Candace Owens, Outer Banks artist/photographer, stopped by just now to get me to sign her copy of the June issue of NatGeo with my OBX story in it. I am right now so crazed busy, but how could I say no?

The mother of two of the cutest kids I have ever seen, Candace and her husband Randy are also part of my upcoming American Family series. So you will someday meet the whole family. One of Candy’s paintings (a mermaid) graces my wall. She also shoots weddings and family pictures for local photographer Brooke Mayo.

As you probably know I shoot all the time. Mostly casual snapshots like this. After all, lucky me, photography is very much my hobby. Occasionally I post here, but it always seems awkward. It interrupts the flow of the emerging photographers essays. So I mostly put my stuff on Instagram and share right along with everyone else waiting to see if I have any “likes”. Funny. Essay  in NatGeo, new book out, but looking for “likes” on Instagram. Well honestly I love to see how everyone shoots on a daily basis. What is happening now. I shoot these with my iPhone just to be totally amateurish in nature.

Fact is we all love to do this, so I have a new idea. BurnDiary.

Burn’s own Haik Mesropian has created now for us a new page where we can do this on Burn. Your Instagrams can come here. On a separate Burn “bulletin board” so we can interact for real with new pictures shot with any camera. Only one picture per person per day (yes, you too Panos). Let’s see how it works. Should be fun and it will keep our front page here clean only for essays OR for the the shot that YOU just took that we decide to bring to the front. So sharpen your eye, shoot what is around you in an interesting way, and fire it off to BurnDiary. Details coming soonest on how you will do this.

Thanks for stopping by Candace. Thanks for letting me take a picture of you as well. You are a model mom. My door is open to you and the family any time.


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  • EVA and all..
    here is something I put together from LOOK3….
    VIVA la BURN!!!!!!


  • Panos, book arrived today. What a treat, what a feast. Raw, raunchy, sweaty, a celebration, a puzzle.

    Very cool David.

  • Thanks for the video Wendy. Makes me wish even more that I could have been there.

  • AKAKY:
    “The preoccupation with rules does not sit well upon the creative mind.” Len Deighton, Funeral in Berlin

    Maybe I’m still sleep deprived, but I seem to be able to hear Donna Ferrato in my head saying “Rules? F*&k rules.”

    WENDY: you nailed it with the above. All I can say is “wow”.

    I’m in Asheville, NC, and wish that I had the accomodations in C’ville that I do here – Wendy/Panos/Doug, I think mu living room here is as big as your house was….

    Once more, a party room with no one around I know with whom to party. C’est la vie.

    I must say, C’ville recharged my creative energy. Now, to put it into practice….

    must go, light outside is going behind the mountains and is lovely.

    good light, all.


  • Not sure if you can get to this without being on FB, but here are a few photos I took at LOOK3.


  • And Corbis did an amazing job documenting the event – photos, narratives, transcripts of some talks (Donna Ferrato’s is a must-read, not the review, but the transcript itself).

    This link takes you to the earliest, if you want to read in chronological order.


  • Thank u Wendy. Andrew and all for videos…
    I’ll post my “views” soon too but now I can’t..
    “RIO” book is on front page of Magnum therefore…
    … therefore… orders are coming.. and we are working here in Burn warehouse 24/7 to
    prepare shippings, bubble wrapping yada yada blah blah etc..

    Gordon and my Canadian friends thank you for feedback about
    At this point , that is all I care about..
    I care about the BABIES to arrive safely at your home(s)!!!
    Thank u all!
    ( back to work )

  • Panos, my book arrived in perfect condition, too! :)

  • I wish I had a phone that could use instagram to be able to participate in this burndiary… I absolutely love the idea David!

  • Vissaria Skoulida

    I am Vissaria’s mom, Maria and I would like to
    Thank you Andrew B. For all his help.
    Mr. Kurt and his daughter Sara. Thank you and thank
    Again. You left early and I didn’t have the chance to say
    Goodbye and give you the stuff but we will meet again.
    I am very sorry for the disturbance late at night…
    Thank you again.
    I would like to thank Wendyyyy and Dougggg and Andrew
    I hope the Greek coffee was decent enough for your stomachs.
    And Wendy I forgot to give you your Greek memo thing but we will
    Meet again!
    A big thank you to Aundrey, Laura,Jordan,Patricia,
    Jefff, yes thank you Jeff. I am sorry I am still suffering from jet lag
    I am forgetting names.
    Thank you all for making Vissaria and I,feel at home.
    You are, we are a big dysfunctional family but what not to love as civi would say

    Of course a big hug to Mr. Harvey, his son, Candy, Kerry,Gina and to my family ,
    Panos and Kim!!!! And Carolyn …
    I can go on forever

    Thank you ALL.sorry if I forgot to mention your name
    But you are all in my heart. Vissaria is next to me. She is taking pictures and
    I am distracted :) yeah, blame the kid now:)))))

    Love ya!!!!!!!

