Hot town, summer in the city — Brooklynites of all race, religion and social standing come together in pursuit of a common goal: relief from the blistering 99 degree heat. Laughter is the common language. Photo: @kerrypayne

I'm Australian, based in New York City and thrilled to be photographer #3 for BurnDiary. Looking forward to sharing with you the things I fall in love with over the next seven days!

5 Responses to “Brooklynites”

  • Great start and going just as strong with the second image.

  • Yes, it is a great start – the best yet.

  • Paul, Frostfrog, thanks to you both! I’m having some fun, no doubt about it!

  • Great shot, Kerry. Do kids still open the fire hydrants and spray each other with water using a beer can with both ends cut off? That was big in the Bronx back in the mid-60’s.

  • They do indeed Akaky, at least where I live which is a neighborhood filled with character and only just approaching the gentrification that much of Brooklyn has experienced in the past decade. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t sent a little prayer to the Photo Gods to turn a corner on my daily walkabout and discover that very scene. Perhaps if ALL the Burn readers were to appeal to the Gods on my behalf, we may just manifest it!

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