panos skoulidas – heat advisory

A fan against intense heat for a heart patient... no air conditioning in apartment - SA Texas

Or a few minutes in the swimming pool is ok as long as he stays protected by the sun, 110F - SA Texas 2011


Panos Skoulidas

Heat Advisory


The US drought of 2011 will go down in history as one of the most severe natural disasters in decades. Beyond the financial impacts to farmers and ranchers, there is also a more far reaching impact to the overall quality of life to the inhabitants of the affected regions. As temperatures soar to over 100 degrees day after day for months on end, daily tasks become physical dares made between yourself and the heat. Pets, children, even the young and healthy struggle.

Shane Azar is 43. He is not healthy. Diabetic, overweight and recovering from recent open heart surgery, Shane has become a prisoner to the heat. Doctors have advised him to avoid the scorching sun because of potentially fatal reactions with his medications. His world is limited to the bed, a treasured fan, and a 5 minute daily dip in the pool in an effort to preserve his sanity.


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  • Geez, Bob, I didn’t know you were Nob Black! Loved your work in Hot Bangkok Babes Do Greek XXXVIII

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  • sorry…awards for 00000 comments only in Dialogue Posts….lol!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    AKAKY was beaten by THE heat(EVA)…:)))(to be perceived as a compliment)

    back to my aisle…

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  • Civi!?
    did the angry greeks returned from vacations yet?when are the fresh round of riots start? i’ll be there of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    from tomorrow I will be back on the streets…

    Grecolandia in bad shape…BUT the Spirit is Up…
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    and to ALL MY BURNIANS…Civi’s home is open 24/7
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    JIMMY…no key is needed…

    and I am still wearing your silver pan…facing West:)

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  • 10:30am in California, Venice Beach, Memorial Weekend, the highest Surf that venice faced the last 20 years..Bill, knows what im talking lucky? coincidence? who cares…im happy to go shoot..i’ll be in the phone checking in and out (if AT&T allows of course) and shooting the waves…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    what Memorial???

    where is my LABOR day?

  • Paul, Civi, thanks. That’s actually half pit bull half English bulldog. I made a few edits since the original link. Different red nose photo, more toes for Civi. Here (might have to clear your cache).

    And Paul, one photo is with the new camera. I just got it Thursday and it’s pretty complicated so I didn’t expect to use it in real life, but towards the end after I felt like I’d got about all I was going to get I used it some. It actually handled very well. Of course I’m somewhat used to the Fuji way of thinking since my “black and white” camera is a crappy old Fuji with ridiculously slow, practicably unusable autofocus. By those standards, the x100 screams. I suspect it will become my main camera once I get set up with appropriate filters and flash.

  • And just to be clear… it’s not an essay for cat haters… it’s a story about cat haters, a photographic exploration of their damaged pysches, or something like that.

  • This was last year:

    There will none of this sort of thing this year, as the aunts and uncles have decided to grace me with their presence today and since slaughtering one’s family is frowned upon by the authorities, even when they do something as egregious as disrupting one’s plans to photograph hot Brazilian babes in Manhattan, I am stuck at home with kith and kin, neither of whom I have much use for.

  • Civi, being beaten by the heat is a given today in the Vampire State. The temperature is in the 80’s and the humidity stands at about 145%; even the damn mosquitoes are sweating like pigs today.

  • Oops. those were supposed to go under the other thread.

    But since I’m here, Panos, I preferred the first photo. It said more to me about heat than the second, which to me at least, has more of a “no diving” message than anything to do with heat.

  • Hmmm… Tough one Mike.. I think in the “newer” posted photo the “struggle” to even back , get in,get out the pool and at same time trying to hold a heavy umbrella and other paraphernalia .. It doesn’t look like a typical pleasant day in the pool to me.. Although u r right too.. The first photo I posted , him sitting it’s also gritty and sad.. Tough choice..
    I’ll wait for DAH to chime in later on that , whenever gets available and see his opinion too..Curious!

  • And MW, truth is we changed photo after lots lots of thinking..!!!
    Maybe soon , when I reunite with my hard drive I’ll post all photos we had to choose!

  • David – that actually sounds wonderful! Looks like I will be seeing you in New York instead – but that will be fun, too.

