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Photo by Bill Hess. I did visit Scot’s grave, as Carmen suggested. A short distance away, I found this grave marked by no plaque, no stone, no identification – marked only by grief and love.

Riders on the Storm


Riders on the storm. Billy and Sandra Stinson hold a picture of their over the water home published as a double spread in my essay on the Outer Banks NC NatGeo 2012. Their summer home was ripped off its stilts by a tidal wave that rushed up our street during hurricane Irene one month after I took this picture. The Stinsons are my neighbors, so I was right there as they prayed together with their two daughters among the rubble. Fate has brought the Stinsons in front of my lens three times, this being the third. Today they are just back after three years of rebuild. Good people they are. Folks just don’t get any better.

Frontline Position

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Photo by Cengiz Yar Jr. @hfwh for @burndiary. Photo: A Kurdish People Protection Unit (YPG) fighter stands guard at a frontline position in the war against The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in Rojava Syria.

Kerry Payne Stailey – The Children (I Never Had)

Kerry Payne Stailey

The Children (I Never Had)



‘The Children (I Never Had)’ explores the bloody battle of infertility, of hope and loss, played out monthly by women everywhere in their fruitless quest to become mothers. Our year of reproductive discontent was poetic and confronting and bittersweet, so like the melancholy I carry for the babies I did not. These are the children I imagined would be ours, and the menstrual blood that defied us, every twenty eighth day.


I was not called to be a mother
all the years I might have been.

now there is him
and in his eyes I see them,
the children I never had.

calendars turn
a battle of wills

forgive me, love
my body has won.

so quietly
we grieve
the babies I bleed.



Kerry Payne Stailey is an Australian photographer based in New York City. She is drawn to the healing power of photography – a tool she uses for exploring and acknowledging emotions as guides to the path of happiness. Her long term project “Left Behind” probes the complicated grief facing those left behind when somebody they love dies by suicide.


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Kerry Payne Stailey



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Photo by Cengiz Yar Jr. @hfwh for @burndiary. Photo: Fire engulfs a wheat field in northeastern Syria’s Rojava province. With limited resources entering the primarily agrarian economy of Rojava Syria because of the war, crop fires such as this can cripple a community.


Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 4.49.28 PMBlackbeard

Partially Destroyed Mosque

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Photo by Cengiz Yar Jr. @hfwh for @burndiary. Photo: A Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) fighter walks atop a partially destroyed mosque used as a frontline lookout position in the war against The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in Rojava Syria.

Kurdish People Protection Units (YPG)

burn magazine

Photo by @hfwh for @burndiary. Photo: Kurdish People Protection Units (YPG) fighters’ weapons rest on a ledge at a frontline position in their battle against The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in Rojava Syria. As Assad’s regime has continued to battle rebel factions across much of eastern Syria, they have essentially relinquished control of northeastern Syria and left Kurdish forces to take responsibility for the region, govern and defend themselves. During the past year the YPG has successfully pushed ISIS out of many Kurdish territories in Rojava and fortified their borders against incursions. Despite YPG and Ashayish (Kurdish police forces) attempts at maintaining peace in the region, suicide bombings and attacks from ISIS persist.

Front porch #4


Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Photo by @hfwh for @burndiary. Hi my name is Cengiz Yar Jr. (@hfwh) and I’ll be taking over the Burn Diary account for the next 7 days. I’m a documentary photographer based in Chicago but since April have been traveling through Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon covering the Syrian refugee crisis for my project @syriaschildren. I’ll be sharing some iPhone photos — first from my time in northeastern Rojava Syria then later in the week some of my ongoing work on@syriaschildren. It’s an honor to have the chance to share my images with you and take part in this feed. Please feel free to contact me here or through my personal account if you have any questions. Thank you for viewing. Photo: My silhouette while embedded with YPG fighters on the frontlines of their fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in Rojava Syria. Dusty and hot.