It might seem to you, albeit by pure coincidence twice in a row here, that I lean heavily in the direction of photographing at the beach. Often very specifically women at the beach. This photograph made just yesterday, and in keeping with my oeuvre of just shooting whatever is around me anyway. So Michelle was just hanging with us on what started as a cloudless hot sunny day, and then the afternoon front rolled in and it was time to take a picture. Of a woman on the beach. One of my great motives for being a photographer in the first place to be quite honest. Not high minded enough? Please. Isn’t “attraction” what we all think about the most? Hasn’t attraction, love, sensuality inspired more art than anything?

Most of the women I photograph are with other men. Much safer that way. Michelle and Bryan live practically next door. So we know each other’s biz. Bad idea? Not really. I like the family thing. That’s even why I like Burn, and Magnum and well all the peer groups that are in fact versions of family. Michelle has her hands full. She must maintain her relationship with Bry AND sort of make sure that I well, stay out of trouble.

My own instincts have provided me with a lot of adventure, but right now my work and peace seem like the right way to go. Besides Michelle is totally dedicated to protecting me from all kinds of things – mostly me!. And because of this I am for sure in the most productive time of my entire career. Weird. Nobody could TRY for a late career boost. As you can imagine that sort of thing is just fate or luck or …?? Michelle makes sure I stay on track. That does not mean I can’t go out on a date. It does mean that I will think about it more than twice as opposed to my oftentimes less than once back in the day.

Does this mean I don’t have fun? Well go back and look at the riobook saga and see what you think. The upcoming book, designed by Bry, is all about me being myself which is of course where I try to take my students. And a move towards the purest of visual literacy. I have honestly managed to stay in the zone now for a long time. Deep in November and December, but even before and after as well. Michelle and I do the best party dirty dancing performance with Bryan often smiling from the side. So we have the most most fun. My family days all around are surely my best days.

Michelle and I blend right at the point blank center. Her “creativity as a way of life” workshops parallel in thinking the way I do my photo workshops. She ran several of mine. I do enjoy watching somebody get fired up. So does she.
Michelle teaches yoga and eats all the right foods. I think she may have given up on me in yoga class, but she did get me off cigarettes no small feat. Getting me off sugar is harder. Anyway, I did not plan to write a story on Michelle today. I shot the picture of her prior to the storm when we were just hanging.  So I thought just now, hey my main thing I can offer aspiring photographers is how I get my own inspirations. So this is one. However you can make things work, works. Fired up is fired up.
Isn’t that right? Don’t we all need a bit of help? Old adage works. Help somebody. You might just be that person who needs it someday.
Thanks Michelle for keeping an eye out. I will stay a good boy for a bit longer. Got work to do.

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  • Kathleen…

    Here goes another one.

  • Panos – You are right. It is a fact that just about everything worthwhile is born in pain, even if conceived in good spirit, if not outright pleasure. I hope it proves so for Greece – for us all.

    Kathleen – You can find some stuff about the loft in there, too.

  • Paul..

    Genius that Picasso vid.. and the book making one..

  • a civilian-mass audience


    the “CIVILIAN” song…wow…I am getting emotional…

    and I am vegetarian now…I just had one chicken leg and one wing…
    and when I don’t eat much…I am getting emotional…
    now with your song…oime…

    but the azaleas are doing fine…thanks to JIM POWERS…who is always next to me…!!!

    VIVA BURNIANS…I am the happiest(emotional) civilian in the world !yeap.

  • Young Curators, New Ideas IV Open Call for Curatorial Proposals

    Deadline: Friday, April 27, 2012, 6PM, PST


  • Emerging Photographer Fund 2012

    Deadline: May 15th, 2012


    Just in case you missed the post.. SUBMIT please, am curious to see what is new out there!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    do you see rain?…let me know,if you have time…and if you are at home…


  • Civi..

