Crimean Tatar Wedding

Crimean Tatar wedding taking place in one of the oldiest mosques in Crimea in Bakhchysarai. The bride and groom named Asie and Server spent the first wedding day with their young friends. There were neither parents nor old relatives in the mosque. On the evening the groom has to return his bride to her parents. Tomorrow the couple will go to a registry office to get married officially. Then they will celebrate the wedding with hundreds guests and will be allowed to live together. #crimeaproject #crimea #bakhchysarai Photo by @mmordasov

Evpatoria to Bakhchysarai

I drove from Evpatoria to Bakhchysarai, ancient capital of crimean tatars. Near Razdolie village I found a vast field covered with thousands color plastic bags. There was disgusting garbage dump next to the road. The wind brought bags from the dump and made that weird installation. More than 25,000,000 tonns of garbage were massed in dumps in Crimea. About 300 dumps are illegal here. Photo by @mmordasov

My name is Mikhail Mordasov

My name is Mikhail Mordasov @mmordasov. I am documentary photographer from Russia.I am working with journalist Nadia Grebennikova on the personal long-term project – Crimea. Crimea is a huge peninsula between the Black sea and the sea of Azov, and a big south resort. The population of Crimea is about 2,5 millon. For more than 20 years Crimea was a part of Ukraine.In March, 2014, the peninsula turned into Russian territory due to referendum was held in Crimea. Ukrain and the world community as well didn’t recognize officially this transfer.Formally the annexation took few days, but reorganization of society will take years. There are changes to be fixed and published. We has traveled the length and breadth of Crimea to make a photostory about transformation. And now we keep moving and photographing.Today I am in Evpatoria, town in the west of Crimea. There was Republic of KaZantip not far from Evpatoria. It was huge festival of electronic and club music. About a hundred thousand young people went here to partying. KaZantip was held in Crimea last 21 years. This year festival left Crimea and moved to Georgia. Former territory of KaZantip in Popovka village, all clubs, bars, dance floors are abandoned and deserted now. This week I share my photo with you on BurnDiary. Follow me @mmordasov

En route to Lyon

En route to Lyon….#road #enroute #lyonPhoto @carlovajra

A Quiet Moment

A quiet moment after all the buzz in #PerpignanPhoto @carlovajra