  • It’s the 13th of June yet???





    … To the infinity and BEYOND!!!





    Of course you blame the kid. Why not? Being blamed for everything is a kid’s job. My father used to blame me and my brothers for stuff that happened before we were born.


    You’re welcome and thank you for proving that I am not a figment of Bob Black’s fertile imagination.


    even without knowing you – we burnians have to thank you, too – to give your daughter the opportunity to attend a burn meeting. Not many parents would go that far.
    this is true love.

    you are a role model for me.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Here we are again… Happy birthday VISSARIA!!!
    Go GREECE!!!

    AKAKY when I was eating my French toast…I got the
    news that you are an amazing soul…aha…
    Credit when credit is due…now AKAKY IRL…I won’t go

    PANOS…I know you are busy but please keep reporting
    Come on MY BURNIANS …let’s have some feta cheese and
    some gyros…it’s a party day afterall…
    No alcohol today…but I can a have my ouzo blended with
    orange juice…I am an old civilian afterall!!!

    Viva !!! Opa!!!opa!!!opa !!!

  • VISSARIA – Happy Birthday!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    When will u be back in Athens?
    You have to come to your civilian’s house…
    We never skyped…all my fault.i will make up for this
    I kept my best bottle of wine just for you. It’s under
    the rooster’s bed…you ‘ll see;)

    Ok, spread the love, spread your smiles…
    Time to feed the chickens…oime

  • Visasaria…

    Wishing you a great birthday.
    BTW we haven’t recently seen any new photos by you. I hope you’re still shooting images :)!!

  • Good morning and Happy Birthday VISSARIA!

  • Civi,
    The summer break is ahead, maybe after the summer break. Many things unsure at the moment.
    There will be a time to skype :)

  • (second link)

    deep bow

  • Panos…

    Thanks! I’m pleased to see Vissaria is continuing to Burn away like her uncle :)!

  • An interesting true story about Jim White and Cormack McCarthy’s Suttree

  • “AKAKY when I was eating my French toast…I got the
    news that you are an amazing soul…aha…”

    Jeez, I wonder who could’ve told you that. In fact, I am not an amazing soul; I’m just on a lot of painkillers.

  • painkillers?
    Hmmm plz send any leftovers to Greece..
    They are undergoing surgery with NO ANESTHETIC there…:(

  • Paul,
    Vissaria has a new big volume of work…
    ( Greek ragedy related of course, stay tuned… My dream is to go back to war zone and work with her on a book or whatever … She has the fresh eye and she is fearless..
    I on the other side I’m scared to go shoot there… but I have to , 2 more suicides today in Athens.. I, we, the ART COMMUNITY must and WILL DO help….)
    Stay tuned my friend :)

  • Highest suicide numbers ever..
    Elections on Sunday..
    Civil unrest will follow and CIVIL WAR is almost unavoidable..
    Let’s stop living in Denial..
    Sorry to tell u the truth.. But plz don’t kill the messenger ( even if he is Greek at this circumstance …
    I hate to say it but euro central bank and it’s austerity measures MURDERED 2000 Greeks in 16 months ( suicides )…
    It is a WAR! with no visible enemy.. Greek citizens are now homeless..
    And as John Gladdy’s Albanian “rap friend”, “recommended” last month
    How about KILL ALL HOMELESS too…???