    Mixed weather, rainy this morning, now sunny, but cold and windy.. typical Spring weather.. everybody complaining it’s too dry.. I’m ready for HOT SUMMER!!

  • Eva…

    I’m pleased you enjoyed those vids and I knew for sure the book vid would be a success with you…
    Let’s see if you like this one, although it has nothing to do with books, it’s closer to the Picasso vid…

  • What the hell!! It’s Easter holidays round here so here goes another link!!

  • Hey Kathleen

    Caleb is extremely charming in a “I’m not much for fancy words m’am, but I’d shore like to say yor lookin’ mighty purdy tonight” kinda way.

    “I’m sick, sad, and lonesome tonight, wishin’ I was by your side and holdin’ you tight. I’d call you on the telephone, but we’d only fight. And that’s why I’m sick, sad, and lonesome tonight.”

  • “…the Great Paradox of ALL Wars is that there is never ever a winner (nor loser) , period.”

    Panos, I am sure that the late Robert E. Lee and any German over the age of 85 would beg to differ.

  • AKAKY :).. U know what I meant..
    Yes yes I / you / she / he / them , can “win”! But under what cost?

  • Bottomlline .. That’s the only time “history” told the “truth”:





    So glad you liked your song. Sending you good thoughts and veggies :)


  • Speaking of sick, sad and lonesome tonight..i’m wondering where is Ross, Our Patricia, Erica, Lassal, David Bowen and a host of other folk i haven’t seen hide nor hair of since i stumbled over the Burn threshold a few days back.

    (scrapes a lonesome yowl across the strings of an old guitar, scares the cat, shuffles out)

  • Katie; I did send you a “welcome back to Burn” message on Skype the other day :-) I have been pretty busy, but usually check into Burn daily. At the moment I’m shoring a couple of new projects to shoot alongside my farm essay. Things are looking promising…

    David; Re: “Don’t we all need a bit of help? Old adage works. Help somebody. You might just be that person who needs it someday”

    I’m running a small workshop on Wednesday for the local district council. It’s a kids holiday programme and they want to do a (documentary) photography workshop so I volunteered to do it gratis. The way I look at it is that I’ve been helped by others for free (yourself, Imants and Bob etc.) so I do try to pay it forward. There are a few others I help here on a “whenever they need it” basis.

    I’m really looking forward to Wednesday; I’ve been taking so many pics of kids over the last few years it’s nice to give back. All I really want to do is to attempt to get them inspired to go out and have fun. Probably a case of the blind leading the blind; but it should be fun! :-)

  • “There are a few others I help here on a “whenever they need it” basis”; meaning here in NZ :-)

  • Ross!!! He lives! I saw your Skype message and sent you a reply..maybe it failed to arrive? grrr!! I really appreciated your kind gesture.

    You are a nice person. Just had to say that. You’ve got a wonderful attitude and your “pay it back” policy is so positive. Oddly, when we pay it back we are rewarded many times over. Or else we regret it for the next ten years. haha. I’ve had that result as well! Anyway, i hope you have a great time. Let me know where i can see some of the workshop results!

    I also hope you have a nice Easter Sunday tomorrow, and all Burnians out there who observe the day of colored eggs, Easter bunny and religious significance. Not in keeping though with the spirit of the holiday, two of my close neighbors’ homes were robbed yesterday. Weirdly, i walked by one of the homes as it was being robbed. I had seen one car in the driveway on my way to a friend’s home and on the way back i saw two cars. I wasn’t particularly suspicious and kept walking which perhaps helped insure my continued presence here on this earth. But what a bummer for both neighbors who have been robbed before as well.

    Ok, back to work on a project..hugZ, Ross…


  • a civilian-mass audience

    KATIEEE…I have to tell you…ROSSY is always there for me…
    especially during the dark times…when I was calling your name and I had no sign…
    ROSSY was there…sending waves of good energy…
    best energy back to you ROSSY…

    ALL MY BURNIANS…you are big balls of fire and I love you!!!

    here in Grecoland…Easter Sunday is the next one…yes,I will be eating lamp and red eggs…

    VIVAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…and may the Universe be kind to Us…All of Us!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…THANK YOU for the report…rain is coming


    my heart is full of sun and BURNING energy!!!

