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jan adamski – mayan cosmos

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Jan Adamski

Mayan Cosmos

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The Mayan people for more than half a century  have been separated from their true identity. The Maya are founders of infinite doctrines in the development of the human being in the search for his essence. Words cannot define the path this group has traced, a never-ending road that prevails despite the circumstances, maintaining the essence and the heart with the flame of history alight.

Today, expressions of their long lost traditions, condemned by the Catholic church are regaining life in Guatemala and Mexico. Mayan conscience  in all its purity, in which the elements of nature are of great importance and where the relationship and respect between humanity and planet Earth is mutual.

The moment I first made contact with representatives of this tradition, I knew there was much more about them than what can be found in current anthropological writings. My stay with them allowed me to break infinite mental structures that I had fed my whole life. It is truly complex to use images and words to express something that goes beyond any thought, feeling or sensation. For someone with my background, staying in a place where  sharing is what makes life go on, is a difficult situation to integrate. Appreciation is the only word that I can think of for  a culture that accepted me even though it has been victim of people “like me” from the moment the “conquistadores” first stepped in American territory.

The teachings of historic-mythological characters, which they call their “grandparents”, have been the main cause for them to gather the strength to keep going on. Sharing their wisdom, and clarifying the notions of true and false has enabled the Mayans to recover the deepest roots of their tradition, little by little, even in the worst moments their history.  Guided by the “Aj’qij'”, spiritual guides that maintain the inherited teachings alive, known as Mayan priests,  they pray around the sacred fire, their biggest gift, the place where generations have gathered to evolve and enjoy the gifts from the Earth and the Sun.

I believe our definition of what development means is wrong. It has not much to do with buildings, technology nor power. It’s much more. Spirituality is a living thing, we develop it day by day.


Jan Adamski is a 22 year-old Polish-born photographer. He has lived in Costa Rica all his life and currently studies photography and works with Colectivo Nómada, a Costa Rican group that is driven by the intention to bring true identity to documentary photography in the region.


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Jan Adamski


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