Are you Japanese?

About 15 years ago when I was visiting Berlin, I met a Japanese girl who was born and raised in Berlin. It was at our mutual friend’s flat. She asked me “Are you Japanese?” in Japanese. I said “Yes.”. “Where in Japan?” she asked. “Okayama.” I answered. “Where in Okayama?” she asked. “Tsuyama” I answered. “Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!” she shouted. She told me that her father was born and raised in Tsuyama. So strange to meet someone, who’s family is from your hometown, 8718.850 km away. Two days ago, I visited her father’s house for the first time. I took pictures and sent them to her. We are still friends. –Miho Kajioka

Visited my friend’s house. –Miho Kajioka

Hello October.

Hello October. Today, I found a lot of Higanbana on the riverside, its English name is Lycoris radiata or a red spider lily, a wild flower we see from August to the beginning of autumn. When the bright red color starts to fade we know that autumn has arrived. Those brown leaves under the flowers are from cherry trees, they lost almost all of their leaves and will be bold soon until next April, when they will be covered with pinkish white flowers.– Miho Kajioka

Sometimes, we all need a hero.

Miho Kajioka: Sometimes, we all need a hero.

Traditional Japanese Frames

I visited a small factory in Kyoto where they make the traditional Japanese frames with special silk. The making of these frames are a delicate and beautiful process. In the future, I hope to use them for my photographic works.— Photo by Miho Kajioka