    THANK YOU ALLLLL…and I am still waiting for more reports…
    I never give up…
    you know me…
    I will haunt you down…
    no kidding…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oime…every time I see MICHELLE’S photo…

    I can’t help it but I see wings…the clouds are playing games with my mind…hmmm…

    I better stop drinking ouzo…before JOHNYG or IMANTS kick my arsh…:)))))))))))))))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    or maybe AKAKIUS…:)


    I know. i wasn’t there. I am sorry. To you, Gracie and Ross..the night crew whatever the hour. Thank you Ross for giving back the goodness that Civilian has always extended to us. Please forgive me for having my head up my ass..

    Happy Easter, Civi’ and Muchos Abrazos



    wherever you are….make sure PLEASE that you get your work to Diego Orlando soonest….diego@burnmagazine.org the show is honestly BURN IN PRINT…but we are also having Imants and Glenn Campbell and you in the show as well…maybe only a 2-3 prints….but you will be in very good company with Nachtwey, Pellegrin, Ballen etc etc…so get your best to us NOW…..

    this Burn in Print (01 and 02) will be in the Bondi Pavillion in Sydney…nice space…

    cheers, david

  • More voices from the past.
    I was delighted to see a beautiful photograph by Patricia Lay-Dorsey published in the April issue of “the Sun” magazine.


    I look forward to the Sun every month. Like they say, pesonal, political, provocative, ad-free, writer driven, highly reccomended.

  • David…

    Is your very nearly ready Rio book going to be very limited edition? I was basically wondering because you mentioned it will be handmade so there’s always a limit to how many one can manage to create and mainly just in case we have to be extra alert and on the lookout round here.

  • Gordon, saw that too. Big smile from me. Such a great publication that started with the publisher literally hawking his mags on the street decades ago. They only review black and white prints for publication, no digital submissions, lay them out on the comp tables and go through them. They are also the most ethical and timely publication when it comes to working with their contributors. And they do it all with no advertising. A bit BURN-like actually, or vice-versa.

  • Kathie,

    no say sorry to me either.
    often we dont know when to take a step back when illness or hatefulness-of-present-life settles in.
    foolish for anyone not to accept the fact we are all human. we all feel pain. we all bleed red.
    there truly is a discordance between the creative mind and the physical body.
    the most successful are the ones that cross this divide.

    all throughout BURN stories came along and civi may be the only one who remembers it all.
    but i remember some of the stories too.

    no reason to apologize if there’s been nothing of wrongdoing.
    i sure do miss u and i hope youre here more often to stir the chicken soup.

  • About time something on the airwaves or the bandwidth which has a decent guitar. Although I wonder if this would of been considered good in the late 60s or 70s with so many brilliant albums everywhere.

  • Thanks to Ross Nolly for opening my eyes with a short link. This is the full length version and be you’ve been warned, it may get loud….


    Well, i recall your particular kindness during a certain prolonged health crisis i experienced. And as you know all too well, there is the doctor’s release that says all is well and there is the mental/emotional side that recovers at a much slower rate. Anyway, thank you profoundly and all’s well that end’s well. One thing though, you bleed red? hmm…i thought you bled couplets, stanzas and iambic pentameter :) So very very happy to be even remotely in your presence again.


    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You will be in mighty fine company in that upcoming show..hop to it, man…get bizzy!


