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Sam Harris – The Middle of Somewhere

Sam Harris

The Middle of Somewhere

The Middle of Somewhere is the next chapter in my on-going family diary. It follows on from Postcards from Home (2008-2011) and revolves around my two daughters Uma & Yali growing up. We live in a remote part of the world, the south west corner of Western Australia.




Sam Harris is a photographer and educator. As a teenager he taught himself photography, turning his London bedroom into a makeshift darkroom. Throughout the 90’s Sam photographed portraits and sleeve art for numerous recording artists. He also worked as an editorial photographer for publications such as The Sunday Times Magazine, Esquire, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine and Dazed & Confused. The over commercialization of the music industry during the late 90’s was the catalyst for a change in direction, both personal and photographic.

Sam’s photobook Postcards from Home (a self published limited edition) has received several awards including the Australian publishing industries Galley Club Award ‘Australian Book of the Year’ 2012.


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Postcards from Home (2008-2011)

At home…Musings


I am starting a new spontaneous off the cuff iPhone reality YouTube series with photo tips from home (as is this) and also letting you meet some of the fascinating people I know in this business from all over the world. Some of them might be very useful for you to know. All in the name of letting you know whatsup in the world of photography and the arts…Cheers, David


…And finally came Marcelo, a solitary la herder who faces strong winds and burning sun, to take care of our new, curious friends. Marcelo played his horn and drum during the ritual of “la señalada”, which consists in adorning the animals with some wool to protect them from diseases. Photo by Marco Vernaschi @marcovernaschi

Abra Pampa

Another day working in Abra Pampa, in the heart of the Puna Jujeña, with some curious friends…. BIOPHILIA is developing some interesting projects with the Warmi Community. More soon! Photo Marco Vernaschi @marcovernaschi

White Light

White light and a windy spirit made the magic around this gaucho girl, at la Peña Blanca. BIOPHILIA is working on a development project with the Gaucho community of Coronel Arias, one of the oldest of Argentina that originally formed as a rebel guerrilla during the independence war (1810-16). Photo by Marco Vernaschi @marcovernaschi

Diablos from the Quebrada of Humahuaca

Hello! This is my first post for @burndiary. Through this week I’ll be contributing with some exclusive pictures from the project BIOPHILIA, which I’m currently developing in the North West Argentina. In this image, two Diablos from the Quebrada of Humahuaca, with whom we are working since a month. Los Diablos are the most vibrant and colorful presence of the region (province of Jujuy) and have the power to curse or protect the community. Photo by Marco Vernaschi @marcovernaschi

Lido Beach

A poorly executed attempt to keep track of names of portrait subjects during a shoot on #Lido beach in #Mogadishu. Photo by Roopa Gogineni @rgogineni

Public Showers


This is the photo The Beach Magazine in Rio de Janeiro chose as their cover this week to represent some of my#beachgames work. Public showers are the norm about every 300 feet of every beach in Rio. All ages sizes shapes rinse the sea salt off together in communal good spirit.

A rare quiet moment

A rare quiet moment at #Mogadishu international airport. Photo by Roopa Gogineni @rgogineni

UN staff member

A UN staff member goes spearfishing just a few kilometers down from Lido beach in #Mogadishu #Somalia. The shore is rockier here. The airport base, secured by African Union troops, stands apart from the rest of the city. Movement in and out is restricted. Photo by Roopa Gogineni @rgogineni