marcin łuczkowski – snapshot on the road



Snapshot on the Road by Marcin Łuczkowski

This picture was taken somewhere between Mietków and Milin (Poland). The image is a part of the “Everyday Snapshot” essay I started two years ago, and I will probably never finish.

In this particular image, a newly married man is standing staring in a field, while taking a break from the wedding photography session.


Website: Marcin Luczkowski


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  • Delicious image.

  • Lovely image Marcin! Congratulations.

    Beautiful landscape. Probably the man is worried about what lies ahead in his life ;) (Well, I’m not married and so I don;t know what men think about in these situations)!

    Best Regards


  • Cool, cool, cool, Marcin!

    ….Marcin, wedding photographer?!?!?

  • Excellent photo.

  • .. then Dracula discovered daylight…

    (I’d rather see the picture without text)

  • The landscape, the sky, the situation: could be in absurd Belgium (the one I like).

  • GREAT PICTURE! :)))))

    absolutely like Rene Magritte dream! :))….or a moment from Bunel film Discreete Charm of the Bourgeoise :))))

    so happy to finally have one of your pictures here again…

    what i love best in photographs….the unknown and paradox and humour and collisions…

    wheres the bride, with you?


  • MAGNIFICENT……………………!

  • The ‘Oh, what have I done…” moment! Nicely bizarre – made me smile!


  • David

    Thank you for publishing the images :)

    Ps. I got a studio. Will be place for exhibitions. Now I have to figure out how to pay the bills for it :)

  • Herve

    Of course I am a wedding photographer… from time to time…

    But not this time, this was not my session and most of time I was bored. I took only a few snaps.
    I am snapshot photographer.

  • Photojournalist, Bodo, Jim, Eva, John, Bob, Panos, Steve

    Thank you for your comments.

  • Thoughts of Magritte crossed my consciousness…but more like Bob Black remarked, as a dream. This is so fun and mysterious while maintaining the same degree of heaviness and lightness, just as the clouds go from gloomy to bright across the frame. A premonition of days to come? Perhaps. Or simply a wistful moment in a field away from his bride. Fantastic. A photograph that makes your thoughts wander…

  • Marcin,

    Dreamy. Looks like something one would paint, not photograph. Luscious. I can’t imagine the level of thrill you got when you knew you nailed this shot.

  • Marcin,

    This is a lovely photo, and I’m glad to see such a straightforward and un-gimmicky an image on Burn. The landscape and sky are very similar to what I saw every day outside my door when I lived in the Palouse wheat country, so the only ‘exotic’ or ‘surrealistic’ thing in the photo is the suit and hat the man is wearing. Perhaps for people who live in cities all the time the landscape seems exotic or surrealistic as well??

  • Perhaps for people who live in cities all the time the landscape seems exotic or surrealistic as well??

    yep…living in downtown LA… to see a photo like this its like a movie commercial…

  • Been away on vacation for a while now, so there is a real cornucopia of images I have to find time to catch up with. But for the time being, feasting on Marcin’s wonderful snapshot is more than enough! What a wonderful moment, Marcin! Simplicity at its best and most powerful. An absolutely terrific image. Talk about life imitating art!

  • photohumourist

    I apologize for stupid mistake.

  • Long live bored snapshot photography!!!


    I like this one. Great work!
    I want to see more selected photographs!

  • Yes, a painting by a Dutch master, certainly not from this century or even the last. Marcin, we’ve been waiting a L-O-N-G time to see one of what you so humbly call your “snapshots.” Even though it is a sunny day you manage to convey a dark edginess, almost an ominous hint of foreboding. I now believe the day will come when we will see an essay published here by Marcin. And what a feast for the eyes and mood-maker that will be! You have whetted my appetite…


  • I love this shot. Right place, right time, right light, right subject, perfect picture.



  • lovely picture Marcin. Its simplicity disguises its depth


  • Marcin, I like this image very much. Simple and complex. Rosemary

  • takes me back to the days when listening to ‘wish you were here’

  • Gustav Liliequist

    Great work.

  • “wheres the bride, with you?”…………. Duchamp abducted her

  • Love the photograph, love the honest caption. Congratulations Marcin! More snapshots please!


  • Yeah, Magritte!!

    Great picture, are you a painter??

    Summer cheers Patricio

  • Add my vote to the ‘positive’ column!
    As to the dreamlike, surreal aspect – would it have been thus if the groom wasn’t as tall, or if he was wearing a more contemporary tuxedo? I think not. Thus, a happy accident…

  • Won’t he ruin his shoes walking in there?

  • All

    Thank you for your comments :)

    peace for photogs with ruined shoes :)

  • I come to burn several times to view again your snapshot, excellent. I like to know that is not a posed picture, this adds an extra value for me, i love street photography and don’t like the stage pictures. Hope to see a selection of your proyect. Saludos

  • well…
    HE’S walking…
    the clouds…..
    with a circus mind….

  • Lovely Marcin.
    Simple but quirky.

  • That’s just great. The differences of the clouds (almost a darker/stormy look on the left – clear blue fluffy on the right) and him being a groom? Speaks a lot of the married life sometimes.

    Great great shot.

  • Reminds me of Turgenev novel. Great one, Marcin

  • Hey marcin,

    very nice shot. Its weid and compelling. Very good to see something from you on Burn.

  • Marcin,

    Very lovely picture. :)))
    It makes my imagination rising-up like clouds.

    Thank you for very nice picture.
    Hope to see more. :)))

  • so beautiful and surreal, something like Magritte

  • marcin,

    Love the way this image immediately puts my mind to work….

    “why is this man standing in a field in a tophat and tails? Holding a formal walking stick? going to be a long walk….is a storm coming?” and on and on.

    Then the details seep into my consciousness – the tousled fields, the excellent color of the sky and sharp clouds…

    Very nice.

    good light, all.

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