Beach fun

More fun on the beach today, wedding tomorrow. Koh Phangan, Thailand. #doubleexposure, photo: @michaelchristopherbrown

3 Responses to “Beach fun”

  • I love images with reflections…in fact I take many… David’s reflection portrait of Laura El Tantawy on RoadTrips was huge influence. .. but I have always had a hard time buying double-exposures…Probably should loosen up but it keeps feeling like a gimmick.

  • Paul, I agree. Michael has been posting some very good material, but this one loses me. Yet, at the same time, he is putting up something every day and it is good to experiment. It takes some guts. Some experiments work, some don’t, but that’s okay.

  • I like this one. The others were good too, but watching misspent youth misspending their youth is annoying for those of us who didn’t get to misspend our youth because we were the “responsible” ones. Now I have aches and pains and I didn’t even have fun getting them, dammit!

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