    Panos – Wish I could be there, to see and photograph that surf. I would like to ride it, too, but it has been so long since I have even taken a swim I would probably drown.

    MW – As a reformed despiser of cats, I will be most interested in your essay. You know I will be in New York very soon. You could take a picture of me and say, “here is reformed cat disperser: thanks to the misquided teachings he was subjected to in his childhood, he claimed to hate the damn things, and then one day a cat stepped out of the woods, ate his ham, moved in and that was that.”

    I jokes – about the part where you take a pic of me. I never really did hate cats. I tried to, sometimes I even convinced myself that I did, but in fact, it was all an act – a defensive shield thrown up in response to those loving but misquided teachings of my childhood.

  • Labor, Memorial, all good, as long as its a long weekend;)

  • To ALL-

    Just came back from 4 very inspiring days in Perpignan…. First and foremost, it has been a real pleasure to meet again with many BURN friends I had not seen in a while… Audrey, Laura, Anton, Diego, Laura (El-Tantawy), James, Jenny, Patricio… I am sure I am missing a few… I had some special moments like discovering the handmade book of Audrey about her parents and of course Burn 02… a superb magazine that Diego has put together with David…. As I told him, he has once again raised the bar and seeing the work of some of you together with special exclusive essays of Pellegrin, Gilden etc is a real treat… I am sure many of you will order it on-line… Having my copy signed by Paolo, David, Anton and Diego made it very special indeed….

    Beyond meeting these friends, Perpignan is also the opportunity to be inspired by the work of some of the greatest photographers…. Was able to meet and listen to Yuri Kozyrev who received the highest award for his work of the Arab spring (see link underneath)… Nothing more deserved.. the work of Yuri stands above all others….

    Another highlight for me was to meet and also listen to Barbara Davidson who was presenting her work on victims of crossfire in LA (link again underneath)… great lady and very inspiring work…. Those of you who have not yet seen the work should see the multimedia piece…,0,6290501.htmlstory

    I was able to also listen to Paolo Pellegrin who was presenting his work of the past 10 years to a limited audience in the Canon reserved area… Such a humble and real person… true talent for sure… Listening to hi, was a privilege….

    Finally, it was great to see you DAVID…. spending that afternoon/evening with you and the BURN crew was a real pleasure… I always come out full of energy after seeing you…. All of us present were very proud to see the special projection of 5 BURN essayists on the large screen on Campo Santos in Perpignan… Burn has gone a long way since that evening in your loft where it all started (gosh, is this already 3 or 4 years ago???)… You, Anton, Diego have every reason to be very proud….

    My message will not be long as I am heading to Cincinnati for almost 2 weeks leaving at 6am tomorrow so I better get some sleep… I might try to see my boxing friends while there…. funny circle, going back to where I worked on this essay for you at the time of Road Trips… I know you will continue to be looking at assignments in the future… I move at the speed of a turtle given my day job but, if you have the patience, I hope I get a chance to take on another one together :):)… Will stay in touch for sure….



  • Panos, sorry I posted in the wrong section… my apologies….


  • Ok Labor Day it is! ! !
    Back to work!

  • Eric:)))
    No no ..all good! That IS the right “place”!

  • ….still BURN territory , I meant;)

  • No passport here..
    No immigration either..;)

  • Eric, I’m glad u posted this..
    Yes..yea…Roadatrips… Seems so long ago but it’s not .. It’s really not..
    Or maybe is it?
    Time flies..
    I found Scotty the” King of All Veterans of Venice” DEAD, not long ago, frozen in a bus station (Main Street-Venice xing S.Monica..last January..
    Just informed about another vampire’s death in venice..
    Things change..change-Ed..
    We even having a “new Jim Morrison” in venice now..
    So yes..
    can’t wait to hear your Cincinnati report..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS…oime…sorry,so sorry my friend…BUT,BUT,BUT

    they are ALL going upstairs…and we have so many friends up there…

    Circle of Life,
    Circle of friends.
    BURNING downstairs,
    BURNING upstairs
    life goes on
    what can we do
    we have to move on…

    roadtrips won’t stop…the journey is ON…

    your civi

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I can do …Haiku too

    But I need coffee…:)


