panos skoulidas – heat advisory

A fan against intense heat for a heart patient... no air conditioning in apartment - SA Texas

Or a few minutes in the swimming pool is ok as long as he stays protected by the sun, 110F - SA Texas 2011


Panos Skoulidas

Heat Advisory


The US drought of 2011 will go down in history as one of the most severe natural disasters in decades. Beyond the financial impacts to farmers and ranchers, there is also a more far reaching impact to the overall quality of life to the inhabitants of the affected regions. As temperatures soar to over 100 degrees day after day for months on end, daily tasks become physical dares made between yourself and the heat. Pets, children, even the young and healthy struggle.

Shane Azar is 43. He is not healthy. Diabetic, overweight and recovering from recent open heart surgery, Shane has become a prisoner to the heat. Doctors have advised him to avoid the scorching sun because of potentially fatal reactions with his medications. His world is limited to the bed, a treasured fan, and a 5 minute daily dip in the pool in an effort to preserve his sanity.


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  • AKAKY IRL: i guess i now know where i get my naught g(j)e(a)nes from ;)))))))


    whether 2 pics or 25 pic essay, love that you got the assignment and showed the doubters….after all the great ‘portraits’ from Venice + some of my fave portraits from Turkey + Greece and then Soth portrait and Shane’s portraits….i’m starting to think maybe the Panos book shouldn’t be Venice, but a book of your environmental portraits…like from the photo/studio thing you did in Compton, etc…make sense? :)))…either way, happy always to see this and also that as a published author here you bring the conversation with your publications…something i always love when those published do :)))))))

  • Also, an announcement for the Burn crew: you will be getting invites from me to join me on my LinkedIn network. Ignore them. I signed up because someone on FB sent me an invite to join their professional network and I thought why not, do someone a favor for once. So I signed on to LinkedIn. LinkedIn promptly sent invites to everyone on my email contact list, something I should have stopped before it happened. The reason for this is that I keep Akaky, Akaky IRL, and anything having to do with them rigidly separated from the rest of my life and for the most part this works. I would venture to say that the family, friends, professional colleagues, and occasional acquaintances of everyone whose work Mr Harvey published in Burn 01 knows that they were published in the inaugural issue. Everyone, that is, except my family, friends, professional colleagues, and occasional acquaintances. Nobody, absolutely nobody, knows that I’m in Burn 01 and that’s the way I intend to keep matters. I am happy that Mr Harvey put me in Burn 01, but that’s news for me and me alone. The problem with LinkedIn is one of the six degrees of separation. I don’t know if I know anyone who knows Mr Harvey and I’m sure I don’t want to find out. Akaky works because I know I will never have to explain some of the things he writes and says to the people whose actions become the basis of the essays. So, again, if you get the invite, just delete it and my apologies for wasting your time in the first place. You know, I think is the longest thing I’ve ever written here that didn’t have a punchline somewhere in it. Onwards and upwards, boys and girls.

  • You have naughty Genes and Jeans? Does Marina know about them?

  • Bob, yes i love participating , just like you do…Smiling in..yes u guessed it perfect…We are NOT “too cool for school” here..We are learning from each other endlessly…and u could be absolutely right about the “book” btw, never thought of it! (and yes i need to bring those Compton shots out to the world!)

  • btw, whoever is on my facebook, check the videos i shot las night..its all LOWRIDER BICYCLISTS (not motorcycles) FROM DA HOOD!

  • Lets all stay motivated…i love it if i can motivate anyone, coz u guys totally motivate me, endlessly, constantly raising the bar…every time i shoot its a struggle…coz BURN IS WATCHING!
    ONE LOVE y’All!

  • akaky: marina marina me for those very jeans/genes….;)))

    Panos: i’m serious…i mean, take the best of the portrait stuff from venice, add to that compton, snoop, turkey, greek, sexshow, tx, shane, soth, darkkids, etc…i’m telling you (what i wrote 2 days ago) your best work is always really about portraiture to begin with (and humor, or both togetha)….make sense?…venice stuff and darkkids a part of it….i can see a book; ‘studio p’….think! :)))…and yea, i know some when they publish hate to comment/get involved (some don’t ’cause they’re more quiet to begin with and that’s their nature), but i still think that was makes BURN burn is that combo of pics and dialog…sometimes i wish Lens did the same, but James is a great guy and serves it’s purpose….but there is only 1 burn…ok, must run….:)))

  • that should have been marina ‘married’ me, mot marina marina me…but, working on little sleep…

    ok, back to Texas and HEAT!