    I didn’t watch the Jack White video yet but will later. It’s so funny you mention the guitar talents of the 60’s-70’s. I am not a musician. Just a lover of music. I grew up in that era but was never stuck in the groove of that time. I buy more music now than i ever did then. i am shocked and awed by the vast resource of new music out there today. OMG! It was NEVER that way back then. You went to the record store and it was a finite space offering a finite selection of what the record companies saw fit to publish. And pretty much everybody had the same albums. zzzzzzz. I often wonder and mourn the music we were never exposed to. And things only got worse in the 80’s and 90’s. But now, NOW, it seems like an infinite resource. Plus, due to the internet and forward thinking musicians there’s more global influence, fusion, hybrids, electronic genius, and of course hot licks, riffs, raps and raucous good r&r. Talent is talent and no generation has a monopoly on it. Music is like water. It runs, overflows, pours, drains, drips, sloshes, inundates and cannot be contained. Viva Jack White, ohhhh baaby!

  • Congratulations, Patricia!

    I am a long-time subscriber to The Sun.

    I haven’t seen the April issue yet – maybe it came in during my recent travels and someone stuck it aside somewhere. I will see if I can find it.

  • Kathleen…

    Although I was never a great fan of the 90’s grunge scene I must admit I miss the freshness they briefly provided the music world. No doubt the rock scene in many ways has taken a backseat to music like pop and disco and hey there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s their turn now. But I heard Van Halen’s latest album a couple of days ago and there just was nothing really outstanding about it. Perhaps I had a bad day when I listened to it but I still remember how Van Halen was the only hard rock band from the 70’s and 80’s who brought out an album in ’95 when Grunge was still pretty strong and managed to not only come away unscathed but also made it into the top 10 in the USA.

  • Thanks David; I’ve sent the links to Diego.

  • PAUL:

    I happened to be listening to this the other day. Love this video. So, for yucca, jaja..


    ok..another one from Gary Moore a fave of mine..this guitar makes me weep..

  • PAUL

    I don’t know why some of these videos are imported automatically. The first link was Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher”, a really excellent video (IMO). The second was just something i thought you might like, Gary Moore’s “Spanish Guitar”. I didn’t intend to embed this video. Sorry!


  • part of this ad feels like its based on (based on a true story) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSXzslHsNtQ

  • Some info for that only other reader here that has no Facebook account yet (besides me), but maybe an Instagram one:


  • Eva,

    That makes two of us….no facebook here either :-)

  • Eva and Carlo

    …three of us!

  • Kathleen,

    This means we are officially a tribe!

  • Carlo

    Two’s company, three’s a tribe? hmm..never heard that one but hey, i’m in!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    NO,we are officially THE BURNIANS…!!!

    and we are ALL in…

    OURPATRICIA…Bravo our Lady…wine on you!!! I can wait…you know me…:)
    I am always in…based on a true story…

    94 and counting…AKAKY…I will be singing all the way to 100…boohaha:)))))))))))))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MICHELLE…what do you think about this shot…?

    is that you?…do you connect?…”can you see yourself” in this picture…?

  • Hi Civilian

    Another late night here..dirty dinner dishes in the sink..i still have on my yoga clothes, am tired out of my skull. But seeing your name brightens me up like the sun coming up early over the park next door to my house, and the rooster crowing in the little farm through the trees and the traffic starting on its inexorable crawl to the city. You are the sun peeking over the trees, smiling down, waving as it tosses its BURNING hot yellow body through the sky on its way to a far horizon.

    Yes, we’re all Burnians, and you are the burningest burnian of all.


  • Open Society: Moving Walls 20 Group Exhibition for documentary photography

    Deadline: April 30th, 2012


  • Open Society: Production Grants for documentary photographers from Central Asia, the South Caucasus, Afghanistan, Mongolia, and Pakistan

    Deadline: May 10th, 2012


  • a civilian-mass audience

    We have KATHIEEE…we have EVA…we have ALL of YOU…!!!

    the burningest BURNIANS…Oime:)))…what are you drinking???

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and KATHIE’S rooster goes like this:


    AKAKY…that’s for you…100…100 babiee koukourikous:)!!!

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