    Anyway , God saves the Queen..
    Fascist of all world unite…

  • Hello my dear Burnians,

    What a joy to reconnect with so many of you in Charlottesville…like coming home. I would like to share the Look3 photo album I’ve just posted on my old web-posting place, pBase.com. The URL is


    Hope it gives you a taste of what goes on during those magical days in Charlottesville, VA. Now you have a whole year to get together the funds, get vacation time from work and make your travel arrangements so you can join us there next year. You may think, why would I make such an effort for a mere 3 days? But, in my experience (3 years now), LOOK3 is timeless time. While you’re there it seems to go on forever. Such a rich and glorious time. Worth every penny you will spend and every effort you will make. Just ask Audrey from France, Laura from Italy, and Maria and Vissaria from Greece. I bet they’ll say they wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

    Please come next year!

    with love

  • Love you too, Panos. Email me your snail mail addy and I’ll send you a CD with the pics I took of you and Kim. There are LOTS!

    playdorsey at comcast.net

  • panos.skoulidas@gmail.com

    ( in the meantime I’m working on this new project called : “kill all Greeks “,
    Unless someone here gives me a better title idea , then I’ll change it )

    ps: reason I’m upset today is because the 36 year old young man that killed himself today in sepolia Athens jumping from the 6th floor of a building.. I found put that, that’s the same building I lived for a year while in college.. that is the main reason I’m so depressed now )
    But I’ll relax and hide my feelings because it’s Vissaria’s BIRTHDAY today and I have to bite my tongue and keep smiling.. But only my heart knows..
    I’ll leave it like that..
    See u all later my friends… Gotta cheer up now and celebrate my niece…
    And thank u all for the support…

  • oh I forgot to also add: they also stop providing medicine to my father that suffered from a stroke a while ago.. Next threat is they gonna stop his pension..
    Soooo I gotta think and think FAST.. Running out of time… I feel trapped unable to help.. My only weapon is a camera and MY BURN FAMILY LOVE AND SUPPORT..

  • Patricia! How are you doing!? It’s been a long time. I saw a picture on Facebook that you appeared in from the festival. I hope youve been well!

  • http://instagr.am/p/LywpLqBrYd/

    please , ALL, open your hearts, be compassionate , help… the homeless in your own neighborhood .. The poor, the sick, the homeless.. Please help them..
    On my knees begging…

  • “Καλύτερα μιας ώρας ελεύθερη ζωή παρά σαράντα χρόνια σκλαβιά και φυλακή”

    ok, over and out…
    Respect and love to all of you

  • Patricia! You said it just right – timeless time, and worth every moment and effort to get there. There is a photo of you and (not sure the name is right) Lindsey? in the album I posted the link for that is on facebook.

    Maria, Vissaria, it was grand to meet you, and glad I could help out. Ilooked for you before i left the afterparty but couldn’t find you (you might have been on “bouncer” duty. I still have one chocolate left – saving it for just the right time, perhaps tonight on the patio as the sun goes down behind the mountains in front of me.

    CIVI! You were there in C’ville, I just know it – the greek spirit goes everywhere! :) Ouzo candies are good stuff.

  • Panos, I have two days left on my kickstarter project that will help me document the new, expanding, astonishing poor and homeless in this country! Something DOES need to be done and soon

    BTW, we should talk. I may be in LA sometime this fall…

  • Jason yes we should talk indeed…
    U know how to find me..
    I feel guilty now coz I’m still checking BURN while I’m attending VISSARIAS birthday party..
    But Jason thank you for being so compassionate , regarding the subject u decided to work at…

    Andrew, thank you again for helping me bring the “Greeks” safe to C/Ville from airport..
    You are a diamond!!!!
    One love!!!

  • Wendy..

    Thanks! Looks like everybody had a great time.. and what a line up of talks and shows!

    Going to see Webb’s over here, along with Magnum Contact sheets, then Ballen, Leiter, Koudelka, Giacomelli in the next weeks.. so I can’t complain :)


    it was terrific to see everyone at LOOK3 from our community here…but none better than to see you back in the mix…we have missed having you here as a commentator…now with your new book coming i hope you will be able to share experiences with us from time to time…Burn basically started with Falling Into Place…now so nice to see everything totally falling into place…

    hugs, david

  • CDS/Honickman First Book Prize in Photography

    Deadline: September 15th, 2012



    It feels like home to be back on Burn. I will check in when I can but that won’t be real often. I’m doing my best to spend less time on the computer these days. Life is so rich that I don’t want to miss a minute! You know me, being out there among ’em is my thing…


  • Well, looks like LOOK3 was a huge hit. Some excellent images floating around out there! Congrats to all who attended, shared, partied, explored, taught, learned, ate, drank and were totally merry. Sorry I missed it.

    On the other hand, I did make it out to Durango that weekend to visit my friend and fellow Burnian, Jeremy Shockley. It was a total kick.


    And if you’re on Instagram there’s plenty more there.

    Happy Birthday, Miss Vissaria!

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