    we looked at doing a whole essay on drought/heat..yes, of course they flow together…first i asked Jim Powers to do the same assignment..asked him since he lives right in the middle of it and is a bona fide newspaper photographer..i guess Jim just did not have time…so i then assigned Panos…

    in any case, the first picture of Panos is clearly the best picture i received from anybody on Texas heat/drought…with the pool shot sort of as an addition…there are other pictures of other subjects of course but both Panos and i agreed he did not have a full essay…publishing the others would only have taken away from this one great shot…however, if you want to see why we made the decision we made you can surely get Panos to show you…

    one of the very funny things here as editor is that if we publish one really good picture, folks want to see “the rest of them” …assuming somehow there are more…as if we would leave good pictures out……on the other hand, if we publish more , as in an essay, then folks think the essay is “too long”…ahhh the joys of editing!! :) smiling..all good stuff…and you know damn well i do not pay attention to comments anyway…anybody who did that would be bald

    cheers, david

  • David…

    There’s another reason for wanting to see it all.. it’s like with contact sheets, one (I at least) can learn a lot more by seeing what was left out, knowing what the subject matter was like in this case, or seeing the choice made for a book or an exhibit, than by seeing only THE picture..

  • EVA

    sure i understand .. But that is a classroom exercise , a workshop experience .. Not exactly what we can do directly or should do directly in front of thousands on Burn . But it is of course what I do with so much of my time as a mentor.. On skype, in class, and working with photographers here all the time… Burn is totally built as an educational platform.. That is why I take the time to jump in on comments.. But the real editing/choosing process is a one on one personal experience..shared by the few in a classroom environment or on skype… But as much as I agree with you on the value of this I just don’t see how it can be a part of the actual publication.. There is backstage rehearsal and practice.. Then there is the on stage play.. Burn is the onstage play yet with backstage access for those who really want to know…as you!!

    Cheers, david

  • a civilian-mass audience

    are we thousands…are we…are we?…:)))

  • I keep looking at the lead photo and I’ve just got to wish Shane a speedy recovery from his surgery and some cool weather!

    Thanks for the photographs Shane,


  • quick note about publishing in BURN versus other places….i’ve got much catching up to do (including my baggage which was lost), but do want to chime in here….hope this makes sense…

    I see and feel BURN as a unique unique place, have from Day 1. I’ve explained this too to alot of photographers, both young ones who i speak with and mentor and many many professionals with whom i have friendships. In fact, when David graciously published BONES OF TIME here 2 years ago, a few of my friends in the states and Europe kind of poo-poo’d me (though many now want a seat at the BURN table, how ironic) as they said ‘it’s only an online magazine.’ I told them, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.’ BURN, even then, represented A LOT and so much more. and now look, at all the online magazines that have followed suit. Andy Levin’s great 100 eyes followed suit (and works a different vein) and Adriana and Graham’s great Visura has followed in its wake to be another great magazine and the list goes on and one, even foto8 (which poo-poo’d David and Anton’s win for the Lucie award) now devotes alot of time and energy to their online presence. ROAD TRIP and BURN had profound foresight about the nature of the publication (web, ipad, etc). More than that, even before suche great online social funding outfits like Kickstarter and the like, Road Trip crowd sourced as did BURN. Burn has put money (grants/assignments) in people’s pockets but more importantly as gotten editors and gallerists and other photographers to look at work. Beginning with the first EPF, the list of winners and finalists have really done well and have a place at the table.

    My own commitment to BURN comes from my belief in David’s vision and his unstinting love of photography and photographers and helping them. Before I met David, i too had exhibited (us, canada, asia) and published my work, but it never felt as good or communal as when doing something for burn. My EPF submission in year 1 was born from David’s group Assignment (not money, just a task) from Road Trips: shoot something meaningful in a short period of time. I show 5 rolls of film over 10 days of a group of Asian students preparing to leave canada. It was a finalist and also shown at Look3. I had no ambition for it except to be apart of david’s group of friends/phtoographers. Later, the work was expanded and featured in a solo show for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche a year later (100 photos). Bones of Time came from another David Harvey call out to do something. That work was later published by Burn and parts of which were exhibited. That lead to Visura asking for a story, which i made for them, and the 1st epf also lead to being asked by a Turkish Photomagazine for the original EPF work to published (one edition after they’d published Michael Ackerman).