  • Panos…

    Seeing that you’ve chosen Shane as a subject whose a close friend, do you have difficulties in photographing strangers? This is something I have an immense problems with and I can’t get over it. I see people who are extremely interesting, photogenic or whatever, whilst out walking, but I’m pretty shy with strangers and I’m honestly normally not to interested in doing a Petersen and introducing myself talking about my life and theirs and spending 24 hours with them. So most of the time I don’t take the photo because I’m not into sneaking a photo. Is this a problem I only suffer or is it something pretty common?

  • Panos..

    thanks for that link!!

  • Paul..

    If you take a picture of a complete stranger, and s/he can see, or COULD see you take the picture, ’cause you’re not hiding the camera, there’s no sneaking.. you don’t have to spend 24 hours with them.. with some, yes, with others not.. just try! Only thing you risk is a no..

  • Bob; REALLY nice comments, it eloquently states how I feel about Burn… Thanks :-)

  • ‘because I’m not into sneaking a photo.’ There is this point where you get people so familiar with you and your camera being there, that they forget you…and then they maybe drop their guard..and then if you are really lucky.. you get a shot at a shot. Then its all luck and skill and maybe a little drop of some kind of unexplainable shit. serendipity maybe.

    ……or, you can just bully a picture, force people out of their masks, Make them show you what they are for a brief moment. shout, scream, abuse, insult, snide…whatever needs to be done to get the shot.
    belittle them, flatter them..ignore them..threaten them…….all can work.


  • Or you can ask them to stand over there and say cheese and forever fade into blah blah blah..

  • John…

    I was thinking about you this afternoon as I watched this very attractive woman with a left totally tattooed arm, thinking how you would go about it and I came to the conclusion you would probably bully a picture mixed in with that strange lovely character you’ve got which made Eva and I really adore you :)!!
    By the time I’d finished thinking the woman had left :))))

  • “I had the spare key so I was about to return it.. That’s how/why I “caught him in bed”, undressed..”

    Then, thankfully, your photo karma and that pillow spared us all a ‘XXX’ viewing experience

  • Paul :)
    I’m about to write a long long answer to your “strangers” question,
    great great question, but right after I read John Gladdy’s “answer/theory suggestions ” I’ll have say that John wrote something brilliant above and I have a hard tine topping it off..
    But in general yes.. I enter their lives first only if I’m genuinely interested in them otherwise trust me the ,quick no connections, will be obvious in photos , picture will suck and I wasted my day boring myself to death..!!!
    Yes I’ll do anything for a photo, I’ll stab u and twist your arm , but YOU WILL KNOW IT.. it won’t happen through a long lens nor behind yours/anyone’s back!!!!

  • Mark… Ohhhh trust me I would through the pillow there myself if I had to…;)
    U remember my MOTEL photo that had to be removed by FCC?/2 graphic?! 2 years ago.?
    .smiling.. I don’t this to happen again;)

  • Panos but how do you get consent from the person?
    Shane in this case…. did you show him the pic and he agreed with you to publish it? or did you have to convince him?

    This is also a general question to all.

  • Carlo,
    In my particular case here, I got a model release since Xmas when I worked on a short film about his health ..( a short film that Bob talked about it earlier- never been posted here or Anywhere else though.. So these latest HEAT photos was no problem .. Like John Gladdy SAYS: I got in his life first, under his… I convinced him about my artistic intentions long time ago!

  • The “lol” thing goes to the “under his skin” joke..
    But my experience working with GOLDBERG and PELEGRIN (assisting them) is that yes you/they asked tons of PERMISSIONS/gain access… etc…you know sometimes you or someone that’s helping you might have to do lots lots and lots of phonecalls!!

  • gotcha!
    Yes, I read about the video my offer still stands if you need a hand with editing.

