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Angelo Guarracino

Quizas Mañana


This is the first chapter of my long term project called “Maybe Tomorrow”.

The project aims to reflect upon the perception man has of his own future in relation to his life on Earth, but mostly in relation to the idea of a possible life after death.

In this manner, I’ve tried to find all the elements that create not only a visual continuity but mostly a conceptual continuity with very strong symbols and cultural references. I have, thus created a link with the theme of hope and the  theme of doubt and fear, for the  weight of life and death.

Walking through the streets of Oaxaca or its countryside, I felt a strange emotion in seeing the moments of daily life of “campesinos”, artisans, workers, old and young people. There was an incredible power, nearly like that of magic, to their faces. In spite of the heavy work, there was a serenity and a limpid hope in their eyes.

I immediately understood that that was what i really wanted to represent with my photography. I also understood that I did not want to give answers in a journalistic manner, but would alternatively try to create questions.

I simply wanted to catch that innate suffering every man has because of being human, one who lives with a conscience in his own existence on Earth. At the same time, by living this life with effort and sacrifice, he can hope for a new life, perhaps not today, “maybe tomorrow”, maybe after the death.

Angelo Guarracino


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