Birds in Flight

I know it's a cliche for some, maybe most, but I never get sick of watching birds in flight overhead. Photo by @annabarryjester

5 Responses to “Birds in Flight”

  • Cliches are cliches beacause they work.

  • Cliches are cliches right up to the point where the cliche craps all over your car, or worse, on your hat. There’s nothing like being on the wrong end of a bird’s bomb run to make you forget all about how beautiful the little bastards are.

  • That is some fine poetry, Akaky!

  • I can see no credit on this one. Who took it? You, Anna? I did not find it by navigation, but only by following the comments back to it. Then I went to the front page of Burn Diary to see if I could navigate backwards to it and maybe I could have, but I haven’t had much sleep this past week and the process was too tedious for my tired brain. I never got there.

    I would have photographed it, too. Cliche or no cliche. Why resist passing birds? And never apologize for photographing them! The same goes for airplanes. And pigs flying overhead.

  • Bill,

    Photo credit is added now, thanks for catching it!

    To see the single BurnDiary entries you can click on the titles written in the thumbnails, whereas clicking on the links below the comment box takes you to the previous/next post on the whole Burn site, so you’d arrive there also, but it takes a bit longer.. hope that helps!

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