Lisandre St-Cyr Lamothe – Transplanter

Lisandre St-Cyr Lamothe



Fugitive beauty is everywhere, given to those who can grasp it.

“Transplanter” is the result of living four years in the countryside where I have observed life as it is and not as it should be. I search for delicate light on still life, humans and landscapes, so as to materialize a feeling of peace.

Today, the majority of humans live in cities but there is still a land that we cultivate and which, in turn, sustains us. With this project, I wanted to praise this natural beauty and invite people to consider and recognize the fragility of the land.




After having studied Photography in CEGEP de Matane in 2007, Lisandre St-Cyr Lamothe became acquainted with the mountain pastures of Switzerland where she worked as a shepherdess.

Since then, she has and continues to renew these experiences by trying to “transplant” herself into the countryside where rain and sun punctuate the seasons and the daily work. She searches for scenes of life among the peasants and in people living a simple life, bringing to mind bucolic Dutch paintings.

In the meantime, she has done a three-month internship at the Digital department of Magnum Paris and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Quebec, the United States, France and Spain. In January 2012 she has also completed a one-year artist residency in photography in Spain, allowing her to further the research away from cities while staying in touch with the contemporary photography world.


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