  • All :good news for posting long comments..
    No need to type anything anymore.. Use the app DRAGON DICTATE and SPEAK your text, and types it and post it on Burn or anywhere. And all that while driving!!!

  • Carlo , big thanks and soonest.. But First I Gotta put all my attention to “BURN-ED GARDEN” exhibition right now..
    And right after fly to Civil- GRECOLANDIA to see what the street fighters are doing!;)

  • you are welcome Panos!
    no rush…i’m also off for a few weeks to India.
    Hoping to shoot something good…multimedia…video and stills.
    I have the story and ideas…execution…well….that’s the tough one :)
    might be silent for awhile. I don’t know how well the connection will be while there.
    All the best in Grecolandia with civilian and the chickens!

  • Good luck in India, Carlo!
    As CIVI said may the winds of inspiration be with you!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    can I sing now?:))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Thanks Panos!


    “sing while you may”!!!

    since you love your chickens maybe you will like these birds:

  • a civilian-mass audience
    September 5, 2011 at 9:46 pm
    can I sing now?:))))))))))))))))))))))

    No ΚΑΚΟΦΩΝΙΞ!!! You’ll be tied on a tree and we will be eating BBQ WILD BOARS .. u stick with your chickens!!!:)))

  • Talking about heat and Texas.. the fires have made it in our morning news.. :(

  • Paul..

    besides John’s words (which to me applies more to portraiture?), here’s Ian Berry’s take on some of what you ask:

  • And here in New York, it is raining…again

  • And here in Mallorca, it’s sunny…again

  • Akaky…

    You seem to be pretty good at going around unnoticed taking photos…

    BTW I’ve given up on Bengy for the moment. You’re quite right “The sound and fury” is not the right book to get introduced to Faulkner. Besides I’ve got enough Bengys in my neighbourhood, so I’m currently enjoying immensely all the other stories in that Kindle book on Faulkner.

  • Paul, it depends. I’m lousy at people photography here in our happy little burg because everyone knows who I am and I have to live here. So as a rule I don’t do people pix here unless there’s a parade or a festival or it’s on a weekend when the tourists show up to shop for antiques. I don’t know who they are and they don’t know me from a hole in the ground and I don’t feel any compunction about letting IRL violate what few rights to privacy these people have in a public place. The other problem with doing people pix here is that decisive moments are few and far between; if I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time of day, I’ve missed it until the next one occurs, which is usually the following Wednesday when I am at work. So there are few people pix of happy little burg people in Burn’s submissions folder. There are lots of them from NYC, though. When I go down to the city, I am there to maximize the number of people pix and if they don’t like it then they can go suck eggs. And it’s easier to vanish in the city; you round a corner and you are in another reality. The immense size and the immense crowds allow for that sort of thing.

    As for TSATF, I thought that might happen. The Unvanquished is the easiest place to start, that and the short stories and As I lay dying. You might want to try Sanctuary as well-sex, violence, lynchings, and corn on the cob. You can’t beat it.

  • Eva…

    Thanks for the link. Interesting how Henri Cartier Bresson’s advice was;
    “Walk softly and slowly, if you are moving quickly and stop suddenly, the people you are about to photograph will react to the change of pace in their peripheral vision and become aware of you.”
    I listened to an interview with Anders Petersen who said he went walking once with Koudelka whilst taking photos and it seems Koudelka was quite the opposite, walking at high speed taking photos of everything. Although I think HCB’s advice makes more sense to me.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    CACOFONIX…???I have been called many names…but Cacofonix?
    oime,I better stay in my aisle…with my chickens…

    P.S…keep shooting MR.GETAFIX(PANOS):)))

  • That’s brilliant, John. Love it!

  • John Gladdy…
    Lovely photo! Back shooting :)?

    Heat advisory Spanish style…

  • Paul. Not really. I think thats one of the last speakers corner pictures from a couple of weeks ago. Have stopped shooting it now. I very much like the shot and it just seemed to fit with panos’s title.
    need to find something new that makes me need to shoot it. Have surgery scheduled for november and a whole bunch of boring clinic shit to go through till then…and then maybe a road trip. Who knows???

  • …beat Akaky on his own game…
    yes, 200!

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