    Since then, my commitment to David and Anton has been to try to encourage and find young photographers to submit to BURN. Some of these photogrpahers have been published here and some (like jukka) have been epf finalists etc. It feels good because David really is about getting eyes to see work, and all kinds of work, period. Anton has gone on to become a great photographer with a book and with assignments and with big and essential respect). I’ve continued to be committed to Burn now as both a writer (maybe too long of a commentator ;)) ) for the work that gets published. I want to lend to David and the audience my support (financial) and emotional (photocritiques) to show others that BURN is soo much more: is really a vehicle for photography, for discussion, for editors, for eyes…and now for BOOKS!…

    It’s funny to me, because in truth I no longer care about where i publish. In truth, i’d be content if i only published photoessays at BURN. Because for me, it isn’t how much you publish what what and where and why. My photographic heart now belongs to BURN because i see BURN and its incredible evolution as a place that we should all support. Many of the photographers i hoped would get published haven’t yet (that’s no problem, that’s the world) but they all are loyal supporters of BURN and LOVe what burn continues to accomplish. Visura grants also used david’s model of giving back to phtoographers.

    I’ve been at work for a few years now on my Russian book (picture book) and i’m in now rush, but in the middle of working on it 16 months ago, i thought, how can i do something photographic for BURN that isn’t really about submission. So i gave myself an assignment and promised that when the work was finished i would only give it to BURN, no one else. EXCLUSIVE. I didn’t care if i was paid, i only wanted the audience to know that BURN is so important that a photograph can make a project with only BURN in mind. i finished the project and sent it to david. though i did post some pictures (a few) on facebook, the story is exclusive and will always be for BURN. The reason?

    Because what better way for people and editors to understand the power and commitment of a magazine then if the photographers commit themselves. I like James Estrin alot (and have spoken with him on the phone) but given the NYTimes or BURN to publish, i’d take Burn. Home is where the heart is. I’m not interested in giving or making work except work that I can have the freedom to make and then share it with those who i feel connected with. My own photographic work is not terribly important or socially important, but it is a reflection of (i hope) my life’s probity: telling stories about one guys life with the family and friends around.

    And that is what makes BURN and BURN01, BURN02, ODO YAKUTZA TOKYO so special…..they were born from work from the heart that had no greater ambition that to tell a story and stay firm in its resolution to enlarge the world for other photographers…..

    even if i never publish anything anymore at BURN, BURN will always remain my grounding (and the place where i can write long posts ;)) )…..

    and that is a great feeling to have :))

    p.s. oh and i did forget to mention the INCREDIBLE project that EPF FINALISTS and BURNIANS erica mccdonald and andrew sullivan have done with DEVELOP…another example of how david’s belief and attitude and spawned more giving back…i love their project!

  • David,

    My interest in seeing a wider cross-section of Panos’s shoot has noting to do with second guessing
    the choices presented.
    I was just curious as to how he approached the topic- kinda like looking at a contact sheet and
    seeing the evolution of an idea.

    As well, Panos has had a pretty public ‘growth’ here since the early days on Road Trips with
    what has been published here and from the links to his images that he has included in his posts
    over the years. Much of the ‘mentoring’ has been available for all to see and has been interesting
    to watch him develop from that sometimes miserable,foul-mouthed punk from the early days to the
    more mature,more visually articulate photographer he has become.

    Now,about that second choice…………:)

  • Well done Panos! I really feel bad for this guy though. Hope things start to look up. Awful to be a prisoner in your own skin.



  • David…

    Sure, in a workshop/classroom it is (would be) perhaps more appropriate.. but in this case, with Panos here having put up a first choice, and then exchanged one picture, him explaining how everything came together, and Panos being Panos (openminded and a good sport), the behind the scenes are somewhat already on stage here.. grateful for that!

    But apart from this being the right place or not, books like HCB’s ‘Scrapbook’ (which was an eye opener for me, and brought me huge relief in seeing that it’s hardly ever just THE pic, but that THE pic comes out of a train of thought/working around.. yes, I know, something YOU already knew, but someone like me without education whatsoever in photography if not looking at others work cannot know) and on the other hand Anton’s postings first, then his 893 and after that his book, showing the whole way, are great great tools and very interesting to follow.. and fun too..

