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We all know these days that almost everyone is a photographer. A minus? No, a plus. It means mankind has adopted the still image as a language. Seems to be primal. We are on our phones looking at pictures all day long. Voracious. Does this mean the fine art, the sophisticated image, the incisive documentary that is often photography is gone? Is the world so diluted with images that there is no way to separate? Not at all. It has just intensified. You cannot just “get the shot”. No different than with words which can be meaningless, or poems. It all depends on the author. My approach to mentoring is to find out what makes each student tick, and dig out the author in them. I critique the pictures, sure. I do that everyday in a workshop. Yet I critique from the point of view of building a style , a look, a feeling, or an editorial approach. I do not try to create professional photographers. I simply try to help make each student be the best they can be. For those who are inclined to be pros, I can help. For those who simply want to be a better artist or storyteller, I can help. If you interview my past students they will tell you my classes are tough. I will not bullshit you about your pictures because for me that would be a disservice. I cannot help without being honest with each student. I do look for those with lofty goals. Dreamers. Can-do types. People who believe they can make it happen. Without this energy, I cannot be of great service. A life in photography can mean many things. Or all things. Personally I love book making and exhibiting prints and creating essays for magazines. Within those venues anything is possible. I love the excellence of all styles and all genres if they are on the highest level. I am not trying to make those I mentor a clone of myself , but to have their own voice. You will shoot everyday. You will be critiqued every day. You will sleep little. You will have a result at the end. Your work will be shown in a grand AV presentation with a sophisticated audience to view. This workshop is not easy, yet will be the most fun you will have in your life. Work fun. The best kind. I’ve lived a life in photography. It works for me. Perhaps I can help to make it work for you. I will try to make it so.


David Alan Harvey



When:   November 29th – December 5th, 2015

Where:   Miami Street Photography Festival

 Partecipants: 15  

Tuition: $2,000 ( Includes workshop and daily breakfast. Travel expenses or other meals are not included)


To apply and for more info, please visit:  Miami Street Photography Festival




TUITION: $2,000


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