Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.01.14 AMPhoto by Sam Harris @samharrisphoto tried for a portrait and got a yawn…

Uma at the Washing Line

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Photo by Sam Harris @samharrisphoto Uma at the washing line

‘OK Daddy’…

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Yali… Both my daughters usually don’t like me taking portraits of them, saying things like they’re “not in the mood” or their hair doesn’t look good… So I felt very lucky when Yali standing in the stripped window light said ‘OK Daddy’…

Hello! I’m Sam Harris

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Hello! i’m Sam Harris aka @samharrisphoto. I’m going to be taking over @burndiary this week. I live in Western Australia, in a small town called Balingup. My photography revolves around my two daughters Uma & Yali growing up, and i’ll be sharing images from our daily life here with you. This poor little bird is a Firetail Finch. The Firetails are very much part of our life, we feed them and they love to play in the bird bath in our garden. Uma found this unfortunate one outside, dead. Apparently he flew into the glass window. Photo by Sam Harris @samharrisphoto

Walking Home

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Walking home at sunset 6:45pm 4/9/14. A rare color image for me which includes an accidental double exposure of the woman. Photo by @sachalecca for@burndiary #westvillage #newyorkcity