    All this, to me, can come without a word, only the photographs (like the rough edit you made of some of my work), and then trying to figure out the how and why by myself.. anyway, the time you take to make all this work is very much appreciated! Very.. and much :)

    p.s. I let you guess where I will stop by on my way up to Zurich on Sunday.. gotta pick up something :)

  • Panos, thanks for the quick response to my question. Even though knowing Shane certainly helps in your “Heat” assignment, what really works in the bedroom shot is the potency of all the things for us to consider. Yes, the theme of heat is there in its oppressive glory; it makes me just a little uncomfortable to see Shane at the edge of his endurance, and the lack of (?) a bed under-sheet sends it over the top. There is also the brilliant stroke of moving the idea indoors – who would have thought that one up? Not me. It looks stifling, claustrophobic, almost hallucinogenic. Heaping Shane’s state of health on top of all that makes me take a trip down Dante’s Inferno, descending the layers of Hell. A very effective shot.

    What is equally ingenious, and maybe a happy co-incidence, is the way in which you have married the physical, humanistic, editorial and photojournalistic notes here. Some believe that there are certain limits in journalism with both the written and photographed story. I’m not too sure the limits exist, although I can appreciate the difficulties overlapping them. Your image to me is that bridge – I don’t envy you your follow-up.

  • Mark, Charles… Big hug, thank you!

  • Jeff…yes, Heat is a bit tricky as a picture.. Because the first thing I also thought is “bring it outside”.. Dead fish, dry lakes, drought, fire, dryness .. Sun , fountains , sexy bikini at the beach etc..and later I just did the exact opposite… I “brought it all inside”…
    Actually at this point I shot the photo , Shane was STILL NOT in my plans..
    I was going to the dentist which was 2 blocks from Shane’s building and I was also returning his key..
    I had the spare key so I was about to return it.. That’s how/why I “caught him in bed”, undressed..
    Otherwise he would have been dressed ( at least minimally) just to answer the door…
    While I opened door with my spare key he was still asleep … Pretty much his natural state since last Xmas .. And what I saw HIT ME.. that’s it..
    That’s the photo , I thought to myself.. That’s IT…
    I immediately looked for my camera… It was still in the car.. I ran to the car as fast as i could coz I didn’t even have enough time to explain nor I wanted him to move or change position..
    So I shot about 4 shots and then after he got his time to get up, talked about the WEATHER (AS ALWAYS) , talked about the HEAT, BURN etc..
    Then I followed him in the pool..
    I just went along.. Didn’t pose him, didn’t ask him to be a clown, nor to undress or look sad or pity..
    Actually he had 5 minutes of good fun in the pool and I hope he also enjoyed our that’s the story morning glory! Nothing posed (especially the Indoors one coz there’s nothing really to pose in the Pool one)
    Now I’m still on iPhone but I would love to show you the edit link..
    And see the photos left out!
    I’ll find it somehow!
    Good morning All Labor Day

  • pooh pooh: intransitive verb
    : to express contempt or impatience
    First known use: 1827

    poo-poo: noun [Brit.]

    What a difference an H makes, Bob

  • And I like Develop Tube too, for the most part; there’s one or two things in there I could live without


    “…there are other pictures of other subjects of course but both Panos and i agreed he did not have a full essay…”

    CORRECT,…i was barely 24 hours into my assignment, if so…

    but i want you also to find for you to see my photos i did on the TEXAS DROUGHT the first few hours of assignment…of head scratching..

  • akaky: sadly for those guys i mentioned, their behavior and attitude was silly, so I implied both their suggestions by combining both meanings of the 2 works……Pun + Homophone (NOT to be confused, since you’re getting all oed on me, with homonym or homograph)….didn’t Akaky IRL teach you anything!

    …….so, when are you ever going to remember i’m a writer and combine words, punningly, often….geeeeezzzz dad, i didn’t think it had to be spelled out! ;))))))))))

  • AKAKY IRL: Yeah, guy, didn’t I teach you anything?

    AKAKY: Nothing that wouldn’t get me arrested in five states if I did that sort of thing in public.

    AKAKY IRL: Well, that’s true, too.

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