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Beach life


#outerbanks #beach

11 yo

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I just know that this image will one day make me cry. It’s the combination of a boy on the brink of adolescence and the teddy bear still allowed to sit on his window sill. This is Saxon, my 11 year old, as I walked in on him doing his hair in the mirror this morning with gel, before school. He is about to leave primary school and go to ‘big school’ in September. And I get a pang of sadness every time I think of him moving into this new era of his life. I possibly shouldn’t. But I will no longer have ‘two little boys’ in the village primary school, cute as buttons, but one little boy and one gangly teenager doing his own thing more and more. At 11 he is is still a little boy. But only just. And he possibly has no idea of my shaky moments as he is nothing but excited about growing up. 11 is a hugely pivotal moment in a child’s life I think. So.. I’m finally saying Goodbye again! This is my final picture for burndiary. A HUGE thank you to David and Diego for having me here. It has put me to the test in many ways and I’ve enjoyed the whole thing immensely. Thank you all too for following and ‘liking’ so enthusiastically. If you have enjoyed following this diary, please join me at @juliettemills2014 for more!


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River, my son, and a friend Carlotta – looking at wild ponies ahead of us. I imagine the cow wondering why no one finds her the slightest bit interesting. Makes me laugh.



Mariah Leal Paes from Rio de Janeiro was a finalist in BurnMagazine’s Emerging Photographer Fund 2015 and I Skyped with her a few days ago. I usually take pictures when I’m speaking with someone on Skype or FaceTime and have a fun little series of portraits. Search Mariah on Burn and see her essay .Our EPF is being juried right now with the recipients being announced in early June . 10k for the top spot and 5k for the Fujifilm under 25 category. Mariah’s essay Mom Tales was a poignant portrayal of her addict mother. Stay tuned for EPF winners .See my behind the scenes on SnapChat user name davidalanharvey #EPF #burnmagazine

Double drop


Double drop in ( splitting the peak) at the Rodanthe NC fishing pier at last light 5/21/16.#outerbanks #surfing #surfers #waves #rodanthe


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Photo by Juliette Mills @juliettemills2014 My friend Jason, playing with his throwing axe in his garden at lunch time today. This may look unusual, but it’s really normal to find him doing crazy things like this. Jason is a jewellery designer but takes any opportunity to escape from his studio and mess around outdoors. His garden has a gorgeous view of Meldon hill – one of two moorland hills that hundreds (including my sons Saxon and River) will run up and down in ‘The Two Hills’ race this weekend.

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Photo by Juliette Mills @juliettemills2014 Me again! Thought it was farewell but I’m going to do a couple more days of the diary It’s a great challenge to shoot around my normal daily life wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, and find something special. This was this evening, waiting for my boys to finish their swimming lesson. And I was thinking.. there is absolutely nothing interesting to shoot in this boring old green park, and then someone walked by and created a bit of magic. Sometimes it literally comes out of nowhere.

Vincent Catala – Rio, An Inner Shore



Vincent Catala

Rio, An Inner Shore

For the last three years I have been focusing on the middle-class area in which I live in Rio de Janeiro. In a city that often summons the same repetitive figures, this is hard to locate mentally. There is a succession of residential blocks, office buildings and huge expanses of wastelands, open outlooks onto emptiness and silence, the ocean that is never far from sight and lone people passing by. Favelas are few and far between; renowned tourist areas are distant. In fact, where are we exactly? And when? And there is almost always a humid and milky light creating vagueness and obscuring benchmarks.Yet there is nothing peripheral about this urban fabric, it amounts to 2/3 of the total area of the city and 70% of the Cariocas reside there. This is where, but by default, the turbulent state that has rocked Brazil for the last years resounds most distinctly: an economic crisis that is increasingly becoming an existential one.

There is unspoken correspondence between the locations and the individuals. Against this uncertain urban setting solitary figures appear momentarily suspended in anticipation of an imminent downturn, as if searching for a balance located somewhere between a fading order and its resurgence.

The project is ongoing.




Vincent Catala lives and works in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), where he settled in 2013, coming from France. He became a photographer in 2006 after having experienced various trades. Specializing in long-term, in depth projects, Vincent discusses and contextualizes the bonds between the individual and his space, and their subjective representations: loneliness, freedom, place in the world. His work has appeared in Le Monde, Télérama, The Sunday Times Magazine, The National Geographic, Revista ZUM, among other publications. He has also been exhibited in numerous shows and festivals including Nuit de l’année, RIP Arles (France, 2011 and 2014), Galerie Dupon (France, 2011), Encontros da Imagem (Portugal, 2011), Festival Circulation(s) (France, 2012), Gallery Dar Al Anda (Jordan, 2013 and 2014), Musée André Villers (France, 2015). Since 2015 his work is held in the permanent collection of Gilberto Chateaubriand (Museum of Modern Art / Rio de Janeiro).

He is a member of Paris based Agence VU’.


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Vincent Catala

Wild Ponies

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Photo by Juliette Mills @juliettemills2014 Wild Ponies on the moor this evening. So nice to get home after a 5 hour drive from London. A flying visit and great fun to see all the family, but always a relief to get away from the M25 motorway in thick traffic and find ourselves again on the moor with big skies… This is my last post for burndiary and just want to say a huge thank you to David and Diego for having me, and to all of you who liked and commented so positively. Loved every minute of it. Farewell from Dartmoor.