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Sopho Sikharulidze – Abastumani


Sopho Sikharulidze


Abastumani is one of those places, which is not very known outside of Georgia. Hidden in the wild Georgian mountains, the oldest health destination became popular for its climate and thermal waters, they have long been used in the treatment of tuberculosis. Abastumi is surrounded by coniferous trees. It’s Ridge has some of the best landscapes and nature. According to the national tradition the history of Abastumani healing waters dates back in ancient times. In the beginning of the 1990s Abastumani lost its importance, the spa guest didn’t appear and the once impressing buildings decayed.The wooden houses, which are decorated with nice woodcarvings are abandoned and rotten. We are documenting the lives of people who live here. They hope that some day something will change and this place still will regain its importance.




Sopho Sikharulidze lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia.


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Sopho Sikharulidze

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I just know that this image will one day make me cry. It’s the combination of a boy on the brink of adolescence and the teddy bear still allowed to sit on his window sill. This is Saxon, my 11 year old, as I walked in on him doing his hair in the mirror this morning with gel, before school. He is about to leave primary school and go to ‘big school’ in September. And I get a pang of sadness every time I think of him moving into this new era of his life. I possibly shouldn’t. But I will no longer have ‘two little boys’ in the village primary school, cute as buttons, but one little boy and one gangly teenager doing his own thing more and more. At 11 he is is still a little boy. But only just. And he possibly has no idea of my shaky moments as he is nothing but excited about growing up. 11 is a hugely pivotal moment in a child’s life I think. So.. I’m finally saying Goodbye again! This is my final picture for burndiary. A HUGE thank you to David and Diego for having me here. It has put me to the test in many ways and I’ve enjoyed the whole thing immensely. Thank you all too for following and ‘liking’ so enthusiastically. If you have enjoyed following this diary, please join me at @juliettemills2014 for more!


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River, my son, and a friend Carlotta – looking at wild ponies ahead of us. I imagine the cow wondering why no one finds her the slightest bit interesting. Makes me laugh.


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Photo by Juliette Mills @juliettemills2014 My friend Jason, playing with his throwing axe in his garden at lunch time today. This may look unusual, but it’s really normal to find him doing crazy things like this. Jason is a jewellery designer but takes any opportunity to escape from his studio and mess around outdoors. His garden has a gorgeous view of Meldon hill – one of two moorland hills that hundreds (including my sons Saxon and River) will run up and down in ‘The Two Hills’ race this weekend.

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Photo by Juliette Mills @juliettemills2014 Me again! Thought it was farewell but I’m going to do a couple more days of the diary It’s a great challenge to shoot around my normal daily life wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, and find something special. This was this evening, waiting for my boys to finish their swimming lesson. And I was thinking.. there is absolutely nothing interesting to shoot in this boring old green park, and then someone walked by and created a bit of magic. Sometimes it literally comes out of nowhere.