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David Alan Harvey


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I am very excited about the recent developments between the U.S. and Cuba and feel it has been long overdue for a real dialogue that would lift the U.S. economic embargo on Cuba. I am sure it is not on fast track, yet at least it is moving.

Since Cuba was one of my most favorite projects of all time and since it is Christmas and also Burn’s 6th Anniversary, I thought this might be a good time to celebrate all of the above with a super good deal print and book sale. Some of my esteemed colleagues found out about this and have suggested I am underselling the market. Well I always do this with every book for example. I sold (based on a true story) high, and with the profit gave it away free in Brazil. So for this, and I do expect to sell very well, I am giving a break to the emerging photographers for whom Burn is all about. It’s holiday time. My now old Cuba work is appropriate for the moment. If I make a profit, I will take the money and go shoot pictures in Cuba…How could I not.. My only choice for sure. There goes relaxing at home. Karma

So in this spirit of Burn, which supports mostly young, emerging photographers, I felt that I could give you really good art object deal on these prints for a low price, this one time. My gift to you. Business altruism I think. Make everybody feel things are right. That, my friends, is just me.

I first went to Cuba because Magnum secured for me an assignment for Time Magazine to photograph Cuban scientists. I am not a science photographer, but I was looking for any way to get to Cuba and to get my hands on the oftentimes elusive visa that was required due to the negative U.S./Cuba relations. It did not take me long to fall in love.

Later, I went back as a tourist and shot some on my own before getting a full on assignment from NatGeo. This led to three NatGeo stories and a tv documentary for them about me shooting on the island. From this also came my CUBA book.

For sure I will also head down to Cuba just as soon as I can. I want to be there for the next year or so as things move into a new Cuban realm. I do not expect everything to somehow suddenly be perfect. As a matter of fact I suspect some real problems will develop when inequality of income will cause some to go from socialist idealists to unhappy have nots. This could take Cuba from no crime to a bit dangerous. We will see. At the same time, overall I see a potentially booming island economy with more good than bad as the result.

In any case, if you click HERE you will see the details on the prints and CUBA book offerings I am making available exclusively through BurnMagazine.

Please go to Cuba! You will find a warm vibrant culture. It might be awhile before you can fly from New York to Havana, but easy enough to go in through Mexico or Canada. You may not bring back any goods, but you will bring back some great memories I promise….

Thank you Barack


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