, and i use FOTOR App before Instagram

  • Wonderful series. Like it.

  • Thank you, dcim. I’m using the 4. I read the 4s might be a little better. I also read a rumor that iPhone is going to release an improved model this fall, so I will hang on before I invest in a new phone/camera. I suppose I should look into the new Nokia, but somehow the thought of generating 40 mp images in my phone doesn’t thrill me at the moment. Maybe that will change. I will look into FOTOR. I got into doing iPhone with Instagram so that I could very quickly shoot and post to my blog from anywhere I have a connection, but I can see that, by-and-by, it will probably wind up being as time-consuming as anything.

    Again – great work. Your week has been a real treat! I hope to see much more…

  • You have a very good eye.

  • Dmitri

    Your week of iPhone Instagrams for BurnDiary is one of the best essays we have had on Burn…..absolutely brilliant….you have now set the bar high for anyone to follow…

    good on you..

    thank you

    cheers, david

  • Dear David,

    I really appreciate your high opinion, it was a great opportunity to be the part of this project for me.


  • Dmitri
    I agree with David. Brilliant stuff.

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