We all have our stories

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I always wanted a world map when I was a child. On the first day of school during first grade, mom found me not in the classroom but out in the fields, skipping class. Fast forward to adulthood, I found myself quitting a lucrative job and actually went out to see the world. We all have our own stories to tell. Maybe thats what connect us all despite the distances. Jes Aznar @jeszmann on the diary for the week while in Nepal.

We can leave any moment

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Three years ago, I found myself on an early flight going to ground zero where typhoon Haiyan struck in the Philippines. Life was not easy, during those dark times. Especially for the people who are living in there. Suffering is not only limited to the physical factor, but what’s worse is the emotional and psychological trauma. Sometimes for us who just come and cover it, we can only do so little. We live with the fact that we can actually leave any moment, and they can’t. Jes Aznar @jeszmann here posting on the diary for the week. #nepal #rebuild #nepalquake #People #nepalphotoproject #photography #reportage

A month ago

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Photo © Jes Aznar for Burn Diary 

Exactly a month ago today, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, leaving thousands dead and destroying historic monuments and heritage sites. My heart goes to the Nepali people who stand strong as they try to rebuild their country and lives after this tragic event. #nepal #nepalphotoproject #rebuild #prayers


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Our trip to Nepal has been three years long overdue. For various reasons the trip was always cancelled. Booked a ticket and then had to refund when the kids got sick and other complicated reasons in the succeeding years. As the toll of work and life has been becoming harder and heavier recently, we decided to book the ticket for the nth time. Three days after buying the tickets, earthquake struck. The nightmares of Haiyan back in my own country still haunts me after extensively covering it for months, and yet I now find myself in another disaster area. Taking my chances-maybe I can still find my healing in here. Hi I am Jes Aznar @jeszmann taking over the diary for the week. #burndiary #photography #tea #nepal #burn #healing #life


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So many thoughts flying on my mind. I’ve had encountered so many crossroads in my life, and yet I realized that nobody is really ready for this big one to hit you mid-journey. I have been capturing life for years, and then life comes back at you. Like a boulder rushing, crushing down on you. You know its just a phase. Life’s own way to tell you to either slow down or to make you get your ass moving, fast. Hi everyone. I am Jes Aznar @jeszmann and I will be taking over the diary for the week. I am here travelling in Nepal and will be posting from here. #nepal #burndiary #midlife #photography #personal #diary