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Palo Provincial Jail

Inmates of Palo Provincial Jail watches a variety show as their pastime and means of entertainment. The facility was heavily damaged due to Typhoon Yolanda’s strong winds resulting to a jailbreak last year. Photo for @burndiary by @vjvillafranca

Pier fisherman Nags Head



Saturday Night Fever


Saturday night fever. Texas style. Alexandra is now a married woman and rocked the night away with 120 friends and family at their Hill Country ranch. Mother Ofe directed the show of course. Michael Loyd Young is the proud father of the bride and the author of BurnBooks upcoming photo book Beer, Bait, & Ammo.@loyd

Horses and Destruction

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The windmills that were used to dry the waters of the swamp remain abandoned since 1960…horses and destruction is what is left in the countryside. Photo by@tomeucoll for @burndiary . Mallorca island, working in the forthcoming book Badlands.

week 24 – laura el-tantawy


week 23 – matteo armellini


Matteo Armellini